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11.04.2014  Beauty·美容

Achieving Volume on Day Old Hair

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Who would have thought that achieving volume on fine, thin hair would be impossible? Being one of those fine, thin hair gals, I have been testing so many products and techniques to achieve the big hair oomph and for it to last for over 6 years. I do find that it is easier to achieve volume on day old hair rather than freshly washed. I guess this is the same concept as curls lasting longer.

For freshly washed hair, I do like to use rollers, volumising mousse and a teasing brush. This will be explained in another post at some point as to how I do it at some point. For a day or two old hair, maybe three, hair products is all you need and maybe a hint of teasing. I use:

Batiste Dry Shampoo XXL Volume – Soaks up the excess oils whilst giving volume for a good amount of time however not long enough by itself.
Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray – Great to use after Bastiste to make the volume last longer.
Teasing brush – If you have stubborn fine, thin hair, add a little bit of light teasing to the roots. 1 to 2 strokes maximum. There are days where I don’t require teasing. Is it strange that I can feel whether I need to tease or not?
Tresemme Freeze Hold Hairspray – To set the teasing.

Are there any volumising products you would recommend?

28 responses to “Achieving Volume on Day Old Hair”

  1. Vivian Yuen says:

    I use the Batisse XXL every day! Fab hair hun~



  2. atosa nikkhah says:

    great post i will defiantly be trying this as my hair goes really flat after a day x

  3. Sophie Pocock says:

    I use Oribe Texturizing spray, its expensive though need to try the charles worthington.


  4. says:

    well done 🙂

    fashion blog

  5. Leeshastarr says:

    I do everything I can to take volume out of my hair so can't recommend any products.
    GIG LOVE | The Life of Leeshastarr

  6. Kumiko Mae says:

    Unlike you i have very full bodied almost always unruly hair so i try to stay away from volume!

  7. Arian Yupangco says:

    I'm over here constantly trying to FLATTEN my hair. I know a lot of girls love hair with volume and body, but I think mine has too much…

  8. says:

    I have thin hair and it's difficult to give that added volume. I don't like putting to much product on my hair so what I normally do is I wash my hair at night so come morning, it's dry. I don't comb my hair and just leave it in a bun. Then release it after for a beach wave effect. 😀

  9. it seems batistse is HG for a lot of girls here eh! Usually for day old hair, I wrap it up in a chignon or french twist so it doesnt look so flat!

  10. Cindy Tong says:

    wow nice tips!!! i will jus tied them up if I was too [email protected]

  11. Ling Zou says:

    WOW Love how much volume your hair has! my hair is quite flat so I'll definitely try this!

    Love Ling

  12. Lorna mai ltd says:

    I used to use a volumizing agent that you sprinkle on hair at the roots but I can't remember what it was called. Sometimes I use a hair piece!

  13. aby ♥ says:

    great post! same here, i got thin hair and love having it with volume. sometimes if i want it wavy , while wet i braid it then let it dry.. tada! wavy hair. hehehe

    -from gig
    Swirls and Scribbles

  14. MollyMia says:

    you look like you really have big hair! as for me, i stay away from all volumizing products. my hair is thick enough on their own.

  15. I have a lot of hair, but it's thin, so this would be the perfect way for me to get some much needed volume. Thank you for the great tips & recommendations! <3 GIGLove

  16. Smallnhot Sarah says:

    This would be perfect for me since I have thin hair ! Thank you for sharing…

  17. Caroline Paris says:

    batiste is great . i use it quite often , ure hair looks great

  18. Monica Calangian says:

    Welcome to the club! I am one of those thin-hair gals 🙂 I would like to try that Batiste shampoo you are talking about

  19. Marxie ♔ says:

    I have fine, thin hair as well and I really want to add some volume to it. OTL Maybe I should give Batiste a try too

  20. Yuh Jiun says:

    Wow it looks great on you! Would love to try it out as I have very thin hair too 😀

  21. I love the result. Glad that this combination was helpful to you. 🙂

  22. Agata Pokutycka says:

    Batiste Dry Shampoo XXL Volume is fab! Works for me every time. Great product.

  23. Nella P says:

    I always heard good reviews on batiste dry shampoo. Volumizing and texturing hair spray is life savior when it comes to bad hair day.

    GIG Love,

  24. Miss Ika says:

    Great product. I don't used hair spray
    gig love

  25. Chaicy says:

    I have heard good reviews about the Batiste brand. I'm not really fond of Volume adding products 'coz I'm on the other side with a voluminous hair.

    GIG Love

    New Post Up – xoxo Chaicy – Style..A Pastiche!

  26. Shumaila Jaffer says:

    i have heard about Batisse XXL so much but never tried…. seems like its the time now i should buy this baby 🙂

  27. Margaret Dallospedale says:

    Great post and amazing revie.
    The Indian Savage Diary

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