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Oh Hey There, It’s Been a While

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How’s Life? What’s New?

Remember me? Probably not as it has been a while.

I haven’t disappeared from the face of the earth, just lacking in motivation with writing and the blogging world in general. I haven’t thought about my blog since I’ve last posted. I’ve just been immersed with Beijing and China in general but in all honestly, I haven’t been feeling myself for the past few months. It’s gotten to the point where it has affected my sleeping and my eating habits. Lack of sleep and lack of eating resulted in a lack of energy, mood and the constant headaches. I’ve always been in denial about what is causing this, but have finally come to the realisation that this is 100% why and have at long last accepted it. I am cutting this negativity out of my life right now so hopefully, I can get things back to normal, and be myself again.

I’ve started using Instagram stories and I have no idea why I am so late to the party. I love the idea of organising pictures and clips into highlights and had wished I had used it when I had moved as it would have been amazing to document everything from the beginning, not just for others to see but for myself when I look back.

Now about blogging, I do want to get back into it. I need to get that groove back as well as trying to start loving it again. It was starting to become a more of a chore and have felt like that for the past two years or so therefore stepping away from all of it for a while. Maybe I need a new direction, a new start or anything else but we will see. Think I’ll slowly try and get back into it without forcing myself.

There is a lot more I would like to say but I will leave it at that instead.

What’s new with you guys? Feels like we need a coffee date!


16 responses to “Oh Hey There, It’s Been a While”

  1. Kelly says:

    Read Ana De Jesus’s post over on Faded Spring…that should inspire you to love your blog again!

  2. Alice Megan says:

    Sometimes a break is needed to renew the motivation – welcome back

  3. A rest from blogging is so important when you need it. Most of the time it gives you a clear focus when you get back to it. Welcome back to the fold! 😀

  4. We all need a break sometimes to focus more on ourselves so don’t feel bad about it. I’m still struggling to get into a proper routine as I started a new job about 6 weeks ago but I know I’ll get there x

  5. Welcome back to blogging, I do hope that you are able to feel in a much better frame of mind and I am sending rainbow unicorns and happy sprinkles your way x

  6. Fritha Quinn says:

    wow thats a big teddy! I’m getting into IG stories a bit more now too x

  7. Lynne Harper says:

    You know what a break is sometimes all you need to get back in the swing of things, I know it does e the world of good. Good luck lovely and welcome back x

  8. Ah it’s great you’ve come back to it and a break is always good. Instagram Stories is something I keep forgetting about and need to remember to do!! Welcome back.

  9. Welcome back….sometimes a break is good as it refreshes your mind and then you come back in full force! Love the huge teddy too

  10. Welcome back to the blogging world. We can all use a break from time to time. Take it one step at a time , don’t overwhelm yourself.

  11. Laura Dove says:

    I think we all need a break sometimes don’t we? I feel overwhelmed with life at times and need to take a step back!

  12. Kara says:

    OMG that is one HUGE teddy bear. I hope that the break has done you good and that you start feeling better soon

  13. Angela Ricardo Bethea says:

    Great post! We all need some break in our work. and focus and give time to our family. and I am pretty sure that you had a wonderful break. Welcome back, girl!

  14. Linda Hobbis says:

    I feel like that right now. I think it’s normal to love, hate and then love your blog again. Hope you’re taking good care of yourself.

  15. Anosa says:

    Funny thing, just the other day I was thinking I have not seen a post from you for a while but couldn’t remember the blog url. Great to have you back.

  16. Madeeha says:

    Don’t worry dear. A little break is fine to recollect our thoughts and find inspirations. I am also taking things slow as i recently got a baby and I spend most of my day and night time with her. Hoping to be more regular in future though.

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