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Back to School & Feeling the Burn: The Best Workouts For Teens At School

© Retha Ferguson / Pexels

The summer holidays are drawing to a close. Many teens all over the country are facing the prospect of going back to school for the first time in what feels like forever. And while teens everywhere will likely have mixed feelings about going to school, the apprehension will be tempered with happy anticipation. After all, going back to school means interacting with friends and favourite teachers again. It means being part of a social group in real life and not just on social media. It means things returning to a sense of normality. While the return of schools is certainly controversial, there’s also a lot to look forward to. Especially when you consider how stifling the home environment may be to teens who want to stretch their wings. 

What’s more, the lockdown may have been a period of inactivity for many teens who are itching for an opportunity to get up and get active once more. Working out to YouTube videos in their rooms may be a fun way for some to workout. But many will want to re-engage with sports or work out in the open air. If you or your teenaged son or daughter is hoping to lose weight, boost their fitness or simply get more active in September, these are some of the best workouts that you’ll get in school…


Boys and girls alike can get a great workout from football even if they have no real passion for the “beautiful game”. An hour spent on the football pitch can burn up to 311 calories, and can build ensurance and lean muscle mass as well as cardiovascular fitness. It can also help to improve muscle coordination, balance and teamwork skills. 


Schools tend to frown upon allowing students to punch one another. However, some schools also recognise that boxing is a fantastic workout for boys and girls, even if most of your work is done on the bag or speedball rather than sparring with peers. A good boxing workout engages the arms, legs and core, and can burn between 350 and 500 calories per hour.

© Ashley Williams / Pexels


While many consider cheerleading to be a uniquely American sport, it has grown increasingly popular in British schools over the past few decades. If your school doesn’t have a cheer squad, maybe you should try and coax the budget for some Cheer Uniforms out of the school and form your own. Contrary to popular belief, it’s a great sport for girls and boys and combines elements of dance, gymnastics and aerobics for an awesome workout that burns between 350 and 600 calories an hour. 


Okay, so most schools don’t have their own pools. However, many are within easy reach of a local leisure centre, so it’s definitely stopping by on the way home when you can. A swim is a great workout for the whole body. Depending on the stroke you choose you can workout your legs, chest, arms, back and shoulders all at the same time. And all while burning up to 590 calories an hour.

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