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10 Apps & Tips To Find Quality Vintage Fashion

© Ali Pazani / Pexels

Shopping vintage is a fantastic way to get yourself some beautifully unique garments and build yourself a more sustainable wardrobe. To get you started on your vintage fashion quest, check out these handy apps and tips for quality vintage fashion.

Apps for Shopping Vintage

Vestiaire Collective

The Vestiaire Collective app is a great place to shop for preloved and vintage items, including top-end brands such as Celine, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci. Thousands of specially curated bags, shoes, and dresses are added each day. Each item is checked for quality before it’s shipped out, ensuring that you get the perfect fashion piece every time. Can’t afford to pay for the item up front, you can choose to split the bill over several interest-free payments. Have a few preloved items that you’re looking to get rid of? All you have to do is take a photo and list a few details.


Heroine has plenty of designer vintage fashion, plus highly curated second-hand items. Here you can find vintage gems from brands like Maison Margiela, Balenciaga. Every vintage piece was taken directly from the closets of fashion-savvy people. Preloved certainly doesn’t have to mean low quality, all of these fashion items are high-quality, plus you’ll find some great prices. As well as gorgeous vintage fashion, you’ll find plenty of engaging content, including fashion based articles and weekly interviews with some of the most inspiring women in fashion.


Vinted is a fantastic place to find inexpensive and beautiful vintage and second-hand clothing. From high-street brands to unique independent labels, there’s so much choice on the Vinted app. Using the simple search tool, you can search using any type of keyword that you like, whether you’re looking for a ‘1950’s swing dress’ or ‘70’s platform shoes’. When you’re creating a vintage look, you’ll want to consider every aspect of your outfit from your belt to your glasses. For some beautiful retro women’s glasses, you’ll find a lovely range at


The Depop app is very popular amongst gen-Z and millennials in particular. For a huge range of unique vintage and second-hand clothing, Depop has got everything you need. You’ll find plenty of popular brands here, including Champion, Polo, Adidas, Off-White, and more. Whether you’re looking for vintage dresses, rare sneakers, or the perfect pair of preloved jeans, Depop has got plenty of gear to spice up your wardrobe!

Hardly Ever Worn It 

Using the ‘Hardly Ever Worn It’ app, users can shop for vintage and pre-owned luxury fashion. Here you’ll find all the high-end brands, including Burberry, Dior, and Chanel. In a discussion of HEWI, Vogue commented that ‘Unique treasures can be picked up for great prices while also maintaining their value.’ Many of us like the idea of luxury fashion, but can’t necessarily afford to pay luxury prices. With the HEWI, you can nab yourself some gorgeous designer lovelies at a fraction of the price. To improve your wardrobe fast, the HEWI app is the perfect tool.


ThredUp is an online thrift store where you can buy and sell lovely second-hand and vintage items. There are plenty of brands here, including Gap and Gucci. Thousands of new pieces are added each day. Using the ThredUp app, you can embrace sustainable fashion and create the guilt-free wardrobe of your dreams. Using the handy filters, you can search by size, style, sale percentages, and more. Selling your old items on ThredUp couldn’t be easier, the company will send you a bag to fill up, and you can ship it back for free. ThredUp takes care of the selling part and gives you the cash!

© Colis / Pexels

Tips for Shopping Vintage 

 Determine your measurements

Vintage clothing sizes can differ slightly from modern clothes, and so it’s easier if you know your measurements before you start shopping. If you don’t want to mess around with measuring yourself, you’ll just need to ensure that you try on every item to ensure the correct fit. When it comes to vintage clothes, it’s best to try on anyway, and with your online purchases, you will need to rely on your measurements.

Be patient

Shopping for vintage clothes requires a little patience; you might look through rail after rail finding nothing you like! It sometimes takes a little time to find those unique one-off gems, but when you do, it’s totally worth it! Vintage shopping isn’t for those occasions when you’re in a rush; it’s about taking your time, enjoying the experience. You might have an idea of what you are looking for, or be open to a fashion surprise! Either way, the experience of shopping vintage is all part of the fun.

Dare to haggle

Now, the rules are slightly different in vintage stores and markets compared with conventional stores. Haggling for vintage items is considered acceptable in these settings, so if you think you can get yourself a slightly better deal, don’t be afraid to go for it. It’s considered rude to offer too low a price, so don’t go too far below the asking price! With a little haggling, you could save yourself a bit of money to put toward some nice vintage accessories.

Buy fixer-uppers

Found a gorgeous vintage dress, but it doesn’t quite fit you? Why not invest in the dress anyway and have it altered? When you find something unique and one-off that you really love, it’s well worth making an alteration or two to make it perfect. Whether it’s a small hole, or stitching that’s not quite right, don’t be afraid to buy a ‘fixer-upper’ and improve it later. It’s not unusual for vintage items to need a little extra love!

Some vintage fashion lovers learn how to alter and fix up their own clothing items; this can be cheaper and help you to learn some new skills. Remember, always sell your unwanted fashion items; this will help you to create less waste and become more sustainable with your fashion habits.


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