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03.06.2015  Fitness·健身

Fitness Apps I Use

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I tend to travel a lot around the UK, visiting family and friends or for work and it’s easy to be thrown off track from a fitness routine as the gym is most likely not an option, unless the hotel has one. I don’t carry my MacBook everywhere as it’s not necessary and can be an inconvenience, meaning no fitness videos. So I end up resorting to fitness apps and use them wherever I’m staying or even when I cannot be bothered in going to the gym in general.

Nike+ Training Club app
Nike+ Training Club – This is probably the best app to suit your fitness targets and fitness levels. After my mini Christmas weight gain rant (typical), Michelle from Daisybutter had introduced this app to me and am glad she did. There are so many workouts to choose from. Some workouts you will need equipment but there are plenty where equipment isn’t needed. You can view what exercises are in each workout. You can download the workout and do in time with the app. Once you’ve downloaded the workouts, you can use it without any internet connection.

Available in iOS and Android.

Blogilates app
Blogilates – If you follow Casey from Blogilates’ monthly workout calendars then this would be very useful for you. If you don’t then I would definitely recommend it. They will kick your ass! To get the monthly workout calendars within in the app, it’s 99 cents (around 61p) a month which doesn’t break the bank whatsoever. Once subscribed, all the videos you need for that day are in there so it saves you having to search for each one on youtube. You can tick off the videos you’ve done for that day. There are other features which you can use such as seeing the recipes she’s uploaded as well as the Blogilates community showing their progress and supporting one another. The only downside is that you need an internet connection to view the videos.

Available in iOS and Android.

7 Minute Workout app
7 Minute Workout – If you are short on time, this is the one for you. I’m sure you can spare 7 minutes of your oh so hectic lifestyle. I even do this during my lunch break if I’m heading home for the hour. The original 7 minute workout consists of high-intensity interval training all around body exercises. HIIT is a great way to burn fat and to boost your metabolism for up to 48 hours. 7 minutes doesn’t sound hard but you will sweat. There are many 7 minute workout apps out there but the Johnson and Johnson 7 Minute Workout app is the best one out there. Not only there is the original 7 minute workout, but there are also many more workouts for you to do too. You don’t need internet to use this app. Bonus.

Available in iOS and Android.

Daily Yoga app
Daily Yoga – I love doing yoga to de-stress, clear my mind and to keep me supple. Within this app, you have sessions that are between 5 – 45 minutes long. You’ll have to download the sessions but you are able to use them if you don’t have internet. There are plenty to suit your health and fitness targets such as a stronger back, toner arms, glowing skin and many more. If you’re a beginner, that’s completely fine. There are tailored beginners’ sessions. Some of the sessions are free to download whilst you’ll have to be a pro member to unlock the rest and have many more benefits. If know you will be using this app to its full potential, then the membership price is $4.99 (Android)/$7.99 (iOS) for a month or $39.99 for a year.

Available in iOS and Android.

Are there any fitness exercise apps you use and would recommend?

31 responses to “Fitness Apps I Use”

  1. Lucie Aiston says:

    This is such a helpful post for me! Ive just joined Slimming World and am looking for some fitness ideas! Great post!

  2. Hannah Latoya Bond says:

    I've never used any of these apps. They look good though x

  3. Sophie Pocock says:

    Thanks for sharing the apps, I will have to take a look I'm currently trying to lose weight.


  4. CoffeeWithRee.com says:

    Oh my, I'm loving the sound of Blogilates!!! I've got my wedding in 4 weeks and I think the stress is causing me to put on weight .. I definitely need to get into a workout routine and these apps could help me out 🙂

    Thanks xx

    Ree / #UK Bloggers

  5. Angeline Lee says:

    I only use Nike Run haha

  6. Fred Hawson says:

    My kids will like this article about the fitness apps. Sad to say, I am not into the fitness groove these days. Should get back on though soon.

  7. Mia Foo says:

    never heard of these apps before, and they sound fabulous! I think I'll start off with checking out the 7 minute workout first. 🙂

  8. Rakel says:

    Interesting post! love it!

  9. Tiffany Yong W.T. says:

    Thanks for sharing these apps. I usually keep it to basic as I realize using these apps means I'm looking at them more than I'm working out!

  10. Michelle / Daisybutter says:

    Yay for NTC+! It's SO good, right? Nothing beats a good HIIT session midweek (:

  11. papaleng says:

    So nice of you to share these apps. Who knows they will come in handy to me in the coming days.

  12. beautyqueenuk says:

    Oh wow what a great use of apps, I have never come across any of them x

  13. Fernando Lachica says:

    Very useful apps for busy people and with less time for fitness. A ready-made routine exercises at the comfort of your home.

  14. Raquel says:

    The 7-minute workouts application may best suit my lifestyle right now. I’m thinking of giving it a go.

  15. Yuh Jiun says:

    this is so helpful! Shall try out the 7 mins workout heh 😀

  16. The 7-minute workout sounds so good, but I doubt if I'll get to my desired weight with it. I'm currently using my fitness pal to track my progress, although it overcalculates burned calories.

  17. Louise Banta says:

    I have downloaded the Nike app before but never really understood how it works! So I removed it. I haven't tried the 7-minute workout though. I'll try it now.

  18. Some great apps! Do you use MyFitnessPal – a great app for recording exercise and daily food intake etc!

  19. Vivian Yuen says:

    Love the blogilates app!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  20. Karen of MrsLookingGood says:

    These are awesome exercise apps, thank you for sharing them! I don't have any with me and just use a garmin watch to track my jogs/runs. Would be nice to mix it up every now and then.

  21. Priscilla Yeo says:

    I was looking for excercises and yoga videos online and these apps look extremely handy. Will definitely try the 7 minute workout app!

  22. Laura - Alagoz says:

    what a great post! I should get one of these apps as well 🙂

    Pink Frenzy

  23. Franc says:

    I used nike+ app before I had a GPS watch and now it's mostly GPR watch. The 7 minute workout looks like a good fitness app too.

  24. Elizabeth O. says:

    I've never used a fitness app, but I;d like to check the ones you shared. I think I should get one of these.

  25. Amanda Love says:

    I've never heard of these apps before. I hate going to the gym so I might just have to check these out and use them at home. Thank you.

  26. ling Tan says:

    the 7 minute workout ap looks great. will give it a try. i use run keeper to keep track of my runs and rides – love it!

  27. lee rosales says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I badly need this. Now, i can follow all this even at home

  28. Kelly Chin says:

    This is great! I like the easy going and simple things about this crab.

  29. Phylicia Marie Pineda says:

    I love NTC! I've been using it for years! It's so easy to personalize depending on goals and fitness level <3. I'm trying out that 7-minute one next!

  30. OY HZ says:

    Have you tried any of the workouts? I've heard of the 7-min one, may try it out one day! 🙂

  31. Raymond Vasquez says:

    Wow quite a list! I didn't use any. haha explains why I have a bulging tummy. haha I might use one of these soon. Thanks for sharing.

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