Reasons to Try Something New

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Whilst at the gym, I had come up with an idea on how I can strengthen my standing splits just by seeing what was around me. It did help me come up with a new blog post idea, reasons to try something new. Got to love it when inspiration just comes whilst in the midst of an exercise. So here it goes.

It doesn’t always have to be outside your comfort zone

People may think that in order to try something new, you must step out of your comfort zone, thus demotivating them and it ultimately becomes an excuse. Not going to lie, it is terrifying. But in fact, you don’t need to step out. Everyone’s personality is different, the way of living is different, also everyone will have a limit as to how much they can push themselves. To me, it could be as simple as learning to cook a new dish, learning a new language, take a fitness/dance class. If you’re not ready to push past your limit, then don’t. Take small steps at a time and reach those small milestones. No need to dive straight into the deep end if you’re not comfortable. Taking that first step is all that matters.

You don’t want to live with regrets

“Will I regret doing this?”
“I regret not trying it out earlier.”
These feelings sound too familiar, right? Regardless of the outcome, you shouldn’t have any regrets in actually trying it. Even if it isn’t for you or it turned out to be utter shambles, you should be proud of actually putting your mind to it and doing it. You wouldn’t know what the outcome would have been if you didn’t try. In the end, there’s an even split of chances of each outcome. But of course, our mind will be biased and automatically increase the probability of the negatives. Everyone needs to remember that nothing goes smoothly on the first try.

You learn more about yourself

No one knows yourself better than you know you, however, you never stop learning. This could be as basic as finding new hobbies, to something on a deeper level like realising something you never knew about yourself. You could end up thinking “Oh where has this been all my life”. The more you learn, the more you develop yourself as a person. I think us as humans, are constantly learning, growing and adapting to the new changes, big or small.

Gain a new perspective

At times, we all do have a certain judgement and bias on something and it is stubborn to change. This is all from what we have read, seen pictures and videos or just by word of mouth. It doesn’t paint the full picture. When we think we “know it all” just from self-experience, we sort of refuse to try something anything new, believing that this one way is the only way that best suits us.

A closed mind stops us from experiencing something that potentially benefits us. Letting go of this ego will allow us to become more open-minded, allow new ideas and perspectives to flow and come our way. Otherwise, how are we meant to understand something with a closed mind? Once we see things with our own eyes, hear things with our own ears, our stubborn mindset changes.

Meet new people

You’ll meet new and interesting people along the way. You can gain new friends for life, find networking opportunities, a potential life partner may come your way etc. Once you start chatting away, you’ll find that these people will have their own stories to tell and it all starts from that first “Hey.” You’ll realise you’re not the only one doing this.

It teaches you many lessons

Throwing yourself into new scenarios teaches you many, many lessons at every step along the journey. Other than the points mentioned above, it also teaches you:
What courage is,
How to overcome challenges and failure,
Curiosity is good,
Patience is a virtue,
You’re not the only one who is going through this,
Age is just a number,
You are in control of your life,
You are capable of more than you think,
Opens you to more opportunities,
and many, many more.

Do not wait for the next Monday, month or new year to challenge yourself. Start as soon as possible and you’ll realise you’re growing in ways you have never imagined was possible. Embrace the positive changes.


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