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22 Aug 2020Health·健康

Self-Care Tips That Can Ease The Strain On Your Mental Health

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Like many others, your mental health might have taken a battering this year. It’s been tough for everyone, with some having it far worse than others. Now’s the time to really start the conversation about mental health and keep it in the spotlight. You need to know that feeling down and depressed are normal emotions and typical reactions to certain situations. Likewise, you have to be aware that you can ease the strain on your mental health without suffering in silence. 

Before we dive into this post, I want to make it clear that talking about your problems is the best thing to do. Sometimes, opening up to another human being is all it takes to feel a great weight lifted from your shoulders. Don’t be afraid to speak to friends or family about your situation. If you’re worried about how they’ll react, think about it from a different perspective. Nobody who actually cares about you will react in any way other than providing 100% support. If you open up and someone doesn’t care or plays down your feelings, it’s a sign you should cut them out. 

So, talking about your problems is one thing you can do. Still, there are other self-care tips you can implement that will also ease the strain on your mental health:

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Exercise regularly

Physical exercises will help you unload a lot of mental and physical tension from your body. When you exercise, you release all sorts of hormones that improve your mood. The long-term effects of exercise are also very beneficial for your mental wellbeing. My advice is to get into a routine where you workout at a set time every day – or at least three days of the week. I wrote a post on the best fitness channels on YouTube, which I highly recommend you read. Following a fitness channel can provide you with workouts and give some added inspiration to keep up the good work. Try to stay fit as it will temporarily clear your mind whenever you exercise, and lead to long-term health benefits. 

Do a big home clearout

Suffering from mental health issues can feel like you have lots of clutter in your mind that keeps on building up. Typically, this manifests itself as clutter in your real life. It’s very easy to lose the motivation to look after yourself and your home. Therefore, one way to give yourself a mental release is by clearing out your home. This is a physical exercise that has mental significance. By clearing out your home, you’re almost clearing out your mind at the same time. Look for a skip bin service, then dump out all your clutter and free your home. Afterwards, you will sit in a clean and tidy home that makes you feel more relaxed and free. Taking on a project like this will also occupy your mind and keep some negative thoughts away for a time. 

Learn something new

Take up a hobby or further your education by learning something new. A great example of this is learning how to play an instrument. If you’re still stuck inside and have a lot of time on your hands, this is a fantastic thing to do. Learning an instrument requires lots of focus and attention. As a result, you don’t have time to think about everything that is troubling you. Even when you’re not practising, your mind wanders to the instrument as you go over little problems in your head. The same goes for learning a new skill or studying something. A lot of companies are providing free online courses that you can use to learn about various topics. Not only can this help further your career, but the studying can ease your mental burden by providing something to focus on. 

Read a book

I’ve found that reading can really unload a lot of your mental tension and take your mind of things that trouble you. Reading is highly addictive and you will soon spend hours a day engrossed in a good book. It’s like watching Netflix but far more mentally rewarding. You have to focus when you read, and you’re transported into different worlds. That’s why I think fiction books are amazing as you can almost escape from your reality and go somewhere else for a time! Of course, lots of self-care books exist that are also worth reading. When you’re feeling down, pick up a book and you will instantly feel a lot better. 

Remember, you will never deal with your mental health issues unless you meet them head-on and talk about them. If you’re looking for simple ways to ease the strain on your mental well-being, these tips will definitely help you out. 

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