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15.05.2018  China·中国


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Suzhou, China

suzhou pingjiang road


Considering I was in Shanghai from 7 days, I thought I would go to Suzhou for a day trip as it was around 30 mins east of Shanghai on the high speed trains. Suzhou is known to have many classical and elegant gardens, nine to be exact. It is dubbed as China’s Venice of the East and I can see why. Here’s an interesting fact, 42% of the city is covered by water.

Considering I was only here for a day, I did get squeeze a good amount of the scenic spots without feeling too rushed, yet a day wasn’t enough. Visiting Suzhou Museum was on my list however it’s sadly closed on Mondays thus I didn’t get to see it’s wonderful architecture.

In the end, I would suggest two or three days here as there was an ancient water town I would love to have spent a day at called Tongli (同里古镇), as well as other scenic spots I didn’t get the chance to see. I definitely need to make the trip to Suzhou again but not on a Monday next time nor in the winter.

suzhou humble administrator garden

suzhou master of nets garden

suzhou pingjiang road

suzhou pingjiang road

suzhou pingjiang road

suzhou pingjiang road

suzhou pingjiang road

suzhou pingjiang road

suzhou shantang street

suzhou shantang street

Places featured in this post
Humble Administrator’s Garden (拙政园)
The Master of Nets Garden (网师园)
Pingjiang Road (平江路)
Shantang Street (山塘街)

Other places I’ve visited
Guanqian Street (观前街)

Places I didn’t get the chance to visit
Suzhou Museum (苏州博物馆)
Lingering Garden (留园)
Tiger Hill (虎丘)
Lion Grove Garden (狮子林)
Jinji Lake (金鸡湖)
Tongli Ancient Town (同里古镇)

And many more…

9 responses to “Suzhou”

  1. Sarah Bailey says:

    Oh my goodness what an amazing looking place to go and visit. I am loving the husky cakes are they? Just amazing.

  2. Kelly says:

    Great photos and such a lovely place to visit.

  3. Wow the snow looks absolutely stunning there, it’s good that you managed to venture out a little bit x

  4. Fritha Quinn says:

    Wow, I love your pictures! They are breathtaking, I’ve never visited China but would love to x

  5. Charli Bruce says:

    What an amazing looking place! Shame that museum was closed due to you going on a Monday, hopefully next time you will be able to go x

  6. Tanya says:

    What a shame about the museum being closed but it definitely doesn’t sound like somewhere you can do in just one day with that great selection

  7. Nazrin says:

    China has always been on my travel bucket list as a place I HAVE TO without any excuses visit at least once in my life! There are so many beautiful places and so many beautiful gems ti uncover I already have a mental list of everything I want to see and experience!

  8. Oh wow what an enchanting place to visit. It seems as though theres something new to see wherever you look! xxx

  9. Wow this looks amazing you are so lucky to be exploring the streets of China! Speaking of, I was watching “Mulan” this morning where I could see all the blossom trees. I have always wanted to see them, have you seen any whilst being there?

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