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Trying Out Chloe Ting’s Workout Programs, an Honest Review

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chloe ting workout programs 4 weeks Summer Shred 2020, 25 days Hourglass Challenge and abs in 2 weeks

Hasn’t this YouTuber blown up recently? Chloe Ting’s workout programs seem to be all the rage during this lockdown period. Her name somehow pops up whenever I check social media, from someone talking about her on Twitter to YouTube recommending some of her videos on my homepage. I took it as a sign to try it, I mean, what have I got to lose? Might as well take advantage of the free time I have.

As an avid gym-goer and class addict, I wanted to maintain the same intensity at home whilst everything was temporarily closed. My home routine consisted of exercising for a minimum of 3 hours a day, 6 times a week with the following:
Yoga every morning and evening,
HIIT 4-5 times a week,
A mixture of weightlifting, TRX and or barre/pilates 6 times a week,
Stretch and foam roll every day,
And Sunday is a yoga and stretch only day, what I consider as my rest day.
As long as I am drowning in sweat by the end, I’m a happy bunny.

Eating wise, generally healthy with a cheat day every fortnight. A lot easier to maintain whilst in lockdown. Body-wise, relatively toned with a noticeable 11 line ab, though it could do with a bit more defined in my opinion. I would also love to lose an inch off my waist; I just need to lower my body fat further. Goals set.

chloe ting workout programs 4 weeks Summer Shred 2020, 25 days Hourglass Challenge and abs in 2 weeks

Looking at the range of workout programs she offers, they’re all free and has a decent variety that puts more focus on certain areas of your body e.g. arms. The length of the programs isn’t too shabby either. They’re long enough to kickstart your fitness journey and to turn it into a habit.

I thought I’d try out two programs together at the same time as well as adding her most viewed video onto the list:
4-weeks Summer Shred Challenge 2020
25 Days Booty Challenge
Get Abs in 2 weeks video
These videos would replace my current fitness routine (nervous to say the least), yet still allowed myself to continue with yoga. I can’t give it up.

I only had two rules:
Complete all videos including the optional ones and any repeated videos on that day.
Complete the abs in 2 weeks video every day for 2 weeks only. From instinct and experience, I already know what the outcome is. But let’s pretend I don’t and review the claim for this experiment.

My Results

Before: waist: 26 inches, hips: 38 inches.
After: waist: 26 inches, hips: 38 inches.
Arms and thighs: no changes.
Weight: no changes.

Did I get a big transformation like the ones in her transformation results video? Sadly, no visible results nor any inches/kg on or off. I believe the reason why is due to the basic movements, besides, there isn’t much progressive overload. When compared to my typical workout regime, her workouts aren’t exactly challenging to me whatsoever, it wasn’t intense. I wasn’t left panting nor exhausted, but instead, was left feeling unsatisfied. I wanted and needed more, something to kick my ass. It’s a shame, this wasn’t it.

With the hourglass program, I went straight into day 1 with a medium resistance band, and by day 2, exchanged it for extra heavy resistance instead. I’m used to using heavyweights along with the bands to work the peach so just using the band alone was a slight downgrade for me. Better than nothing though!

There’s one thing her workouts focuses a lot on, which I personally neglect, is abs. Many exercises I incorporate requires ab stabilisation and I do add in a few abs focused exercises here and there in my circuits, but not 100% specifically focused. Doing this challenge, there are days where I’m working the abs for 20, 30 minutes or longer. The routines weren’t too hard, yet have made my core a bit stronger, which benefitted other exercises such as push ups. My ab definition was still the same. I’m not surprised by this one tiny bit. Can you get abs in two weeks? No. Can you spot reduce? No. Can ab workouts burn stomach fat? No. Abs aren’t something you can gain just by exercise alone nor in a short amount of time. There’s a lot more to it.

I’m surprised I haven’t gained weight despite my lower daily calorie burn. Maintained is probably the best word to describe my results. If it was more suited for the relatively fit, then I would probably see some visible results. Sadly, Chloe Ting’s workout programs are not suitable for my current fitness level and my goals. I’ve already hopped straight back into my original fitness regime.

Not Too Keen

There’s a lack of guidance, more notably, form. She’s not a certified trainer nor has any qualifications in the fitness industry. For those who are jumping on the fitness front, following her workouts with incorrect form will take a toll particularly on your shoulders and back and can lead to injuries. My advice would be to take it slow, learn the proper form first before you speed up and increase intensity. Form over speed and quantity any day.

Not challenging enough. It is best suited for beginners or those who are wanting to get back into fitness as they will more than likely see better results as compared to those who are advanced. The routines aren’t exactly difficult for someone who is active, as the moves are on the basic spectrum. Once your body becomes accustomed to the routines, it’ll become easier and you might stop seeing visible results.

It became repetitive and tedious. I’m the type of person who gets bored easily and boy, was I bored in less than a week into it. My motivation went downhill yet still forced myself to carry on, not particularly an ideal situation. Variety keeps me interested, hence why my general fitness routine is quite diverse. Her videos are on in the background on low volume, enough to hear her timer whilst I’m listening to my own music or watching a film/TV. I couldn’t stand her background music any longer.

Clickbait titles. Despite herself being open about this and the description containing a disclaimer explaining it’s for SEO purposes etc, it’s still misleading, particularly if viewers are new to the fitness world. They can be left feeling disappointed when they don’t notice similar results as ones in the transformation videos. Some viewers can separate the truth from the fibs. If clickbait titles don’t bother you, then this isn’t a problem.

If your goal is to build muscle, you can’t do it solely with her programs alone as there’s a lack of progressive overload. You need to lift weights.

Thumbs Up For

chloe ting workout programs 4 weeks Summer Shred 2020, 25 days Hourglass Challenge and abs in 2 weeks

Did I mention that they were free? Full workout programs for F R E E! I don’t need to say anymore.

Kudos to Chloe for getting people off their butts to exercise during this time, a movement to get people in better shape, building habits, releasing endorphins for a healthier mind. People are spreading the word, sharing their own before and afters which is without a doubt inspiring and influencing others to join in. She has created a community. I can see how the appeal of free, no equipment and home friendly workouts will attract many. Her SEO titles have undoubtedly benefitted her, tickling those who are curious.

Her online calendars are structured in a way that it’s easy to follow, scheduling you with videos to complete or to have an active rest day. The video themselves are easy to follow. The duration of each video isn’t long so you have the option to split the workouts over the course of the day, to fit around your schedule. She will demonstrate a low impact modification if applicable. My favourite was the progress bar and the timer. It was pleasing to the eye, and the countdown was music to my ears. It’s the small details that always gets me.

Now the real question is, would I recommend Chloe Ting’s workout programs? To put it simply, yes and no. Yes for beginners and those who are getting back into fitness, no for the relatively fit.


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