The Comfortable Loungewear For Those Stay at Home Days

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Hair up in a bun, no makeup and comfortable loungewear, is just perfection. You will never catch me lounging around at home in leggings, never mind jeans. I want to be able to feel free, let it all hang out, feel the breeze between my skin and the fabric. Thus any body hugging clothing is a big no-no for me, excluding bralets for reasons everyone should know why. Loose, oversized everything screams me, screams cosiness. I could hug myself. Also, dancing or even twirling with excess fabric is a great feeling, does anyone understand this feeling?


Frumpy, sloppy, whatever word you would associate with joggers, it doesn’t really have a good reputation outside the house. For many years, joggers were considered a sin, unacceptable to wear them outside unless you’re heading to the gym, running outside or heading to the airport etc due to the negative stigma it’s brought along. Defying that stigma, it’s a failsafe item everyone needs to have at home. Joggers are the one item I look forward to changing into when I get back home.


On the contrary, this is probably the only item I can’t wear loose nor oversized. I can’t walk about the house braless unless I’m wearing a hoodie or a top. Walking around topless isn’t me but whatever floats your boat, I’m not judging. When I think of home, I don’t think of wired bras but instead, unconstricted comes straight to mind. Doesn’t everyone enjoy the feeling of removing your wired bra once you step one foot back home? The “ahhhhh” right after knowing you’re free.


As the hours go by and the temperature drops, I will need something to keep me warm. Or something to pop on if I’m heading out to the shops. I’m a big fan of the oversized feel of hoodies and tend to go up a few sizes or even purchase from the men’s section. As soon as you put on a hoodie, you can instantly feel the warmth and comfort. It’s like you’re being pampered. Plus, the ability to hide any bloating or food baby with ease just soothes my mind.


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