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100 Things to Do When You’re Bored at Home

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Following on from my 10 things to do when you’re bored at home post, I thought I would expand this further to 100. After initially publishing it, more random ideas kept popping into my head and thought I’d write a quick, additional post.

Whether you’re stuck at home bored, plans cancelled last minute, self quarantining/isolation, here’s a list of 100 ideas; some you may have already done, some you probably haven’t even thought of before, whilst some are completely random.

  1. Top to bottom spring clean.
  2. Have a “does it spark joy?” decluttering session, not only clothes, everything. If not, it goes to charity or sell them.
  3. Refresh your room with a new slick of paint, move furniture around etc. Pivot!
  4. Cook/bake like you’re on Masterchef.
  5. Spruce up your garden. Those BBQ days are fast approaching.
  6. Exercise. Twerking counts.
  7. Meditate. Namaste.
  8. Limbo! How low can you go, how low can you go.
  9. Sing. Bring out your inner Beyonce, Disney princess, tone-deaf or not.
  10. Learn a dance to a song and not give up knowing you can’t dance but who cares.
  11. Learn a new language. Sign language? Programming language?
  12. Draw/paint (me like one of your French girls).
  13. Post-it note window art. Start a pixel art battle with the window opposite.
  14. Build a reading fort.
  15. Read.
  16. Study for academic, work or personal purposes.
  17. Improve your literacy and numeracy skills.
  18. Write that erotic novel/fanfiction you’ve kept stored in your brain.
  19. Learn to do the splits.
  20. Might as well throw in handstands too.
  21. Phone or video call with family, friends, and pets. Don’t drunk call your ex. Don’t even think of “butt-dialling”.
  22. Pen your feelings, journaling, scrapbooking.
  23. Origami or some crafts. Pasta art is acceptable.
  24. Colouring books are a great stress reliever.
  25. Go through the photos on your phone, print and create a photo album.
  26. Flick through old photo albums, reminiscing the good old days.
  27. Binge on Netflix, YouTube, TED Talks.
  28. Watch the Marvel movies in chronological order.
  29. Star Wars maybe.
  30. Game and possibly get scolded by angry teens during online play.
  31. Create your ideal life in Sims. Or terrorise them.
  32. Catch up on sleep. Enough said.
  33. Have some well deserved TLC time. Play “Waterfall” by TLC whilst you’re at it too.
  34. It’s hanky panky time, or “me” time.
  35. Blog.
  36. Reply to those emails/texts you keep putting off. Remember, you took a “very long shower”.
  37. Put makeup on. Try to achieve that unattainable Instagram facetuned, airbrushed look.
  38. On the subject of makeup, clean those damn brushes and sponges!
  39. Start some home DIY projects.
  40. Laugh, cry, feel all sorts of emotions whilst watching cat/dog videos on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter etc.
  41. Play with your pets, smother them with love and affection. You might get the same back, you might not.
  42. Feel awkward talking to the camera and start a YouTube channel.
  43. Hold your own New York/London/Paris/Milan fashion week.
  44. Board/card games. Uno ends friendships. Don’t get me started on Monopoly.
  45. Crosswords, word searches, sudoku, remember those?
  46. Handwrite letters, cards, postcards and send them off. I do wonder how my old pen pal from France is doing.
  47. Concoct a sensible alcoholic cocktail or mocktail.
  48. Follow a YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok tutorial. If it looks the exact same, hi5!
  49. Sign up to TikTok but please don’t follow and attempt those idiotic, dangerous trends. Stay safe, be sensible.
  50. Binge on Friends for the thousandth time. Recite it line by line.
  51. Water household plants. They get thirsty too.
  52. Learn Cockney rhyming slang. Can you Adam and Eve it? He got into Barney Rubble again!
  53. Find a full live concert online, turn your lights off and pretend you’re there. Standing or seated, choose wisely. A one-person moshpit anyone?
  54. Put your mouth to work, beatbox.
  55. Create a band or go solo. Whip out your air guitars, bass, drums etc and rock out.
  56. Host a posh/fancy (champagne) afternoon tea. Pinkies up.
  57. Pull out a blanket and set up an indoor picnic. Turn the fan on to the lowest setting for that “spring breeze”.
  58. Be a kid again and play pranks. April fools every day.
  59. Build a domino chain reaction.
  60. Reorganise your spice rack by alphabetical order, colour, cuisine, best before date etc.
  61. Reorganise your bookshelf by book title, author, rainbow colour-coded, date etc.
  62. Adopt an animal, sponsor a child.
  63. Window shop and resist adding to cart and to not click pay. Challenge accepted.
  64. Bring the LEGO back out and build. Then scream and swear when you step on a brick barefooted whilst remembering why you’ve put them away hidden in the first place.
  65. Clean, de-odorise and whiten your trainers. “New trainers”, new day.
  66. Clean your car, both interior and exterior. Who knows what you might find under the seats.
  67. Make a list of life goals and stay positive no matter how big or small they are.
  68. Update your CV. Sadly you can’t press pause on adult life.
  69. Listen to a podcast.
  70. Be inspired and start your own podcast.
  71. Swipe left or right. Read their profile. If you know, you know.
  72. Write love letters but don’t get your hopes up for a Lara Jean and Peter moment.
  73. But maybe put together a time capsule?
  74. Write online reviews. Amazon, TripAdvisor, Trustpilot, Influenster, MakeupAlley etc.
  75. Step away from social media for the day. It’ll do you some good.
  76. Boredbutton.com
  77. “Travel” via Google street view.
  78. Clean, organise, back up your computer. Delete your erm, ahem browsing history too?
  79. Clean your phone, delete unused apps, delete those meaningless photos. Free up space to stop receiving those pesky low memory notifications.
  80. Cuddle your other half, pet, plushies, blanket, pillow. There’s always someone, something to cuddle with.
  81. Join online discussion forums with those like-minded strangers.
  82. Sit by your window or in your garden with some sort of beverage and watch the sunset.
  83. Cheat day, a well deserved cheat day.
  84. Try tongue twisters without getting tongue tied.
  85. Devise a plan, any plan.
  86. Be your own hairdresser and stylist. Don’t jump straight to the deep end otherwise you’ll be sporting a not so good look to put it nicely.
  87. See how many kick ups you can do with a toilet roll.
  88. With that stash of toilet roll people have been panic buying, it calls for toilet roll bowling.
  89. Create your own Boris Johnson bingo card and play it during his daily press conferences. With or without alcohol. Your choice.
  90. Ask for music recommendations and listen to them. You’ll discover something new to like, even if it’s generally not to your taste.
  91. Unfollow any social media accounts that make you feel bad about yourself or doesn’t inspire you anymore. Put yourself first boo.
  92. Take a selfie a day so you can create those videos showing how you’ve changed and transformed during a certain time period.
  93. Give your old clothes a new look. Liked those ripped jeans you saw on ASOS? DIY.
  94. Brew your own beer, cider. You can buy kits if you don’t know where to begin.
  95. Learn how to use chopsticks and you won’t look back. OK I’m biased here. It’s a great utensil for cooking too!
  96. Join virtual pub quizzes. Let’s be real, you can’t go wrong with a pub quiz.
  97. Turn your stairs into a slide. Use common sense and safety first.
  98. Blow balloons up and have a mini Olympics. Balloon volleyball and balloon bum/belly pop are popular choices.
  99. Sit in a box and go to Disney World, Disneyland Paris, SoCal, or anywhere around the world to go on POV rides. Have a bucket ready next to you ready.
  100. Visit a virtual museum tour and feel cultured. Look up, down, left, right, 360 it.
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4 responses to “100 Things to Do When You’re Bored at Home”

  1. Sam Bache says:

    I am definitely going to give some of these a go now with all my time at home! Hope youre safe and well x

  2. Jennifer says:

    I definitely felt inspired after reading this blog post! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Lizzie Bee says:

    Gosh yes I totally agree – right now is the perfect time to declutter and do a bit of spring cleaning! I also love the idea of giving some old jeans a new look. Thanks so much for all of these ideas!

  4. Lizzie Bee says:

    Gosh yes I totally agree – right now is the perfect time to declutter and do a bit of spring cleaning! I also love the idea of giving some old jeans a new look. Thanks so much for all of these ideas!

    (sorry I don’t think my last comment went through!)

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