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Picking Up New Habits and Changes

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The good, the bad, and the complete and utterly weird. Some habits come and go, some can define a characteristic of you as an individual whilst some can make you and break you. Your surroundings and environment will have an impact on what you pick up. Here are some new habits I have picked up over the past two years.

Started to moisturise my body

I was browsing the local drugstore and had come across a body moisturiser that had collagen in it. I was intrigued by it and strangely had felt a bit self-conscious about my skin there and then. As a result, a purchase was instantly made. I’m not sure what had come over me as I never moisturise my body. Honestly, I’m too lazy but then ended up picking up the habit of moisturising right after I’ve showered. Living in a towel after showering has its benefit!

Eat folded crisps first

This is an unusual habit. I always buy the big, family-sized bag of crisps (or potato chips if you’re from the other side of the Atlantic) and once the bag has been opened, I must eat all of the folded ones before I can eat the rest. Why is that? I absolutely have no clue whatsoever. I shake the bag, search and dig for those wonderful, extra crunchy, extra tasty folded ones. It’s just something about them. I’ll have a packet of just those please.

Stopped blowing my legs

When you gain a new habit, you lose an old one. Another unusual one of mine. How to explain this. I would just unconsciously blow the lower area of my thighs, just above my knee. I wouldn’t blow hard, or make it obvious. It’s more light and secretive. I didn’t realise I was doing until my bestie had pointed it out years ago and had kept telling me to stop it ever since. Fi, if you’re reading this, you’re right! It definitely was a psychological thing.

Started using hair conditioner

My hair has gotten thinner since being in China. It’s a mixture of a poor diet, stress, sleepless nights and using the wrong hair products. I could probably also include water as a factor here. Naturally having thin, fine hair, I’ve always strayed from using conditioner. It had always weighed my hair down, gets greasy easily, feels even thinner and finer etc. Even the conditioners that claimed to give volume and thickness does the total opposite. Ever since noticing my hair fallout was a lot more than usual, I had started to use conditioner in aid of this nightmare. Furthermore, leaning towards more natural products from non-Chinese brands. Not sure if I’ve noticed a difference but will carry on as I am truly paranoid.

Rarely blow dry hair

It’s the same reason as above. Nowadays, the only time I blow dry my hair is if I use hair mousse and that’s only on special occasions. I’m seeing a lot less split ends from conditioning and not blow-drying. Winning.

Take a Spanish Siesta

Growing up, I’ve rarely taken a nap even if I’ve had a few hours sleep the night before. Whenever I do, I’ve never felt rejuvenated, always groggy and worse for wear, therefore, continuously try to avoid it where possible. And now, naps now have become a regular part of my routine when I’m not travelling. They can last from anywhere between 20 minutes to 5 hours without interfering with my nighttime sleep. Same as before, I still don’t feel rejuvenated. Having said that, there are times where I don’t feel as groggy. Living in a busy, fast-paced city can take a toll on you and it’s always nice to get away from that by being at home.


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