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31.01.2019  Travel·旅游

3 Straightforward Tips for Looking Your Best When Travelling Light

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Getting away from home once in a while and travelling to exciting new locales is a great way of keeping a spark of adventure in your life, and of keeping life interesting overall.

Of course, it should go without saying, that everyone wants to look their best when they’re out on the open road, just the same as when they are attending some special event or occasion closer to home.

But what if you are travelling light and visiting some brilliant corner of the world with nothing but a small bag to keep you company? Is it still possible to look your best under these circumstances?

Sure it is. Here are some straightforward tips for looking your best when travelling light.

Load up on the accessories
When all is said and done, accessories may as well be your best friend when you’re out on the open road and don’t have a lot of storage space at hand.

It only takes a couple of necklaces, or a nose ring, or a couple of attention-grabbing bracelets, to completely overhaul your entire look and turn heads in the best way possible.

And the thing is, accessories are obviously a lot more compact and easier to transport than bulky dresses, half a dozen pairs of shoes, and or your entire 36 piece make-up palette.

Whatever the specific accessories are that you find most appealing, and that you prefer, take a few of them along with you on your travels. Of course, though, pay attention to your environment and try not to display your flashy jewellery in a bad part of town.

Focus on getting enough sleep on the road
Everyone understands that sleep is important, right? Recent research has shown that failing to get a good night’s sleep, even just for a couple of nights in a row, can lead to some pretty severe and devastating medical consequences.

The sleep scientist Matthew Walker has had a lot to say on that topic recently in his best selling book Why We Sleep. Among other things, a lack of sleep will put you in a pre-diabetic state and will also cause you to suffer many hormonal imbalances, among other things.

But getting enough sleep is also extremely important when it comes to your looks. The saying “beauty sleep” doesn’t exist for no reason.

Failing to get enough sleep, and your skin will lose its natural glow, and you will just look pretty sickly overall. So, do whatever you can while on the road to get enough sleep. That might be easier said than done, but it’s really worth making the effort anyway.

Pack versatile outfits that can be used in different contexts
In all likelihood, you’re going to want to do various different activites on your vacation.

You might, for example, wants to go out on the town for some fine dining. Then, the next day, you might want to head out into the countryside for some hiking. The day after that, you might want to head down to the beach.

You’re unlikely to manage to pack every possible outfit you could want for each different occasion. So instead, focus on packing some attractive and versatile outfits that can be used in different contexts.

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