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Getting Your Finances In Order For The New Year

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When it comes to life right now, it is fair to say that we have all been on what they call the “corona-coaster” at times. It has been a year of reflection and making the most of the things that perhaps we might have taken for granted in the past. However, there have also been some worries and fears, not just for our health, but also our finances. It isn’t easy to navigate the world right now if you are losing your job, working reduced hours, or struggling to make ends meet. But, while this may not hold the absolute solution, there are some things that you can do that might be able to help improve the situation or at least get you focused on the financial side of things. Enabling you to move forward into the new year feeling confident in some aspects of your life. With that in mind, here are some of the ways you can get your finances in order for the new year. 

Look at your outgoings

One of the first things that you should do would be to look at your outgoings and try and make some changes where possible. It isn’t always about getting rid of costs, sometimes it is about looking at ways you can reduce what you pay. Many people are loyal to providers for things like insurance and energy. But, that often means that you are not getting the best rate or deal when it comes to what you pay. Switching providers for many of your regular bills may seem daunting, however, many of these companies handle the change over the process for you. Make a note of your regular bills and look at what you can change or get at a better cost. It may free up some of your income. Another thing to do would be to check what leaves your account each month. A lot of people have debts for things like gym memberships they thought they had cancelled magazine subscriptions. Make sure you only pay for the things that you need or are using. 

Is debt a problem?

Debt can be a problem for many people, and so it may time to make it a focus instead of a hindrance. It isn’t uncommon to have debts on credit cards, loans, or overdrafts, however, if you are not repaying them as fast as you thought it could be time to come up with a plan. A loan can help you to get you into a situation where you have one monthly payment, one interest cost and also a fixed term. You can even loans without a guarantor if you are unsure about your credit score. If a loan isn’t the option then look at the debts you have and work out the ones that are costing you the most. Focus on paying more than a minimum payment on those debts. The quicker you get them paid off, the less cost there is to you. Plus you free up the money that would have been spent paying those payments. 

Making some extra money

Finally, making some extra cash could be a great way to improve your financial situation. You may have things in your home you no longer want or need. Perhaps selling them online could help you raise some funds for your savings or to help pay for Christmas. It could be that you want to use any spare time you have a little more wisely. Perhaps looking at online side hustles you can do like online surveys, for example. You could even turn a hobby into something that makes you money. There are plenty of options available and a quick look online could highlight some of the things you could try. 

Let’s hope these tips help you to get your finances in order in the new year. 


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