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The Importance of Rest Days

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Our bodies aren’t machines that can be worked 24/7. Even machines get overheated and need to turn off. We want our bodies to be the best they could but constantly working on them could lead to injury and even not get those results you most desire. This is where rest days come into play. I remember the days where I had worked out every day without resting for probably a good month. I was constantly burnt out, weak, both physically and mentally, and didn’t get the results I had hoped for. Now I’ve have learnt my lesson. Overtraining is never a good thing and it was hell to be honest.

Even if you feel like you need to exercise, try going for a walk, yoga or light stretches, foam roll, anything light and not rigorous. Stretching will help lengthen your muscle but remember to stretch them when they’re warm. Cold muscles will tear. Think of it like blu-tac. It snapped easier when you had pulled it whilst it’s cold right? Then when it’s warm, it was able to stretch more.

Here are the main reasons why rest days are valuable.

Prevents Injury
Injury is the last thing anyone wants. During a workout, your muscles will tear and you will need to rest in order for them to repair themselves so they’re ready for the next session. They need to get rid of the build-up of lactic acid and recover so they can grow and become stronger.

If you’re constantly pushing and stressing them over the limit, it will eventually lead to an injury. Once you’re injured, you’ll be out for a while and you’ll need time to build the fitness level back up again. Better to know your limits and rest.

Stops the Negative Effects on Your Health and Mood
Not only overtraining runs the risk of injury, but it will also weaken your immune system, affect your sleep and mood. You could be the most cheery, happy person but overtraining will affect you when you think it hasn’t. You might become more irritable without realising.

A weakened immune system will not only affect your muscle recovery but everything body-related. Our immune system needs time and no stress to ensure our body is in good health.

Avoid Burning Out
This applies to both mentally and physically. If you’re mentally and or physically tired, you won’t be working out at your best. Both will lead to poor form, a poor performance which may also result in injury and just giving up. This is where quality over quantity comes into place. You would want to make the most out of the workout and potentially try and challenge yourself to beat your personal best.

Improve Performance
Taking a rest day or two or even three times a week isn’t going to hinder your fitness level. It will mainly improve your performance. After a rest day, you will feel more rejuvenated, stronger and have more energy to smash that next workout.

Remember to listen to your body. You’ve only got this one.


25 responses to “The Importance of Rest Days”

  1. Elodie says:

    I was feeling guilty for taking a rest day today, but actually, I definitely feel refreshed and ready to push myself even more tomorrow now!

  2. Baby Isabella says:

    My mummy is taking a rest day tomorrow, she needs it after hitting the gym this week. Totally agree with the stretching!

  3. Rest days are so important. I always feel so much better for letting my body rest and recover

  4. Sarah-Louise Bailey says:

    This is great advice, I quite like the idea of just going for a walk or doing some light stretches on your rest day. Your body does need time to rest and repair itself x

  5. Hannah Latoya Bond says:

    I definately agree with you here. We all need rest, at least once a week

  6. Leah XL Channel says:

    Such good advice. Core work is so good. Stretches / Yoga is a great way to do this.

  7. B Ramida says:

    great post! we all really need to use these tips!


  8. Rhian Westbury says:

    I totally agree with you, for me weekends are almost always rest days (although sometimes I do a lot of walking). Everyone needs time to rest and recover x

  9. Stephanie Merry says:

    I always try to have a rest day after exercise – I'm normally in too much pain to exercise every day! x

  10. Harriet from Toby & Roo says:

    This is so true, though in my case I need more work out days and fewer rest days ahaha

  11. Louise O'Brien says:

    If your pushing yourself all the time and not resting your going to be more prone to injuries, great post!

  12. Dena Jayne says:

    I always feel guilty on rest days but they are super important! xo

  13. Louise Joy says:

    There are some good points here. I tend to work out every other day and that suits me just fine x

  14. Dannii Martin says:

    Rest days are so important, as if you injure yourself then you can't do anything.

  15. Jo Wiggins says:

    I used to feel guilty for taking rest days but I've learnt how important they are so I now take them guilt free x

  16. Melanies Fab Finds says:

    I need to try and avoid burning out but I must admit I do push myself too much.

  17. Jodie Whitham says:

    I always like to be busy, but understand the importance of rest days. Even if i get a lie-in, it can make a real difference to my mood and improve my energy during the rest of the week somehow x

  18. MissSparkles says:

    Rest days are so important and you shouldnt feel guilty for taking one!

  19. Melissa Major says:

    Totally agree rest days are important, I usually have rest days on the weekend

  20. Tanya Brannan says:

    These are so so true. I have been running myself into the ground recently with family, work, finances, ill health, overtime, and blogging and my health is suffering. I need a day off soon! x

  21. Francesca Nelson says:

    I have to admit I don't often work out like I should but when I do I almost certainly need to take a rest day inbetween I'm so unfit and find if I push too hard I injure myself pretty bad!!

  22. Jb says:

    I think I take too many rest days, so I should probably take less. Yesterday and today are rest days, back on it tomorrow. Great to know why these are good – thanks for sharing

  23. My Dreamality says:

    Rest days are so important, whether you are an avid fitness fanatic or just trying to make it through life.

  24. Rest days are super important – Especially for young teen girls – I believe this is when they do their growing.

  25. Kira L Curtis says:

    I need to pin this! When I get motivated, all I want to do is go to the gym but having rest days is something I need to remember!

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