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printsfield sushi cat personalised socks

I have received this product from PrintsField for review purposes but all thoughts are my own. Doesn’t contain affiliate links.

How hilarious are these socks? Combining two of my loves together into one had resulted in this and me crying with laughter. Oh yes, I’ve turned into a crazy cat lady, something I’ve never in a million years imagined myself becoming. You are welcome to check my browsing and YouTube history. There’s no shame whatsoever.

When you’re in a long distance relationship with your pet, why not create your own personalised items with their face? It’s exactly what I had done. Once these had arrived from PrintsField, my face instantly lit up being able to see and wear Bao’s two distinctive facial expressions. It can definitely brighten up my days with ease.

printsfield sushi cat personalised socks
printsfield sushi cat personalised socks

When it comes to the product personalisation, you’re spoilt for choice in terms of design and colour combinations. Below are the original photos I had uploaded to my order ready to be printed. Once the order is submitted, the designer will then carefully crop the head out and the rest is history. You can have a maximum of three different faces per item, with the first face free whilst there are additional costs for more. The whole process was easy. I had opted for two, a dissatisfied, stinky expression and an innocent, cutesy look. The former is his everyday expression, even via Facetime. I wasn’t sure whether he was impressed or not, knowing his face was on my feet. Flattery or insulting, you decide.

If looks could kill

The faces translated well from photo to socks. From submitting the order to production to delivery, it took 13 days altogether. The material is more robust than your standard cotton socks so I don’t have to worry about poking a hole with my big toe any time soon.

If you’re stuck for ideas on what to get someone and don’t want to buy the typical high street products, personalised items from any of PrintsField’s collections is a marvellous gift suited for any occasion. Just add your own face, loved ones, celebrity crush, pets, animals, film/tv characters, cartoon characters, game characters, toy, whatever you can think of. It’s highly unlikely someone will have the exact same design and will unquestionably put a smile on someone else’s face. If like me, they’ll be having a laughing fit too.

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