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Still Relevant?

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Do people still read blogs nowadays?

You can say I’ve taken a long hiatus from blogging or rather, just enjoying my time in China. You can throw in a loss of interest and motivation to blog into the mix as well. Instead of it being a hobby, it had wistfully became a daunting, forced task, hence, the whole blogging shenanigan was brushed under the carpet for it to never be seen nor touched for quite some time. Yet I was still checking my blog once a week or so, figuring out whether to completely abandon and call it quits.

Interests change, priorities change, we all change.

I’ve suddenly had a spark to write something here and am typing this on my phone at 3.30am as we speak. It probably won’t be published until later during the day.

Do I want to get back into blogging? Actually, yes. I’ve forgotten how therapeutic it is the write down my thoughts regardless of what time it is. Rather than deciding where to take this new blog spark towards a certain direction or a specialised niche(s), I’m going to post what I feel is me whilst continuing to ignore the numbers game society has plagued upon us.

If you are still reading this or should I say my blog overall, I applaud and thank you.

Hopefully, this will allow me to find what I had once loved back again. Let’s not say this is a new start, but rather, finding oneself.

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2 responses to “Still Relevant?”

  1. Jemma says:

    Yay – glad to see you back!

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