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Esqido Gel Pencil Eyeliner

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Esqido Gel Pencil Eyeliner black brown review swatch

I have received this product from Esqido for review purposes but all thoughts are my own. Doesn’t contain affiliate links.

I’m not a fan of both pencil and gel eyeliners. I’ve tested a lot of brands from the high end to the drugstore and they are all no match for my oily eyelids. You may call me the panda queen. I’m a hardcore liquid eyeliner lover through and through furthermore, it’ll take a miracle product to pull me away from them.

The Esqido gel pencil eyeliner has accumulated quite a reputation regarding its performance and longevity. I’ve tested this in the hot and humid, tropical climate, an oily skin’s nightmare. So does it live up to its smudge and water-resistant with all-day wear claims?

Esqido Gel Pencil Eyeliner black brown review swatch
Esqido Gel Pencil Eyeliner black brown review swatch

First of all, it had applied like butter; Creamy, smooth, doesn’t tug the eyelid and sets to a matte finish. The shade black isn’t the blackest out there and even after two swipes, it’s still not black enough for me. I prefer the blackest black, the jet black shade. Brown is more for those who lean more towards a more natural look which isn’t on my thing. It would have been better if it was a deeper shade of brown – personal preference.

When it comes to the winged line itself, I forever opt for a crisp, precise, sharp and defined line but this being a pencil, it doesn’t give me that. The best way to describe it is more like a rough around the edges vibe. Putting my hands up, I’m a perfectionist and am hard to please.

Waterproof? Yes. Smudgeproof? Not quite so. All-day wear? Sadly not. By no surprise, the oily lids strikes again. Once the eyeliner sets, it doesn’t budge but after an hour or two, my oils begin to make an appearance, loosening and breaking down the eyeliner. Some areas will smudge and fade. Just a quick note, no base or eyeshadow has been applied to the lids prior to lining. I never apply a base or primer to my eyelids.

I did like the silicon ring enclosure on the barrel to help the lid stay on securely, also preventing the eyeliner from drying out. There is a detachable sharpener at the end for your ease but doesn’t sharpen to a fine, precise nib which I am in favour of.

I didn’t have any expectations, therefore, I can’t say that I was highly disappointed in this as I was expecting this outcome. If you don’t have very oily lids and love gel pencil eyeliners, this Esqido gel pencil eyeliner would be more suitable for you. Sadly for me, I will be sticking with my liquid eyeliners.


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