Need a Tablet for Blogging?

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I wouldn’t say that this is a guide, more like an insight as to whether a tablet is needed for blogging from my experience. I must admit, I did purchase an iPad mini whilst in Hong Kong just for blogging but there were reasons. My main reason was travelling. As I travel a lot around the UK (visiting friends and family) as well as abroad, I don’t want to carry around my macbook everywhere weighing me down. It has made my life much easier but there definitely are some limitations. Ever since then, I have used it for non blogging duties and have got myself addicted to a few games over time.

First thing’s first. Money. Most tablets are probably £100 or more. Not cheap. Money may or may not be an issue but you would want to think it through first. First thought would be “Would I use it often?”. You don’t want it to be one of those side sitting items that you’ll completely forget about.

Having a tablet doesn’t mean you’ll have internet access if you’re not at home. Internet isn’t really an issue and it won’t restrict too much you from blogging. These days, tablets come in two versions, 3/4G and Wifi, or Wifi only. Just a note, tablets are more expensive if you choose the 3/4G and Wifi option. I opted for the Wifi only option so I’m not forking out a mobile data only contract and more for the iPad. I’ll tether my phone so I can connect my iPad to it if I’m not at home or there are no wifi hotspots. But I’ll only tether whenever I need to since it does drain my phone battery.

If I’m on the train, plane etc with no internet, I’ll write up a blog post with the notes app that automatically comes with it. I use it to jot any blog post ideas too. Once there is internet access, I’ll copy and paste a post into the blogger post then publish the post if everything is ready to go. I dislike typing on the screen so I invested in a bluetooth keyboard which makes life A LOT easier. I cannot manipulate or upload any photos from my camera to the iPad which is a downside but that doesn’t stop me. I can edit and upload photos whenever I have my Macbook again or do it in advanced. No internet also means no social media to promote and interact. But you’ll have your phone for that.

If I’m having some quiet, some me time, I’ll watch something on Netflix on the Macbook and use the iPad to read/comment blog post, write up content, get inspiration etc.

In my opinion, don’t get one for the sake of it, thinking it’s a blogging “necessity”. Get it if you actually are going to use it. If you are buying one and are about to cry at the price, think of it as an investment. Also think of all the cute cases you could get!

Do you use a tablet for blogging?


30 responses to “Need a Tablet for Blogging?”

  1. Francene Stanley says:

    To my way of thinking, the less devices we use, the better for our state of being. I can see the benefits to use while travelling, but a notebook and pencil are just as good for jotting down thoughts. Of course, you have to type them up later, but it saves you buying an extra keyboard. And pencil and pad are cheap.

  2. Federica B says:

    I don't use a notebook for blogging, I was thinking about buying one, but at the moment I don't think I really need it! Maybe one day, who knows!

  3. Alice In A Looking Glass says:

    I have thought about getting a tablet for blogging as it just seems so convenient to be able to take it with you and blog on the go! The fact you can't upload photos from your camera would be a downside for me so I think I would have to weigh up the positives and negatives before I purchased one. Thanks for such an informative post! Alice xx

  4. Marie Papachatzis says:

    I would think that a keyboard would be easier for typing, but I am old. Whatever is easier for you works better.

  5. Townhouse Palette says:

    I like the Ipad idea, but when I am traveling I like to bring my laptop to photo edit ^_^

    Laila from Townhouse Palette

  6. SlickMaster says:

    I tried using one though, for instance (iPad actually), and I have yet to patch things up in a much convenient way considering I have committed more typographical errors than the usual despite writing for like 10-15 drafts during that stretch. Plus the fact that it's quite hard to point out the lines which I'm trying to revise. So I still prefer the typical computer set-up. At least, for now.

    I think though no matter how pricey they are, in case you want to purchase one, choose a product that is definitely worth their value. I mean, long-term usage (but with cautions of course).

  7. I can see the benefit of an iPad but my iPhone has notes and it's easy enough using iCloud to sync both my macbook and iPhone so that anything I typed in notes, photos I have taken during my trip all connect and automatically download when I get internet connection. Good review thanks for sharing! Stephen

  8. Vivian Yuen says:

    I really want a Macbook air for blogging and just general daily use xD but so expensive!!

    LIVE . IN . LOVE


  9. Sarah Kidsonboardnet says:

    I use my tablet mostly to manage social media while on the move actually! For writing an article, or editing, I still find the laptop and desktop better, mainly because sitting at my workstation helps me focus 😉

  10. Franc says:

    I have a macbook air for blogging. It's as big as an ipad and it's easier to navigate.

  11. Rubbie Anne Abad says:

    I will agree that tablet is needed for blogging when travelling

  12. Rubbie Anne Abad says:

    i will agree that tablet is needed for blogging

  13. Rochkirstin Santos says:

    Sometimes I think of leaving my laptop behind and just bringing a tablet. The trend now is that people are going more mobile. Yup, definitely this one is recommended for bloggers.

  14. Loudthinkin says:

    My tablet has made my life way simpler… its so easy to carry around and it has definitely helped me maintain my blog better!

  15. Hanniz Envato says:

    I use it when I travel for work as I'm able to work on Excel/Powerpoint files with my Samsung tablet

  16. Barefoot Mahala says:

    I have an iPad, which I won in 2010 and I've never been sure what I need it for. These days though, I would love a tablet (though far more up to date that the one I have) that could function as well as my laptop. I hate having to cart my laptop around with me

  17. Huda...!!! says:

    I think using a laptop or desktop is much better for blogging then tablet or mobiles… But still agree that tablet is needed to stay updated with all social networking and for checking comments and for stuff like that… Nice post.. 🙂

    The Lipstickholic

  18. Laura - Alagoz says:

    My hubby got a tablet for work reasons and I have played around with it, but I have to say I'm not a fan. I like my laptop way more and where ever I go my laptop goes. I have even gone that far that I have named it 😀

    Pink Frenzy

  19. Fernando Lachica says:

    Well, for today's modern world, it's must to have gadgets that supports the kind of job and lifestyle. But, be very smart enough to keep the tiring day useful through your gadgets.

  20. Ecuador InMyEyes says:

    I have an iPad and I'm learning to use it for blogging also. It is a very handy thing to have.

  21. Suzanne says:

    I have never been able to do much blogging from a tablet and that was the reason for getting it in the first place! I much prefer my laptop..

  22. Anna Sundqvist says:

    I have used both an iPad and a Surface and have to admit I prefer the Surface as you can plug in a USB and therefore also download photos. As for blogging, I tend to use my laptop….weighs a lot to carry around unfortunately though !

  23. Rachael says:

    You are right you don't need the internet to use a tablet. I actually use my iphone to blog on Notes so yes pretty similar concept…so my answer to your question is yes and no? 🙂

  24. HarmonySweetpea says:

    I adore my ipad. They are so useful but for blogging my preference is still PC as I do a lot of my own photo edits and find it a bit easier for typing large posts.

  25. papaleng says:

    I rely on my laptop on my blogging tasks. But having a tablet for blogging is a good choice as well.

  26. Tiffany Yong W.T. says:

    I was on the verge of doing so- getting an ipad for blogging purposes… But I "stole" my sister's iPad to do a trial run, and I realised how wordpress has missing functions that makes blogging difficult to do if I use it on laptop… My friend suggested me an Andriod tablet, but I've yet to attempt that… Might be different then!

  27. Sophie Pocock says:

    I love tablets have the apple one, and great for reading blogs on the go! but I find you can't comment on blogs which is annoying.


    • Andrea Thompson says:

      Hi Sophie
      If you open up the bloglovin in your browser rather than use the app you can comment. Sometimes if you are in the middle of the comment and you need to scroll back up to the post or delete something it may freeze & not let you continue with your comment – if it does this just click within the web address window, then click cancel to the right of the web address window then tap back in your comment where you are up to & it will let you continue. Took me a bit of trial and error as I was frustrated to 🙂 hope this helps xxx

  28. Andrea Thompson says:

    I only use my IPad for blogging at the moment as I haven't got a laptop and my desktop needs some maintenance that I keep putting off (+ I like to blog in my bedroom) – I recommend the Blogsy app (free from the App Store) then when you don't have internet access you can still compose your post, add your photos, do your formatting etc. basically everything except publish. It's much better than the Blogger App. Also I have bought a camera to iPad adaptor so you can remove your SD card from your camera put it in the adaptor connect to your IPad and transfer your photos. See here (just pasted the first IPad mini compatible one I came across there may be cheaper ones so have a good look around if you are interested in one of these) xxx

  29. Leelo R says:

    I have been thinking about getting a tablet so it would be easier to blog on the go.

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