Jeffrey Campbell Foxy Spike

05 March 2013


YES HALF PRICE, 50%! £65 INSTEAD OF £130! I have finally purchased these from Love Clothing. Have been contemplating on whether to spend over £100 on these but then saw that they were half price at Love Clothing. I actually couldn't believe it. My size was available and BAM purchased them. Now I don't feel as bad. The spikes are sharp but it can get the weird ones away. ;). I have received these this morning and couldn't hold my excitement. I'm even still excited now. I have tried them on and they are comfortable! I am a UK size 4.5 and purchased them in a 5. That was a good choice as it fitted better. I would suggest that if you're a half size, get the size up rather than down. I LOVE THESE!

Do you have any Jeffrey Campbell shoes?

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  1. OMG!These shoes are more than amazing!Congrats for having them:)Wear them with a lot of joy :)
    xoxo Vesi

  2. Wow~! Jeffrey Campbell is so expensive :((. I envy because u can afford it.

    1. i only bought them since they were half price lol

  3. I'm not a big fan of Jeffrey Campbell shoes, but I'm really happy for you :3

  4. Your blog is very nice. Funny that I actually found it at Jeffrey Campbells facebook page xD

    I own one pair of beautiful Litas. Check them out here:
    My Jeffrey Campbells
    Hope you'll be as happy for your Campbells as I am c:

    /Rose C:


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