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How Was 2016?

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I’m currently looking back at my goodbye 2015 post to remember what I had written and to compare that year to 2016. Go on, have a nosey here.

Well, what can I say? 2016 was a big improvement for me personally. The number one biggest improvement was getting my eating habit back to normal. No more skipping meals, no more unhealthy habits as I was heading towards a bad route. It’s been all about balance – healthy meals with occasional treats. I’ve found a workout class that I absolutely adore and have incorporated it into my fitness routine. With all of this, it’s helped to improve my confidence. Not 100% there but am getting there. I vow to keep this up this year and am proud that I was able to do this. This was my number one highlight I thought I’d share it with you guys.

Other Good Things That Has Happened
– Travelled more and had the opportunity to properly travel with my bestie. I’ve learnt a lot about myself during these travels.
– I’ve figured out what my next step in life is going to be after being stuck in a rut for ages.
– Attended more happy, beautiful weddings and cried bucket loads at them.
– Seen old friends who I haven’t seen since high school/college and had wonderful catchup. We’ve all grown up but nothing has changed. We’re all still a crazy bunch.
– Finally, have my own domain after six and a half years and rebranded. This means working hard on SEO, and increasing my blog’s DA/PA.
– Said yes to a lot more blog events.
– Being a lot more positive.

What I’ve Learnt
– It’s OK to not post very often. Life gets in the way and doesn’t mean that we’re not dedicated to blogging.
– A social media detox is needed every now and again. It’s beautiful to not be connected to the world. Go back to basics.
– People come and go but those who stay, cherish them.
– Don’t be afraid to say no. It isn’t a bad thing.
– I don’t always have to drink on a night out to have fun. I’ve cut out drinking a lot and love waking up not feeling hungover. I drink only on special occasions.

Thing’s I Need to Improve On
– Increase social media engagement.
– Make a lot more effort with people and reply to texts/whatsapps a lot more (oops, it’s just laziness).
– Continue to step outside of my comfort zone.
– Set goals that are actually achievable rather than setting them way too high then giving up.
– Stop procrastinating tasks just because they’re tedious. Just get them done and over with.
– Worry less about the decisions I’ve made. I’ve made them for a reason.

It’s not all been rainbows and sunshine. There were some bad events that had happened however, there have been a lot more positives than negatives. I did say that 2015 was the best year however, 2016 was the best year for me in a personal way.

So what’s next? I’ve got a really big and exciting goal to achieve in March. That’s my main focus right now and will share the wealth once it goes according to plan.

A very big happy 2017 to you all! If the first day of the new year didn’t go according to plan, just remember…

“Every day is an opportunity to have a fresh start. It doesn’t matter what happened yesterday; all that counts is today. When you wake up in the morning know that today is full of opportunities waiting to be grabbed. It is a new day, a new start. The beginning of a new life awaits you.”

Happy 7 years to my blog also!

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43 responses to “How Was 2016?”

  1. RUSS says:

    I'm glad that 2016's been a good year for you. It's great how you really put time and effort on being healthy – this is something that I hope to have given more attention last year. Although, I did give it a good start towards November.

    I wish you an awesome year ahead – full of love, opportunities, and happiness. Happy New Year, Nicol.

  2. Maria Victoria Dionisio Galang says:

    Happy that you had an awesome 2016 in your personal life. I do agree with you we need to disconnect to connect with the people around us, cherish and be grateful for them.

    And yes, we need a break from Blogging too, somehow it does stress us out hhahahahha.

    Hope 2017 will bring you the happiness that you deserve. Happy New year 🙂

  3. shiza bblogger says:

    Great to know that 2016 was good.


  4. Charlotte Evans says:

    I'm glad to see you had a good 2016! I have some similar goals in terms of blogging and increasing my da/pa scores but one thing I want to work on it being more consistent with blogging and social media! great post and here's to an amazing 2017! xx

  5. Kristina Maggiora says:

    Aw I hope this year will be even better than last year for you! Happy New Year xxx

  6. Hannah Latoya Bond says:

    I can't believe 2016 is now over. Hope this year is good for you. Happy 2017 x

  7. ana de jesus says:

    Happy 2017, that is something I need to work on too. I work so many hours that often meals are skipped and its not healthy xx

  8. Milly Youngman says:

    Love a good round up post of the year, sounds like you've had a great one! I don't know exactly what my blogging goals are yet, but I definitely want to concentrate on quality rather than quantity – creating posts I love and that inspire others, not just getting them out for the sake of posting lots!

  9. Stressed Mum says:

    Lovely to see you had a great 2016, good luck with your huge project in March x

  10. Em says:

    It sounds like 2016 has been a good year for you, you've done and learnt a lot! Fingers crossed 2017 is just as great, if not better!


  11. Jimmy & Tina Durham says:

    This sounds like a very good year for you and hope 2017 will be a blast, I love the things you have learned, This year I have drank a lot less wine and have been very focused and love it. I have learned a lot moving abroad and intend to make some big changes this year coming to stay in contact with friends and family

  12. Kit Stanwood says:

    Awesome year!!! Glad you got your own domain ! Good luck with engagement on social medias 🙂 it gets to be pretty fun after a while when others are engaging back!

  13. Anosa Malanga says:

    I was thinking about comparing my 2015 ending to my 2016 ending too but managed to only do the 2016 and must say 2016 was an epic year and I know 2017 will be even more so. I am so excited.

  14. Louise Francesca says:

    Great post!! I totally agree about it being okay to blog less, I always feel guilty when life gets in the way! Would love if you could check out my new post? XX

    The Fashion Road.com
    Instagram @louisefrancescaa

  15. Happy 7 years blogging to you! I hope to see you at some blogging events in Leeds during 2017! I'm making this the year of saying yes, no matter how busy or tired I may be. Hope that 2017 turns out to be the best year ever for you – even better than 2016!

  16. Melanies Fab Finds says:

    I agree with the saying so and am also trying to put that in action in relation to my blog. I have a tenancy to take on too much. Good luck with the PA/DA increase x

  17. Liz Mays says:

    It's great that you've been able to take a lot away from 2016. I have some things to work on too. I feel very motivated right now!

  18. Laura Ferry says:

    Completely agree with you on the social media detox front!! I learned that too xxx

  19. RainbowDiaries Singapore says:

    Good to reflect back on what happened in 2016…It will provide valuable pointers to this year.

  20. Franc says:

    I like the idea of social media detox. I like reading year end posts like this and it can really show you a lot of learning points.

  21. Stephanie Merry says:

    I need to do a social media detox – I'm on my phone far too much! x

  22. Mitchelle says:

    We've got endless list that's for sure. It's great that you've achieved so much. I hope this year brings similar luck as you had last year.

  23. Mumsand Babies says:

    Good to see your beautiful moments in 2016 and achieve more happiness in this year.

  24. Claire Cly says:

    I've also learned that it's OK not to post when I have lots going on.

  25. Anna Nuttall says:

    Happy new year, sound like you have a busy 2016. Let me raise a toast to you and here's to 2017. xx

  26. Kira L Curtis says:

    I love the rebranding and wish you all the best for growing your blog even more! I love how you finished the post with that quote -so true 😀

  27. anthea barton says:

    Happy 2017 to yourself. Sounds like 2016 was really positive for you and your desires for 2017 are strong and sure and mimic lots of my own desires.

  28. Kathy Andy says:

    You have had a pretty nice 2016, I like that you have improved your blogging skills, congratulations for that. See you in 2017!

  29. Bhushavali N says:

    It took time but I learnt to say 'no'. And yea, social media detox every now and then is so needed! Happy 2017 to you!

  30. Emma White says:

    I wish I could say my eating has improved but its getting worse but its certainly a goal this year

  31. Jodie Whitham says:

    I need to improve my eating this year, so love to hear some tips! Sounds like you had a fab year. Jealous of your travelling too x

  32. Rozalia Fashion says:


  33. Laura Hartley says:

    This year I'm going to try hard to say no and not feel guilty about it. People waste too much time doing things they don't want to or don't have time to do just not to disappoint others but it's ok to say no!

  34. Melissa Major says:

    Sounds like you had a great 2016! I think I need to make more goals too for the year ahead

  35. Annie B says:

    I have decided to deactivate my personal facebook but leave my blog one purely for blog. I spend far too much time in work and in blog work with social media. It becomes mind blowing. That is a big one I want to change!

  36. Baby Isabella says:

    Stepping out of your comfort zone is a great challenge for 2017! Good luck with reaching your goals x

  37. Ayesha Farhad says:

    Happy new year! I need to make an effort to step outside may comfort zone too! Hope this year is better than your previous and wish you luck with all your goals! x

  38. Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes says:

    Sounds like you had a fantastic year. Happy new year!

  39. Dae Nerys says:

    What a very inspiring post! This reminds me to also look back on my 2016 so I can forge ahead with fresher and better goals this new year. Good luck to you! I know you can achieve all those goals you've set up for yourself as long as you put your mind to it. A better new year to you!

  40. lee rosales says:

    Happy new year and may you be more blessed this 2017

  41. The Ordinary Girl says:

    As long as you are learning from experiences and willing to move forward, it is good! Indeed every day is an opportunity. I wish that you take every opportunity and see and even more fabulous 2017!

  42. Tiffany Yong W.T. says:

    Nicely written. Will be sharing mine soon! So hope 2017 will be greater and we will all grow together!

  43. Sunshine Kelly says:

    Great post! I think every year we should review what we have achieved and the mistake we make also. All the best for 2017.

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