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Dalian, China

dalian Liaoning seaside sunset coast grand theatre


First stop on my Liaoning province tour was Dalian. The first thing that had attracted me to visit here was that it was a coastal city, reminding me of home.

I was reading up on the history of Dalian and I’ve learnt that it was once under the Russian and one under Japanese rule. You can actually see this influence through their architecture around the city. To be honest, it had felt like a breath of fresh air due to not seeing the same old city buildings constantly in addition to being able to see and feel its history around me.

One thing that I had stumbled upon whilst walking along Binhai Road was a castle, which turns out to be a hotel (fourth picture below). After a quick Google, it’s called “The Castle Hotel”, so imaginative. I’ve heard that when it lights up at night, it’s absolutely stunning but I didn’t get the chance to see it for myself. Such a shame. Google images will have to do. The interior is utterly stunning too.

dalian liaoning xinghai square

dalian liaoning buildings architecture

dalian liaoning beach xinhai square

dalian liaoning castle hotel binhai road lu

dalian liaoning binhai road lu city

dalian liaoning binhai road lu city

dalian liaoning labor park

dalian liaoning football sculpture labor park

dalian liaoning friendship square day

dalian liaoning friendship square night

dalian liaoning xinhai square shell museum

dalian liaoning grand theatre night

dalian Liaoning seaside sunset coast grand theatre

dalian liaoning building architecture russian influence

dalian liaoning when life comes to life

Places featured in this post
Xinghai Square (星海广场)
Binhai Road (滨海路)
Labor Park (劳动公园)
Friendship Square (友好广场)
Dalian Shell Museum (大连贝壳博物馆)
Donggang Music Fountain Square (东港音乐喷泉广场)

Other places I’ve visited
Zhongshan Square (中山广场)
Renmin Square (人民广场)
Xinghai Park (星海公园)

Places I didn’t get the chance to visit
Lvshun District (旅顺口区)
Bingyu Valley Scenic Area (冰峪沟风景区)
Jinshitan Scenic Area (金石滩风景区)
Bangchuidao Scenic Area (棒槌岛风景区)
Venice (威尼斯水城)

and many more…


20 responses to “Dalian”

  1. Alyssa says:

    omg that castle on the hill looks like something out of Germany! So gorgeous, even in the rain!

  2. joy says:

    wow. your 2nd photo is gorgeous! should be entered in photo contest.

    JOY at http://www.thejoyousliving.com

  3. Wow, amazing photos! I hope to visit there one day!

  4. Chad says:

    I’ve never been to Dalian, it seems very very interesting and gorgeous. On that note, your photos are stunning! Thanks a lot for sharing.


  5. Amazing photos…. a virtual trip indeed. The place itself seems to be calling out to everyone. <3

  6. Shoma says:

    I went here a few years ago and it’s such a breathtaking city! I hope to visit again someday!

  7. Wow I love these photos! What a stunning city.

  8. Jeannette says:

    I love that you can see the influence of both Russia and Japan! It looks so special, even magical.

  9. Ana Ojha says:

    I had no idea that Dalian is such a beautiful destination. Your pictures speak for itself how splendid it is!

  10. MAYSZ says:

    Awesome photos! This is one of my bucketlist. Love this city!

  11. Christa says:

    The architecture is so varied and interesting. These pictures don’t look like they were taken in the same cut! So pretty.

  12. Diana Tidswell says:

    Great shots, breathtaking view. I would love to stay in such place. You captured everything perfectly.

  13. Fibi Tong says:

    Cool place! wish i go there one day! what a nice photo

  14. Lexi says:

    I love how the architecture of the city reflects its history. The buildings are so beautiful! What type of camera do you use? Your pictures, especially the first sunset, are stunning!!

  15. Nicole Escat says:

    The architects or engineering was so great, can’t imagine earth without engineers and architect. Love these wonderful photos.

  16. Natasha says:

    Coastal cities are always so amazing. There is always so many things going on, but it doesn’t matter which way you look, everywhere looks so beautiful!

  17. Beautiful pictures, the castle looks amazing.

  18. Maria says:

    Wow, amazing photos! I hope to visit there one day! i like your 13th picture. Amazing photography.

  19. Superb and Really Enjoy it while reading Thanks For Sharing Such a Helpful Post, Keep it up and Share Your Next blog with us soon.

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