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Feel Good Naturally with Füd Vitamin Energy

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fud füd vitamin energy drink berry coconut pineapple ginger

I have received this product for review purposes but all thoughts are my own. Doesn’t contain affiliate links.

There are many energy drinks out there that are loaded with so much sugar or artificial sweeteners, plus additional ingredients. It’s artificial taste and sugar content always deter me away from them. Is there a brand who leans more towards the healthier, natural path and contain less sugar? Say hello to Füd.

You may have seen Füd on an episode of Dragon’s Den aired earlier this year. If not, here’s a quick background introduction. Philip Udeh, the founder, had struggled with chronic fatigue due to sickle cell anaemia for many years but was disappointed retailers had only stocked sugary, artificially sweetened energy drinks. Wanting a better alternative, Füd was born (formally Brain Füd). The journey had paved an opportunity for himself and co-founder, Jess Gould, to enter the den, pitching to the dragons. After a successful pitch in front of a tough crowd, an investor was on board. However, in the end, the duo opted out of the investment and went for a successful crowdfunding campaign instead.

Füd Vitamin Energy drink is an alternative to the artificial energy drinks currently out there. Full of natural goodness, no added sugar or sweeteners, completely free from artificial flavours and preservatives, and did I mention, low in calories too?! A blend of sparkling water, real fruit juices, natural caffeine from guarana, B-vitamins and electrolytes to give you a natural energy boost whenever needed. The caffeine content per can equates to the same as a cup of coffee. They currently stock two fruity flavours: berry and coconut, pineapple and ginger. I naturally gravitate to the latter.

fud füd vitamin energy drink berry coconut pineapple ginger
fud füd vitamin energy drink berry coconut pineapple ginger

With the berry and coconut flavour, I couldn’t taste much of the berry as the coconut overpowers it. I’m not the biggest fan of coconut yet was able to finish the whole can without a problem. Subtle and was plenty. I actually didn’t mind the taste.

The pineapple and ginger flavour is similar; couldn’t taste the pineapple however it did help lightly sweeten the slight kick of ginger. As an avid lover of strong ginger flavoured anything, I wish this had more, I can take the heat. But not everyone will have the same palate as me. Easily my favourite out of the two.

These are refreshing to drink and can only imagine it being even more refreshing straight from the fridge. Perfect for the beautiful weather we are currently having. Neither flavours tasted artificial nor had left a horrible after taste. It’s not as fizzy as many other carbonated drinks which I prefer, so no tingly, fizzy sensation in my nose. Does anyone else feel this whenever you drink anything fizzy?

When it comes to the balance of flavours, there’s no one size fits all. It’s all down to personal preference. No ones’ palate is the same; some prefer a lighter taste, whilst some prefer stronger; some can taste certain flavours easier than others and many other factors. In my humble opinion, Füd leaning towards the light and subtle flavours was a good decision. Light and refreshing will always be a winning combination.

fud füd vitamin energy drink berry coconut pineapple ginger
fud füd vitamin energy drink berry coconut pineapple ginger

Whilst constantly being at home plus having a lot more free time, the number of hours I exercise a day has doubled and the frequency has increased from 4/5 days a week to 6/7 days. Considering I’ve quickly adapted to these new changes, I still do have my lazy days, the odd afternoon slumps here and there. I’m still human after all. I don’t drink coffee whatsoever so that’s out of the question. I was testing Füd as a pre-workout boost 30 minutes before the workout to give me a little kick up the bum on my afternoon slump days. The real question is, did it give me an energy boost?

Let’s just say I had smashed my resistance and HIIT workouts. Not going to lie, I was quite surprised by this. My energy levels during the workout were the same as my standard, normal day, maybe slightly better. I was able to exert the same level of effort too. For the rest of the day, I didn’t feel burnt out, there was no sugar/caffeine crash and also didn’t disrupt my sleeping pattern. A big thumbs up from me.

If you’re looking for a natural, low calorie, healthy alternative, Füd is your best option. I highly recommend this. You can purchase a taster pack which consists of both flavours for £4.99 or buy 12 cans of one flavour for £18.99 all from their website. I will definitely be stocking up a 12 pack of pineapple and ginger myself.


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