Why I’ve Stopped Following Fashion Trends

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I used to be easily influenced by blogging and social media. Yes, I was one of those suckers. Once I see any fashion trends I had liked, I would jump straight onto the bandwagon just for for the blog, not me. Trying to fit into the community, to be socially accepted by the online world was something everyone in this area unconsciously does. In the end, it had resulted in losing oneself. Was I the only one who had felt, if you’re not following the trend, you’re not one of them? Queue in Mean Girls “So that’s against the rules and you can’t sit with us.”

“It’s for the blog.”
“Doing it for the blog.”

Blog this, blog that. The most overused excuse to spend just to blend in.

Over time, I’ve accumulated and hoarded so much crap to put it nicely. After being worn once, some even for 10 minutes, and to never be seen again, they end up getting sold, given to family, donated to charity or thrown out on my yearly clear outs. “What the heck was I thinking back then” runs through my mind, I tut and or facepalm in regret towards most pieces. Every. Damn. Time.

A Personal Growth

Packing my life into two suitcases to move across the globe was most likely my first step to changing my outlook on trends without even knowing myself. Only packing the necessities and simplifying life had made everything a lot easier but I still was paranoid, like something was missing. This paranoia had disappeared once I had settled down. Being out of touch as to what was trending in the West had a positive impact on me as an individual. Because of this, I didn’t care for the trends in the East.

Living in the moment, experiencing new cultures lead me to stop splurging on designer goodies in exchange for life experiences. I can still have a wishlist and dream though, right? And now, it’s to also stop following fashion trends overall. I’ve come to realise the reason lies not only in my change of direction but also the issues that come with fast fashion. Let’s throw in the age and wiser card in there too.

Trends allow us to find our own personal style and that’s a part of growing up. We try and decide for ourselves. Grow and develop our own fashion identity showcasing how we perceive what fashion is through personal style.

Trends Come and Go

There were many trends I absolutely adored (e.g. studded everything) and was completely lovestruck with but now, not so much. That’s the thing with trends. They come, win your heart, fuel your spending habit then ghost you. To which you completely forget about when the next thing arrives, but the old may possibly poke its nose back into your life years later. And repeat. I need to stop watching TV dramas about love and relationships. Never in my life would I have ever thought I would make an analogy like this! To be honest, not sure if it made any sense.

So many blogging trends, but in reality, how many actually make it onto the streets? How many people have you seen and walked past wearing them? I’m trying to recall and from my eyes, not many. The percentage decreases the further away you are from a city. Unless you’re in the fashion industry, a big lover of fashion or fashion conscious, trends are probably the last thing on your mind. It’s actually tiring and a chore to keep up.

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The Problem with Fast Fashion

One of the consequences of trends is fast fashion. Once the trend has faded, items we’ve purchased, the leftover stock gets disposed and thrown out. The idea to mass-produce items for our thirst and gratification does have a negative impact on both the workers and our planet. The need to replicate the catwalk and transfer it to shop as fast as possible also means a factor will need to be sacrificed – quality. Lower quality means cheaper prices; happy wallet, happy customers. Watching programmes such as Breaking Fashion and Inside Missguided was an eye-opener, revealing how fast fashion works and the culture that revolves around it.

I’ve become a lot more conscious as to what and where I buy my clothes. Now that I know what my personal style is, what works and what doesn’t, my likes and dislikes, I am more informed in my choices, opting for a more sustainable lifestyle.
Paying that little bit extra for quality, quality over quantity any day.
Only buy what I actually need, not what I want.
Buy pieces I will wear for years to come.

YOU, Not Others

Honestly, I’m still wearing that Zara skort from 2013. I love it and will continue to wear it until it’s fallen apart. They are still in excellent condition, so why throw it away?

Do others really care you’re wearing something the previous season/year? The majority probably wouldn’t notice or even give one hoot. I wasn’t judged, questioned as to why I was still wearing that skort nor condemned for it. Just be grateful I was wearing something.

Remember, you dress for you, not for others. If it makes you feel confident and good about yourself, then you do you. I’ve always disliked the dress to impress others mindset many have. I wish we lived in a world where we wouldn’t be judged for what we wear but unfortunately, that will never be the case. Want to stand out? Go ahead. Want to blend in? Be my guest.

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