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Teasing Back Combing Brush


Many of us suffer from lack of volume, flat hair, especially us fine, thin haired girlies. I decided to purchase this brush that is specifically used for teasing as compared to a usual rat tailed comb.

Since it’s my lazy day today, decided to do another review. And had quickly styled my hair with this teasing comb.

Before (washed, air dried, no hair products, naturally flat hair, lack in volume – BOOO):

After (volume at the roots! YES!!!):

Front view:

Big difference yes? And roots are coming through.

Ease of Use: 
Overall Rating:   

Review: Holy omg grail! This is seriously an amazing brush. It’s very affordable and I think everyone who wants volume to purchase this brush. Wished I had purchased this earlier. How did I live without this. So much better than using a usual rat tailed comb. This brush contains many bristles allowing to grab more hair and sweep to create volume with tangling the hair too much. You only need to tease a little bit, I’d say around an inch from the root and not too much. Any further and you could risk in damaging your hair where it’s unnecessary. I don’t tease my hair everyday, just for special occasions. I find that it lasts all day when sprayed with hairspray. This can be used to neating the top of the hair too so the teasing cannot be seen.

You don’t need a lot of effort with this brush to create volume as compared to a normal comb. Meaning you don’t need to put in a lot of pressure and strength to use this. Gentle is key. This is a lot easier and is quick to use. Volume in 5 minutes. That’s how long it had took me to do. This can be carried around for little touch ups. When I first used this, it was a wee bit tricky but after I did one section, it’s easy to use afterwards. The tail end allows you to section your hair easily, 2 in 1 product.

At the end of the day, it is easy to brush the teasing out without being in excruciating pain and pulling hair out. That is the best part of the brush. Because of the gentle teasing, the hair isn’t as tangled as compared to vigorously teasing the hell out of your hair which is highly not recommended.

In conjunction to make a more volumous hair, this would work well with volumising hair mousse and rollers. I will be doing a tutorial on this as it is how I do my hair for a special night out. So look out for it soon! :).

I know there’s people who disagrees with the idea of teasing but this is the only way for me to get big, volumous hair. Everyone has their own way, this is mine.

Purchased it here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/250951910184

9 comments so far.

9 responses to “Teasing Back Combing Brush”

  1. Joey says:

    Oh, wow, the volume is pretty darn amazing. Yeah, teasing can be bad, but like you said, sometimes it's the only way to get volume

    • nicolyl says:

      yep true! using one of these will be less damaging than an ordinary comb. ive tried all the other methods and they dont give me any volume whatsoever :/

  2. Cereal says:

    I use this brush as well to self-dye my own hair. Works pretty well ^^ But I don't know if the bristles are the same 😀



    Woah, that brush makes such a huge amount of difference! And it's awesome that you got it from a UK seller too since so many reviews are US based… *runs off to buy*

    Yishi x

  4. popbubblewrap says:


    Is this the same? The image on the UK listing looks like it also says item #2427, but the photo of the brush in the US listing looks nothing like the brush in the UK listing =( the bristles look sparse and spaced out.

  5. Amy says:

    Hi! I'm looking for this brush. Could you tell me what the brand is? thanks 🙂

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