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It’s Not About the Presents, But the Memories

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christmas beijing china sanlitun taikoo li 圣诞节 中国 北京 三里屯 太古里

There are many Christmas memories from my childhood. The one I’ll always remember was heading to bed at 7pm on Christmas Eve, merely for the purpose of waking up early to rip away the wrapping paper. Being an overly excited child, forcing myself to sleep was challenging. The thought of hoping my Argos wishlist would come true was too much to bear. In every child’s eyes, the more presents they receive, the happier they will be. It’s natural. Quick question, what is this Christmas Eve boxes I’ve been seeing?

“The best gifts in the world are not in the material objects one can buy from the store, but in the memories we make with the people we love.”

Amanda Boyarshinov

Everyone grows up and outgrow their possessions during the process. The older I get, the less I care about receiving gifts. But instead prefer being around the people I love, regardless of what holiday or celebratory occasion it is. From around the age of 15 was when I had stopped asking or hinting for things. People have always said I am one of those “what do you get someone who has everything”, hard to buy for type of individual. If someone asks me what I want, I always politely respond with “No need to/Don’t get me anything” without any other ill intentions. Whenever these words leave my mouth, I genuinely mean it. Don’t get me anything, and I won’t feel salty. Not one tiny bit. I am forever grateful and thankful for whenever I do receive something. I will always remember the fun, not the presents.

Memories last a lifetime.

christmas beijing china sanlitun taikoo li 圣诞节 中国 北京 三里屯 太古里

I had moved out from the age of 18 so going home for Christmas is an everlasting magical feeling. The excitement of seeing family and friends warms my heart. After a certain life-changing moment occurred many years ago, it had put everything into a different perspective for me. As cliché as it sounds, life is short, precious and unpredictable. Once someone experiences personal hardships, they can wholeheartedly understand and resonate with that saying. Ever since that moment, Christmas has never been the same. It’s never easy. Time is needed to adapt and build a new tradition without forgetting the old. There’s no time limit.

I appreciate the time spent with my loved ones, from a short 15-minute visit and catch up to a small gesture. Despite not spending the last few Christmas’ at home, it’s made me appreciate the memories even more on a deeper level; reminiscing about the feeling of seeing those familiar faces, seeing smiles all around, cooking a Christmas dinner, the atmosphere, the laughs, the naps once the food coma kicks in etc.

I believe this shouldn’t only apply to the Christmas holidays but to everything. As we grow, we learn what aspects in our lives are considered valuable. Material objects can be replaced but time cannot. Spend time with loved ones, help those in need. Guaranteed you will create new and leave everlasting memories. You’ll never know how much a small gesture could instantly brighten someone else’s day. There are many things money can’t buy. Memories is one of them.


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