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Bloom Matcha

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Bloom Matcha Ultra Cleanse and Supercharge: £16.99 each

Those who know me will know how addicted I am to everything matcha. Matcha lattes, matcha desserts, matcha sweets, just everything. It is known to be high in antioxidants with many, many benefits. A cup of matcha tea equates to about 10 cups of green tea.

With Holland and Barrett’s buy one get one a penny sale a while ago, I ended up purchasing two Bloom Matcha tea blends, Ultra Cleanse and Supercharge. Bloom matcha range contains organic Japanese premium ceremonial grade matcha powder along with other superfood ingredients. You can tell it is high quality just by looking at the colour.

Whenever I drink either of the two blends, I always add a drop or two of water to the matcha first, mix it so it’s like a paste then add hot water and mix until frothy. When I say hot water, I mean around 80°C (leave the kettle open for 5 minutes to let it cool a little bit). This prevents the matcha to taste bitter.

Ultra Cleanse
Even though Bloom suggested to drink this around midday, I love to drink it in the mornings instead. I have that mentality where it will “cleanse and detox” my body, preparing it for the day, especially if I had a heavy meal the night before. Whether it does or not, I like to think it does and haven’t had any side effect drinking it. Apart from matcha, it also contains yerba mate and milk thistle. I can taste the hint of milk thistle, I think that’s what it is. It’s not overpowering as the matcha comes through beautifully afterwards.

This is the one to swap your coffees with as an alternative. I’ll drink this one in the morning instead of Ultra Cleanse if I need that extra boost for the day. I love to drink it before an intense workout. It gives me that shot of energy and have noticed a difference in my performance. I need to remember to keep this at my work desk. The other super foods mixed with matcha are maca root and guarana. I can’t taste either of the two ingredients, but it doesn’t bother me as long as there’s that matcha taste.

If you don’t like the taste of matcha in hot water, you can add this to your meals. Soups, iced lattes, salads, baking, porridges, anything you can think of. At £16.99, it is more on the expensive side for 30g a tub. I would probably only purchase it when it’s on offer. I need to try out their other blends too.

bloom supercharge matcha green tea manuka honey cookies

So green! When people see a dessert that’s this green, the majority would probably be like errr what the heck is that whilst others would be like “ooo, is it green tea/matcha or pistachio?”, or some other green flavours. Don’t let the colour intimidate you.

With the Supercharge matcha, I ended up making some cookies with dark chocolate. I may have winged the measurements of the ingredients (I couldn’t remember my usual recipe) but it didn’t turn out to be a disaster. Tasted pretty good! It definitely could better as I know what needs amending. I need to experiment more, perfecting it first before sharing the recipe to everyone.

bloom supercharge matcha green tea manuka honey cookies
bloom supercharge matcha green tea manuka honey cookies

Have you tried matcha?


23 responses to “Bloom Matcha”

  1. LaaLaa says:

    Matcha is getting a lot of good hype as of late. It’s something I really need to try and your cookies x

  2. Samantha Bye says:

    I used to drink a lot of green tea, but I’ve never seen it quite like this! Looks cool, and adding it to cookies is a great idea x

  3. Lilinha says:

    I’ve been having matcha tea lately and I am getting used to the taste.

  4. Going by looks alone they look pretty perfect to me already, can’t wait for the recipe 🙂

  5. I have never even heard of it so thanks for teaching me something new – I wouldn’t say no to giving this a go..

  6. Kassidy says:

    Loving matcha, these cookies look so darn delicious! I can’t wait for a recipe ♥

  7. I love the idea of using matcha to bake with – those cookies look amazing x

  8. francesca says:

    I haven’t tried Matcha at all but its such a trend right now!! I think I ought to try!!

  9. Sarah Ann says:

    I love Matcha and these cookies sound amazing (and also love that they contain dark chocolate which is another favourite of mine).

  10. Angela Bethea says:

    Oh I absolutely love drinking tea and love Matcha too! I am seeing a lot of awesome recipes for Matcha on my newsfeed nowadays.

  11. Donna says:

    I have just ordered this so thank you! I love that it contains milk thistle. Great product!

  12. Yaya says:

    Matcha is great all around and it’s good to see the hype surrounding it now. These products look so good, especially Supercharge.

  13. melanie says:

    Those cookies look lush and deffo worth buying matcha, as looks like you can use it for a lot of purposes:) x

  14. clarissa says:

    never heard of it but looks like it’s worth a try! will have to pop Holland & Barrat soon and see what there is

  15. Leslie Hernandez says:

    Never heard of this before but it looks interesting and I would definitely give it a try!! Thanks for sharing it and your cookies look good 🙂

  16. I have heard so much about Matcha and have see. It on lots of menus.
    I haven’t got around to trying anything with it in, but I do like the idea of making a paste and adding water instead of my morning coffee!

  17. AJ Wathern says:

    I never even thought of using matcha in my baking! I can’t drink hot drinks and am literally addicted to green tea juices so don’t think i’ll be giving them up any time soon, but using matcha to experiment with food sounds like fun, so i might just try that! x

  18. Matcha has some great benefits and we’re willing to give it a go for the antioxidants! Was originally unsure of all the hype!

  19. Rebecca says:

    I keep hearing so much about matcha but never really know what to try – I will have to pick these up

  20. Vivian says:

    LOVE matcha everything too!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  21. I have never tried Matcha but have heard so much about it its only a matter of time before i give in lol

  22. i’ve never heard of this before, is that bad? definitely going to check it out. Thanks for this x

  23. ravi says:

    Thanks for sharing beautiful with us. I hope you will share some more info about BLOOM MATCHA. Please keep sharing !

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