My Honest Daily Lockdown Routine

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09:30 – Naturally wake up then fall back asleep.
11:30 – Wake up again.
11:50 – Get out of bed and perform 100 jumping jacks.


12:00 – Teeth and skin care routine.
12:30 – Grocery shop if necessary or start cooking lunch.
14:00 – Can finally eat.
15:30 – Bake, nap, binge watch if not exercising.
16:30 – Exercise for a total of 2 hours unless it’s a rest day, then the above still applies.
18:30 – Lie on the floor exhausted and not wanting to get up. Subjected to the above.


19:00 – Study.
20:00 – Tune into Great British Menu then any films on TV.
23:00 – Yoga session.
23:55 – Dry body brushing.
00:00 – Shower, teeth and skincare routine.
01:00 – Hop into bed.
01:05 – Daily brain training game.
01:20 – Roll around in bed, get distracted and somehow, time flies.
05:30 – 07:30 – Fall asleep some time in between.

Throughout the Day

Blog related tasks
Work on random projects
Binge watch TV series, films, YouTube
Check Twitter
Talk to family and friends
Many, many tea breaks
Read blogs, books
Google random things
Catch up on the news

And repeat.

It’s been over a month of lockdown now, today is day n. Can I assume people have some sort of routine by now? Adapting to something that is out of our control and out of the blue can be frustrating, especially at the very beginning. It also can bring out the unpleasant side of us. We’ve had to learn to establish and incorporate the new in with the old which of course, takes time. We need to learn to approach it with a different mind frame.

I thought I’d share my honest, no thrills lockdown routine. I wouldn’t say my routine has changed dramatically, just less outdoor, travel and social time. The latter reminds me of that funny social, sleep, study/work Venn diagram.

It definitely isn’t one of the healthiest routines, especially with my horrendous sleep schedule. I’ve had insomnia for quite some time now, even way before the lockdown was initiated. I honestly have no idea how I am surviving during the days but I guess my body has become so accustomed to the lack of sleep that I don’t feel extremely exhausted. It’s become the new norm now yet negatively affects my state of mind though. Let’s not talk about my dark circles.

And oh yes, my eating habits. My one meal a day habit stems from an ugly history which is a story for another time. I already have a blog post on draft.

Does your lockdown routine dramatically differ from your normal routine?


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