I’m Blonde!

Yes I am blonde! Ash beige blonde to be exact. I’m not bluffing. Check it out:

Before picture:

This was the first time bleaching my hair. I hesitated a lot because it’s hair bleach! Not good for hair whatsoever. I kept changing my mind as to whether to do it or not, then committed to it and wasn’t allowed to change my mind. So here is my little guide as to how I did it, the process, outcome and condition of my hair.

State and condition of hair before bleaching:
1.5 inches of black (technically black brown) roots and rest was light/medium golden brown.
Healthy, hydrated, no split ends, not damaged.

I did loads of research and reading reviews on what is the best hair bleach to use etc.
Products used:
Smart Beauty Smart Blonde High Lift Hair Lightener & Platinum Blonde Conditioning Toner (currently on offer in Superdrug, 2 for £8.99):

Contains no ammonia and PPD.
Kit contains:
Instruction leaflet, gloves, application brush, 30g lightening powder, 90ml developer cream and 25ml conditioning toner.

Garnier Nutrisse Radiant Blondes in Ash Beige Blonde:

Contains no ammonia.
Kit contains:
Instruction leaflet, gloves, 60ml developer cream, 40ml colour cream and 40ml bottle conditioner.

After letting my hair getting greasy after two days, it’s ready to get bleached! Using the Smart Blonde hair lightener, followed the instructions and started to apply bottom to top. Wrapped the hair in cling film. Left it in for half an hour. Washed the bleach out until the water runs clear, shampooed and used the conditioning toner. The conditioning toner was purple so it can counteract the brassiness/orange. Then conditioned my hair. Let it dry naturally 70% then blow dried the rest.

After bleaching process:

(The light in my room saturates my hair more, meaning it increases the colour than it actually is).

State and condition of hair after bleaching and conditioning toner: 
Yellow roots and rest was light orange.
Still healthy and hydrated but not like it was before I started it the process. A tiny bit dry.

The next process is to dye over it. I waited a few days rather than a week because I had a few important events to go to and I wouldn’t allow myself to go to them with unfinished, uneven bleached hair. Do wait at least week before dying it! During those few days, I used Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Luscious Long Deep Treatment and I totally recommend it! Had let the hair dry naturally and haven’t used any hair products or heat appliances on it.

When the few days was over, I followed the instructions for the Garnier Nutrisse hair dye and applied it to my hair, bottom to top, making sure that my hair is soaked in the dye. Left the dye in for the recommended time and washed the dye until clear, shampooed, used the conditioner that came with the dye and used the Aussie deep treatment. After blowdrying it, I now have an even coverage of colour, tiny bit of damage to my hair.

State and condition of hair after bleaching and dying: 
Meduim ash beige blonde hair, even coverage.
Tiny bit dry and still in a very good, healthy condition.

– Do pick hair dye that doesn’t have ammonia. Ammonia is that chemical smell you get while dye your hair and it can be unbearable. It is responsible for separating the cuticles, causing hardening, weight loss and reduction in hair thickness.
– Using a hair dye with the word ash will get rid of the yellow, orange, brassiness in your hair. Anything golden will emphasise the brasiness.
– Do not bleach/dye your hair when your hair is freshly washed. Your scalp could get damaged and hair will become very dry and straw like.
– Bleach/dye your hair when your hair and scalp is greasy. The natural oils act like a barrier, protecting the hair and scalp.
– Do not bleach or dye your hair if it is dry or straw-like. Your hair could break off and you would have to get it all cut off.
– If your scalp has cuts, scratches, redness, irritation etc, do not bleach/dye your hair. Wait till it is fully recovered first or else it’ll worsen.
– Do get a friend to help to apply the bleach/dye in unreachable/unseen areas.
– A month before bleaching, take care of your hair. Condition your hair everyday, hair mask/deep treatment twice a week, try not to use heat appliances, try and wash your hair every other day.
– Do a patch test to see if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients.
– Strand test is required for bleaching so you know how long to keep it on for.
– After bleaching your hair, wait at least a week before dying it. During the time period, deep condition your hair a lot to restore it.
– Don’t bleach your hair more than once in the day.
– If you’re wanting to bleach your hair again after the previous bleaching session, wait at least a week first and take the condition of your hair and scalp into account after a week as well. If dry and damaged, I wouldn’t recommend in bleaching it again or it’ll snap off.
– Wrapping your hair and head in cling film will make the bleaching/dying process more effective.
– If you feel any burning or stinging sensation on your head, wash immediately or you could run a risk of burning, damaging and irritating your scalp and may need to seek medical advice if it is severe.
– READ THE INSTRUCTION LEAFLETS. Do not leave it in longer than the recommended time. If you leave it in longer, the dye becomes weaker and won’t be as effective so you’re wasting your time.
– Purchase a semi permanent hair dye close to your colour before it was bleached/dyed or dark as an emergency if everything goes wrong.

Your hair goes through colour levels:

When bleaching, your hair will go through hair colour levels depending on your current hair colour. Each hair colour will have a red, golden or neutral undertone.

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  1. Sara says:

    You look so nice! The colour suits your skintone real well 🙂 So pretty

  2. Tori says:

    Looks lovely on you! ♥ & your hair still looks nice & healthy.

  3. ♥ Natalie says:

    I LOVE YOU IN BLONDE! ♥ Sorry for 'shouting' but it looks amazing!

  4. YaraRD says:

    O.O look lovely♥♥

  5. THT Christina says:

    Love it! And I rememer that before photo haha!
    I want to bleach mine now 😛

  6. Nayioh says:

    that looks amazing! the colour suits you well and thanks for all the tips!^^
    Last time I dyed my hair blonde I used a japanese hair dye and it only left my hair blonde for a week then it went brassy ><"
    So can't wait to try this method <3

    • nicolyl says:

      glad i can help 🙂 every bleach will make the hair go brassy. the key is putting a dye over it. only pick dyes that has the word ash in it to counteract the brassyness 🙂

  7. Fanny says:

    I like your hair color ^^

  8. Jing-Jing says:

    Wow it looks awesome!!
    You're making me want to go blonde again xD

  9. Katie says:

    your hair looks beautiful and I love your totoro! I've been wanting one forever..just can't seem to find one cheap enough.

  10. ♥Mishi à la mode♥ says:

    Everybody needs to go blonde once in their life! LOL I love blonde hair and have no idea why Asians aren't naturally blonde. haha ! You look amazing. the upkeep is going to be tiring and super damaging to the hair so remember to care for it more! hot oil treatments and hair masks =)

    • nicolyl says:

      haha true! but then if we were naturally londe, we'd probably want to dye our hair black 😛 im already dreading roots lol

  11. Bellen says:

    You are so beautiful!

  12. Linda Phuong Tran says:

    Omgsh you look amazing and so cute! You defo suit blonde! I loves it. xxx

  13. Maria Ramos says:

    I love your blog <3

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