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9 Jan 2017Beauty·美容

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit: £40.00


I remember standing at the Anastasia Beverly Hills stall in Sephora for a while debating on whether to get the powder or cream version of the contour kit. After swatching and blending it all on my hand and googling reviews, I had ended up grabbing the original powder in Light/Medium. The palette contains 6 generous pan size products, three highlighters and 3 contour shades.

Vanilla – A matte peachy nude for light to medium skin with warm beige undertones.
Banana – A matte warm nude which universally flatters all undertones.
Sand – A shimmery soft beige for light to medium skin with warm and neutral undertones.
Java – Soft mocha for light to medium skin with cool olive undertones.
Fawn – Toffee nude for light to medium skin with cool, beige and olive undertones.
Havana – Coffee brown for light to medium skin with warm olive undertones.

I always mix Java and Fawn together to give me that perfect cheekbone depth. Havana is too warm for me to contour but it would work best as a bronzer to warm up the face.

I haven’t really touched the highlighting shades until last month and I’ve had this palette for a good year now. I’ve used Banana to bighten under the eye area (which is game changer!) and Sand to highlight to face. Vanilla would be good to highlight under the eye but it’s just a tad too light. If I fancy a matte highlight, Vanilla would be the one to use however it can look chalky if overused.

The pigmentation good and you’d need a light hand to get a natural contoured look. If you do over do it, it’s easy to blend out due to it’s smooth texture. It doesn’t go on patchy and have found it long lasting. It’s easy to use and great for beginners, but is pricey if you’re new to contouring. I’ve heard some people use the contour shades to fill in their brows but looking at the shades, it’s a tad too light and or too warm for me. It’d be interesting to test out though.

I seriously cannot live without this palette. This palette is suitable for whatever the occasion, from day to night. For an evening look, I love to combine this with the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow. I will be repurchasing 4 of the shades, Banana, Sand, Java and Fawn, when they run out. The palette allows you to replenish and customise with the other available shades available. This has definitely lived up to the hype and everyone needs this in their makeup collection.

Have you tried anything from Anastasia Beverly Hills?


27 responses to “Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit”

  1. Jo Wiggins says:

    I really wish I knew how to contour but I just can't seem to get the hang of it. Product looks gorgeous though x

  2. Kumba Dauda says:

    I love my Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit.. I literally use it for everything. Have you tried using the shades as eyeshadow it works little a dream for an everyday eye look with a little bit of highlighter under your brow.

  3. Stephanie Merry says:

    I have a highlighter from Anastasia Beverly Hills and love it – would love to try this contour palette x

  4. Hannah Latoya Bond says:

    I have this palette. I love products from this brand. I prefer powder to cream contouring

  5. This sounds like a palette for a real professional – Not sure my meagre skills would do it justice but it certainly looks lovely and rich.

  6. beautyqueenuk says:

    I don't own a single item from Anastasia Beverly Hills but this does sound just incredible x

  7. Jessica McDonnell says:

    I really need to buy one of these kits, I really need to contour more frequently.

  8. Sarah-Louise Bailey says:

    I've never quite gotten the hang of contouring, but it is certainly all the rage right now. I haven't used Anastasia Beverly Hills products but I hear so many good things x

  9. Caffeinated Reactions says:

    This is such a great palette, such varies shades! I bought one with only three, for people with fair skin, and the darkest shade is just too dark! This looks perfect!

  10. Deborah Nicholas says:

    Oh this looks so good, I love the Anastasia BH products!

  11. Clarissa world says:

    oh lovely, I made a goal this year to better my make up application and techniques, pallets and things are interesting 🙂

  12. Charli B says:

    I have yet to buy anything from ABH but I have been looking at this as I have heard such great things, my current contour palette has nearly run out so I might have to have a cheeky purchase xx

  13. Melanies Fab Finds says:

    This contour palette looks lovely, I really must learn how to use these as I haven't got a clue.

  14. This pallet is amazing! I need an official contouring pallet, my current set up is severely lacking.

  15. Jade Bremner says:

    I've been looking for a kit so I can learn how to contour but for a total beginner this is more then I would like to spend. It looks nice though x

  16. Rhian Westbury says:

    I've used the Anastasia glow kit and a load of the liquid lipsticks which I love but I've never got into contouring x

  17. ana de jesus says:

    Banana is good one of my friends used it on my face as a highlight and it looked lush!

  18. Sally Akins says:

    This sounds like a fab product, I'd love to get my hands on one to try!

  19. Tanya Brannan says:

    I love the ABH brow pomade but didn't know they did a contouring kit. I love the look of this one, and the subtle shades are beautiful. I might have to treat myself to this one! x

  20. Lilinha says:

    I've never tried Anastasia Beverly Hills before but the contour kit looks great!

  21. Emma Matthews says:

    I completely agree! I have the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour palette as well and use it nearly everyday.

  22. Lianne Thebrunettesays says:

    I love ABH! Their dip brow is one of my holy grails! I need the contour kit in my life 🙂

  23. Brand And Beauty says:

    I have always wanted this palette and reading this review made me want it even more. I love that you can replace the pans that's so good instead of buying a new palette. Great photos as well x

  24. Annie B says:

    My bestie has this stuff all the time from this brand but I've only tried it. What I have tried I love so this might have to land on my shopping list.

  25. Daniella Keating says:

    I still need to try this contour palette! Love ABH.

  26. Don't Cramp My Style says:

    Sounds awesome! I just got iconic contouring kit and i love it!

  27. Laura Hartley says:

    I like the sound of using this to brighten the skin under the eyes!

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