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3 Important Life Lessons Everyone Needs to Know

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Our mind can be preoccupied with many unnecessary worries which can present you with difficulties, making each passing day a little less enjoyable. Once you’ve grasped on what’s important and what isn’t, you’ll be living a lot easier. Thinking back to my younger self’s mind, I had many worries and ideals mounting up, plus it was hard to let them go until I’ve encountered some drama in my life. I wish I had known that they were not so damn important back then, but it’s never too late to realise it later in life. It all comes from going through many difficult experiences. It’s how we grow as a person. Here are the three important life lessons I have learnt and believe everyone needs to know and should prioritise.

Not Everyone is Going to Like You

This is probably the first lesson I’ve learnt whilst in high school. You could be the nicest, loveliest person out there but there will be someone who isn’t your biggest fan for reasons unknown. If you’re a people pleaser, hearing this is probably a hard pill to swallow. Upon hearing this, your pride takes over meaning you’ll try even hard to change their mind about you, trying to fit in and to constantly live up to their standards and expectations. It gives off the desperate, trying too hard vibe and can make others dislike you even further. Changing yourself for others whilst losing yourself at the same time, is it really worth the effort of getting everyone’s approval? Let’s be real, there must be someone you dislike. If there’s no one, you’re lying.

Respect other peoples’ values, distance yourself from those who dislike you and appreciate those who like you.

No Need to Explain Yourself

I’ve learnt this through experience. I’ve always been the type of person who needs to get my side of the story across, with no bullsh*t involved. A friend had once told me that I shouldn’t have the need to explain myself. Those who understand me will know the truth by staying silent whilst the other is constantly bad-mouthing and throwing verbal abuse. This shows their true character. The truth will eventually unfold and you’ll find out who your real friends are. Rather than wasting another single breath, step away, block it out and carry on living your life.

Those who understand you, you don’t need to explain. Those who don’t understand you, why explain.

Stop Caring About What Others Think

It’s not easy to not care about what others think of you. You can say this one of those easier said than done type of advice. We can waste many hours and energy each day thinking about what others think of us. All of those worries can consume each one of us, self-doubting oneself but it’s time to take back control and set yourself free. It did take me ages to overcome this especially with the difficulties I was facing at the time. Once I became more thick-skinned and had excluded the negative opinions, that’s when life had gotten a lot better for me. My mental health has improved for the better. The downfall is that I have a built a wall around me, an extremely hard one to crack and knockdown. Nothing is easy, nothing comes easy and not everyone is mentally strong.

Out of the three important life lessons, I would consider this as being the most important one and should be at the top of everyone’s life tasks. I am a stern believer in once you stop caring about other’s opinion of you, life is a lot more tolerable and you can start living.

Are there any other important life lessons you believe everyone should be familiar with?

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Really great blog post! I totally agree with all 3 lessons, especially the second one. Very insightful! 🙂

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