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11 Apr 2020Fitness·健身

The Best Youtube Fitness Channels for at Home Workouts

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Youtube Channels for Working Out at Home mr and mrs muscle MrandMrsMuscle

Working out at home has never been much easier. YouTube definitely has the best at home workouts, you can just pop on a video and you’re all set. There are many reasons why people choose this exercise path such as time, ease and comfort, lifestyle, due to unforeseen circumstances, TV etc. It can also give them confidence if heading to the gym makes them feel self-conscious.

Some people doubt the effectiveness of working out at home, assuming it isn’t as effective as compared to going to the gym or classes, however that’s incorrect. If you’re willing to put the effort in, results will come regardless of how you exercise. Thinking outside the box is a good asset too.

Below I list my favourite, frequently visited and what I consider are the best YouTube fitness channels for home workouts.


I’m not a cardio bunny, absolutely detest it. You won’t find me running on the treadmill, plodding along on the elliptical, on the rowing machine for a long time as it bores me. Yet you’ll see me on the stationary bike, on my phone and not putting maximum effort in. Practically chilling.

HIIT is still cardio but I prefer the challenging exercises in a shorter amount of time. It challenges me, forcing me to push to my maximum capacity in that short burst of time and I will never take resting periods or resting in general for granted ever again. Yes, it’s not easy but it is rewarding. Rather than doing HIIT on an exercise machine, I prefer the good old floor and a variety of bodyweight exercises. Give me burpees over sprinting on the treadmill any day. Am I crazy? HIIT isn’t for everyone.

The Body Coach – The nation’s P.E. teacher. You don’t need to purchase his workout plan to get your heart rate up and stay fit. His YouTube channel has many 20 minutes or less HIIT workouts, and they’re not easy. Seeing him out of breath, dying along with you just shows it’s not easy whatever your fitness level as long as you’ve given your all.

Mr and Mrs Muscle – They are really underrated and the world really needs to subscribe to this channel. 10 minute HIIT? Er, yes please! No introduction whatsoever, just straight into the workout. They have different HIIT series such as beginners, low impact, standard to suit your fitness level. New workouts every day, different parts of the body, easy to follow, modifications provided. Most of the workouts are equipment free. If dumbbells are needed, you can substitute it for everyday home alternatives or don’t use any at all. Guaranteed you’ll work up a sweat in just 10 minutes.


Pilates is a low impact exercise strengthening muscles, focusing on core strength, improving balance, posture and flexibility. With refined movements, you work muscles you never knew existed as long as you have the correct form. Form and control is generally important in any exercise but it is highly crucial in pilates. When you feel the burn, you know you’re doing it correctly.

Let’s say, I’ve underestimated pilates, holding a cocky attitude thinking “PFFFT, that’s hella easy” at the very beginning. It has kicked my arse many times and never gets easier even when my muscles have gotten stronger and muscular endurance have also improved. Repetitions are an absolute killer.

Blogilates – An OG channel I’ve followed for many years. If I don’t fancy HIIT yet still want a burning workout, I’ll pop on a Cassey video or two. No equipment needed. Cassey herself is an upbeat, perky character however isn’t to everyone’s taste. She whips up regular monthly calendars and different challenges which you can easily follow along.


I’m sure everyone knows or at least have heard of the benefits associated with yoga. To put it simply, it helps you from the inside out, transforming both your body and mind. In the beginning, I had practised it for vanity purposes and building body awareness, but lately, it’s more for mental clarity, soothing tension and to release built-up stress.

Yoga is probably the one exercise I would highly recommend for everyone – all ages, all fitness levels, all genders, all body shapes and sizes. Flexibility isn’t a requirement so don’t feel discouraged from trying it out. Even just doing the meditation aspect, focusing on mindful breathing, will still benefit you.

PsycheTruth – Many instructors, many yoga videos for different situations so pick what best suits/attract you. I personally love their yoga flows for lower back pain so I can 100% vouch for PsycheTruth’s flows to aid my recovery.

Yoga With Adriene – Another OG channel which is still dominating the YouTube yogi community. I’ve only followed Adriene quite recently despite practising yoga for the past few years. She makes you feel things from deep within you. Her voice, her words are soothing to the ears and I don’t feel intimidated by her, plus she encourages us to find what feels right. You know your own body 100% better than others. Whatever your level and experience, it’s suited for all.

Short Workouts – 10 Mins or Less

If someone had a penny for saying they’re too busy to squeeze in exercise, they’d be a millionaire. I’m sure we can find 10 minutes somewhere in our busy lives and dedicate it to exercising. 10 minutes may sound like it’s not effective, but it’s better than 0 and will still improve your health. I’m not going to lie, 10 minutes can feel like a long time too but it’s probably a sign you’re not enjoying that certain workout. Some people like to break their workouts into a few 10 minute workouts spread across the day.

Lucy Wyndham-Read – Lucy concentrates on working out at home without equipment and has a good collection of 10 minutes or under workouts. If you flick through her videos, it may not look like much but they are still HIIT and are well structured. She understands that not everyone is able to jump around and her workouts are great low impact alternatives. Also, using her walking workouts whilst in front of the TV is a winner for me.

MadFit – This channel is actually new to me and am glad I have stumbled across it. Maddie’s song workouts are what had attracted me to her. She incorporates choreographed workout to popular songs, different exercises to different parts of the song and you’re exercising to the beat. Singing is optional. I wonder if she accepts song requests?


The recommendations below are great all-around channels which I believe don’t specifically fit into any of the above categories.

Fitness Blender – Kelly and Daniel, the power couple behind the popular OG channel, Fitness Blender, provides you with various workout routines from HIIT, pilates, strength training etc to suit your needs. They’ve been on YouTube for a decade now and have kept their no music, white background style till this very day. The simple aesthetic allows you to see Kelly and Daniel demonstrate each exercise clearly and you can see the progress bar along with a rough estimate of calorie burn. They’ll always provide you with more information on the workout with a link of their website in the description. Each workout will have a difficulty score out of 5, 5 being the hardest (it kicks my ass every damn time). With over 600 free workouts, you’re spoilt for choice. I highly recommend them.

Lilly Sabri – Lilly is a bubbly character and helps motivate you during her live stream and pre-recorded workouts. With a combination of HIIT, resistance training, pilates and active recovery, she challenges your body and mind. It feels like I’ve got my own personal trainer in my house, watching my every move. She users her expertise and experience from the fitness industry to guide you through proper form and offer beginners, intermediate and advanced alternatives moves. You can receive free weekly workout program when you subscribe to her newsletter to help give you structure.

Holly Dolke – I’m drooling over Holly’s abs. She is informative and explains each exercise to ensure correct technique. Don’t underestimate her shorter workouts, what the heck, don’t underestimate all of them. They’re tough, challenging and fun. Who would have thought I would use fun in the same sentence as tough, ey?

POPSUGAR Fitness – Zumba, yoga, HIIT, pilates, barre, dance, kickboxing, equipment, no equipment etc. A bit of everything to accommodate everyone. Many of the instructors make you feel like they’re actually in the room with you, bringing their smile along with it. It’s satisfying to see them drenched in sweat, not in a weird and fetish way. It’s an indicator the routine isn’t easy for them despite it not looking that way. Don’t worry, there are trainers demonstrating both the modified and advanced moves throughout.

You’ve probably heard it about a gazillion times, so here’s your gazillion and first time. Alongside exercising, you need to incorporate a good diet in, even if it means making small adjustments bit by bit. If you’re starting out or are jumping back into it, don’t head straight to the deep end. Results aren’t delivered overnight, it takes time. Also, everyone’s body is different so do take this into account if you’re flicking through the comments of YouTube videos, watching before and after videos etc. I could go on and on but there’s no need. These are the most important points coming from personal experience.

This list will definitely be updated whenever a new channel has crossed my path and taken my breath away, literally.

Are there any fitness channels you love and would recommend?


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Really great post and recommendations!! I definitely need to take advantage of this time to exercise more. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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