Disclaimer ⋅ 免责声明

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Honesty is the Best Policy

All opinions and views are my own. I do not wish or have the intentions to offend or insult anybody by with the content I write; whether it’s product reviews, personal experience, through collaborations and so on.

I am an independent blogger meaning I have no affiliation or governed by any company, thus having complete control in what I write. I am not receiving any sort of payment to write “real positive” reviews and will not be persuaded by monetary value to deceive my readers. All of my opinions are written constructively with 100% honesty and transparency without bias. If I dislike something, then I will mention it. I’ve always believed – honesty is the best policy. What works for me may not work for you so please use my reviews as a guide.


I do receive samples from PRs from time to time for review/collaboration purposes. Every opportunity that comes my way is taken into consideration and are not always accepted. All samples/collaborations featured are what I deem suitable for my blog and readers.

For all posts written from September 2019, the disclaimer will be placed at the top of the post as a clear indication I’m working with the brand. For posts before this date, products are marked with an asterisk (*) and the disclaimer will be stated at the end of the post. As stated above, I am 100% honest with my reviews and will never lie or deceive anyone.

Affiliate Links

Some links within this blog may be affiliate links. I utilise a couple of affiliate marketing services including Skimlinks, ShopStyle Collective, RewardStyle and ShareASale, to earn a small percentage of commission on product sales made through my recommendations and links.


All images on www.nicolyl.com have been taken or designed by myself, unless it is stated at the bottom of the blog post as “Image credits” along with a link to the original source. Images and contents posted on here are posted within my own rights and ownership according to the U.K. Copyright Fair Use Act. If you wish to use images/content on your social media or blog post, please do not add your own watermark onto my images and you must credit in the caption with a link back to www.nicolyl.com. If any of my images and or content appears on websites that infringes my copyright ownership or has been used in an unlawful manner, please do report it by contacting me.

Have more questions? Don’t hesitate to contact me at nicolyl.blog@gmail.com