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Clever Ways To Make Your Bedroom Feel Like A Luxury Hotel

Taryn Elliot© / Pexels

Everyone loves staying in a luxurious hotel. There’s a lot to love about good quality sheets, fluffy robes, and a bed piled high with cushions. Sadly, the luxury hotel experience doesn’t come cheap, so for many of us, it’s rare to get the chance to enjoy it. Unless, of course, you recreate the luxury hotel at home. Whether you’ve recently moved somewhere new or are redecorating your old room, here’s how to make your bedroom feel like a luxury hotel. 

Dress The Bed

The bed is the best bit of staying in a great hotel. Hotel beds are usually huge and very comfortable, with a great mattress and lots of pillows. If you can afford to, you can invest in a quality mattress and goose-down pillows, but if you’re on a tighter budget, there are still some touches that you can add. Take inspiration from hotel suppliers like Richard Haworth, and add touches of luxury with bedding, throws, and cushions. 

Choose white bedding. White is always in style and complements any style. Look for white bedding in different textures to add interest. Layer up your bed with throws and cushions, all in varying tones of the same colour to create a soothing, luxurious feeling. 

Create Ambient Lighting

Hotel rooms are all about the atmosphere. You’ll never arrive in a luxury hotel and find one, sad pendant ceiling light. Instead, hotel lighting is soft, ambient, and romantic. To recreate this at home, you will need lights at varying heights. Mix in wall lights, table lamps, and floor lamps. Choose lamps with shades, as they softly diffuse light. If you have more budget to work with, you can use LED lights to highlight shelving or other features in the room. 

Choose A Relaxing Colour Scheme

For a hotel feel, go neutral or go dark. Neutrals make an atmosphere that is soft and relaxing. They’re also easy to live with and look grown-up and elegant. Dark colours are cosy and intimate. If you want darks, go for greens and blues. For neutrals, look at sand and stone. Stay away from yellow, orange, and red, which are colours that agitate and stimulate. Stay with colours that make you feel calm. 

Consider Carpets and Curtains

Hardwood flooring can be very beautiful, but for that luxury hotel feeling, you really need carpet. Your flooring choice has a big impact on the overall atmosphere of the room. Deep carpet creates a sense of stillness and calm. If you really want hardwood floors, then add the biggest rug that you can afford, to get the effect without covering the hard floor. 

For window dressing, choose curtains instead of blinds or shutters. Opt for the heaviest and most luxe-feeling fabric that you can afford. 

Taryn Elliot© / Pexels

Choose Free-Standing, Unique Furniture

Freestanding furniture always feels more boutique. Fitted is a good way to make use of space, but it can feel boxy and boring. If you can, choose pieces that work well together, but aren’t too matchy. This feels more bespoke and elegant. It’s okay to match your bedside cabinets together, but try and buy a wardrobe and chest of drawers that are similar but not identical. This can be tough to get right but look for pieces with a common element, like the material the furniture is made of, similar shapes, or the time period your furniture come from. 

Get Symmetrical

Use symmetry when you’re arranging your furniture and styling accessories. Symmetry makes things feel formal and balanced, which is ideal for the chic, hotel vibe. 

Add Chairs and Ottomans

If you have a larger bedroom, then there are some classic pieces of hotel furniture that you can add to help you hotel theme along. Chairs and ottomans are often found in hotel rooms. They’re great for putting your clothes on, or for sitting on when you taking shoes on and off, so you don’t have to disturb your carefully styled bed. Buy these items in luxurious fabrics, such as linen or velvet. 

Hide The TV

If you can live without, don’t have a TV at all. If you do want a TV, try to avoid making a feature of it. Try instead to conceal the TV away in a cabinet, so you can hide it away when you’re not using it. If you can’t hide it totally, make it discreet with a beautiful TV cabinet, and painting the cabinet behind the TV the same colour as your wall. Box in your wiring, at the very least, so you don’t have the wires trailing everywhere. 

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