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Travel Safe with Tripsafe.io

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What is TripSafe?

TripSafe is the app travellers have been waiting for. It’s the first website or app that tailors coronavirus related travel information to your specific situation.

Travel will never be as easy as it was before coronavirus. Many countries impose changing travel restrictions and requirements. It’s all become so complicated!

TripSafe will tell you everywhere you can and can’t travel, as well as all the restrictions, based on your passport and recent travel history.

This app will help people to travel safely and confidently, now and in the future. It will help people travel while also stopping the spread.

How does TripSafe Work?

TripSafe is reliable and up-to-date because it uses crowdsourced information. Instead of relying on outdated government websites, TripSafe is updated by thousands of travellers – people like you, who know the situation where they are. It uses an algorithm to validate all the updates and asks community editors to confirm changes.

TripSafe will be completely free to use. And you can get the latest information in just two clicks.

When will TripSafe Launch?

TripSafe is a fully non-for-profit project started by a team of travel professionals based all around the world. It is financed by supporter donations.

In November TripSafe will go to Kickstarter for a 30-day funding campaign. If TripSafe receives funding the app will go live in January 2021. We need to create a big buzz before we launch on Kickstarter.

How can you help travellers stay safe?

TripSafe relies on the community. If you can help to grow the community we can create TripSafe – this amazing app will be an incredible resource for all travellers.

TripSafe will be successful if enough people know about it.

The best way you can help is to share TripSafe with your community and followers, encouraging them to also follow and share.

You can also encourage your followers to sign up for instant travel alerts and early access to the app.

Why is this important?

We are creating TripSafe for free. Did you know that tourism accounts for over 10% of global GDP and employs over 300 million people worldwide? The faster we can revive tourism the
more jobs we can save.

But…we are all fighting the same virus and we have to stop the spread. We also need to stop all the fear and misinformation. We need everyone to stay safe. And that’s what TripSafe is about. With an active community, we can make travel safe again, not just for ourselves, but for the hundreds of millions of people around the world who rely on travel.

Now for my two cents.

Some people will agree that we shouldn’t travel during the pandemic whilst some believe we should bring the travel industry back open again and go about our day. I personally know people who don’t dare fly out whilst some are still travelling out of the country for whatever the reason. I don’t have the mental capacity to judge anyone’s choices as I have my own important personal life matters to care for and deal with. Putting all politics aside, I do like the concept of this app and is something we need during this current climate. Why you might ask?

Before anyone starts voicing their opinions, we need to look at the bigger picture here. It’s going to be a while before any country will be fully open again and life returns to normality. I know everyone wants this pandemic to be over and are sick of it, including moi.

When the time comes for countries to start slowly opening up again, we still need to take precautions and adhere to the government’s guidelines. Tripsafe will help you save time when it comes to researching your next visit, whether you’re barred from entry, entry requirements, local/national guidelines, opening hours etc. The information and rules can change overnight and this app will help update you on the latest changes, confirmed by the local community there.

We don’t want to go to the airport only to find out we’re not allowed on board or even arriving at the destination only to be barred from entry during immigration now do we?

If their Kickstarter campaign goes well (fingers crossed it does), we can add Tripsafe to our must have apps in 2021.


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