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Nanjing – Part 2

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Nanjing, China

The Memorial of the Nanjing Massacre


Here’s part 2!

Let’s say, it was emotional. I had spent a good 3-4 hours at the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall. Before visiting, I had a basic understanding of this horrific event during WWII but going there, I had learnt so much. I had taken my time to read everything as history is something I find fascinating. I would recommend visiting here if you do ever visit Nanjing and it is definitely not suitable for children. There was one quote I had read and totally agree with: “Remember the history, but not with hatred”. I remember reading something in the museum that stated that it was to not evoke or prolong hatred, but to live in friendship and make joint efforts for the peace of humanity. A big yes to this.

I had wanted to go to the main peak of the Purple Mountain, Toutuo Ridge Scenic Area, via cable car but by the time I had go to the cable station, it was closing. I thought that it was open all day but clearly not. If I remember, it closes at around 4-4.30pm, can’t remember the exact time. There was the option of hiking it up, however that day I had already hiked a lot.

This post concludes my Nanjing trip. You can read part 1 here.

The Memorial of the Nanjing Massacre

The Memorial of the Nanjing Massacre

The Memorial of the Nanjing Massacre

The Memorial of the Nanjing Massacre

The Memorial of the Nanjing Massacre quote

Nanjing Dongmen Jie

Nanjing Dongmen Jie

Nanjing architecture

nanjing Purple Mountain Sun Yat sen Mausoleum

nanjing Purple Mountain Sun Yat sen Mausoleum

Places featured in this post
The Memorial of the Nanjing Massacre (南京大屠杀遇难同胞纪念馆)
Lao Men Dong (老门东)
Dr Sun Yat-Sen Mausoleum (中山陵)
Purple Mountain (紫金山)

Other places I’ve visited
Fashion Lady (时尚莱迪)
Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum (明孝陵)
City Wall (南京城墙)
Zhonghua Gate (中华门)
Jiming Temple (鸡鸣寺)
Xuanwu Lake (玄武湖)
Xinjiekou (新街口)
Confucian Temple Area, Fuzimiao (夫子廟)
Qinhuai River (秦淮河)

Places I didn’t get the chance to visit
Toutuo Ridge Scenic Area (头陀岭景区)
Zifeng Tower Observatory (紫峰大廈)
Presidential Palace (总统府)
Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge (南京长江大桥)
Gaochun Old Street (高淳老街)
Zhan Garden (瞻园)
Qixia Mountain (栖霞山)
Yuejiang Tower (阅江楼)

and many more…


11 responses to “Nanjing – Part 2”

  1. Oh my goodness what some absolutely beautiful photographs. It looks like Nanking is an amazing place to get to go and explore!

  2. That’s a shame that you missed the cable car to go up, you’ll need to make another trip there now x

  3. Jenni says:

    Fantastic photographs, I love reading posts like this and see somebody exploring areas I probably will never

  4. I one day hope to be able to do a tour of Asia but I’ve no idea on the places to visit this seems like a beautiful place and also with it having such historical ties somewhere that we would enjoy. I love that saying also.

  5. Laura Dove says:

    Wow what amazing photos! I would absolutely love to visit but it won’t be for a long while yet. The cable cars would have been great but next time they will be even better!

  6. You have taken some really lovely photos on your trip. These all look like great places to visit and learn a little about the history.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    I confess, I am woefully ignorant of what happened here. I have to go research it now to find out!

  8. Nicola Lawson says:

    Your photos a beautiful, it looks like an amazing trip.

  9. Kara says:

    What an amazing place to explore, what a great trip

  10. Rachael says:

    Amazing photography, Nanjing sounds like such an interesting place to visit. That quote is so beautiful and I will try to remember it; I think a lot of people in today’s society need to hear it!

  11. Shame you missed that cable car – but what a beautifully haunting memorial. Good work on doing the research prior to the trip too, that’s something I always end up neglecting until the last minute when I’m on a train/plane/bus and frantically reading a guide book! x

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