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15.02.2016  Fitness·健身

My Workout Routine

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My Workout Routine


Getting fit has always been a part of my life since I was 12 and now, it seems to be a very big part of my life. Over the years, I’ve been trying to incorporate the perfect fitness routine to fit with my everyday life. Since the new year, I think I may have figured out the perfect routine. Thought I’d share it with you in the hopes it may help you with your fitness quest (or not).

A.M. – HIIT session and front, oblique and lower abs.
Lunch – Leg and butt day.
Evening – Yoga.

A.M. – HIIT session and core abs.
Lunch – Shoulder day.
Evening – Yoga.

A.M. – HIIT session and front, oblique and lower abs.
Lunch – Chest and back day.
Evening – Yoga.

A.M. – HIIT session and core abs.
Lunch – Leg and butt day.
Evening – Yoga.

A.M. – HIIT session and front, oblique and lower abs.
Lunch – Arm day.
Evening – Yoga.

Rest day or TRX suspension training in the A.M.
(This depends on if I have any plans starting Friday right after work)

Rest day.

Working 9-5, sitting down all day, I always feel like a slump. I dislike sitting on my bum all day and decided that I wanted to be more productive during my hour lunch. The gym is only a 5 minute walk which is great! Going and working out at lunch was a good idea for sure. It helps me to de-stress from any work stress and to prepare my mind with a fresh start ready for the afternoon. Cardio in the morning, lifting weights at lunch. An hour is enough to fit in a lifting session, getting clean and getting back to work.

There are times where I have to run errands in town or go out for a team lunch. In that case, I would lift weights in the evening instead. Trying to find the perfect routine has made me realise that I need to be flexible at times.

A routine takes a while to adapt and finding one is a trial and error. You have got to learn to never give up. I will get my dream body I’ve always wanted!

Do you have a fitness routine?

32 responses to “My Workout Routine”

  1. TaydyBear says:

    Oh wow! I love how active you are with this! 🙂 I always have a hard time sticking to a routine especially with work and everything but I hope I can work on a work out routine like this! 🙂 Thanks for sharing! 🙂



  2. Charli Bruce says:

    You have such an amazing routine, I definitely need to up my gym game!

  3. Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy says:

    This is pretty similar to my own routine. I am trying to do yoga every morning, even if it is just 10 minutes.

  4. Rhian Westbury says:

    I'm impressed that you manage to work out three times a day! I never have time at lunch to workout as I always have work to do/ emails/ errands etc but I do try and work out 5 times a week generally cardio based though x

  5. Vivian Yuen says:

    Your routine is intense! Every day, wow!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  6. shiza bblogger says:

    Wow it looks like you are so active great 🙂


  7. Claire Cly says:

    Wow! I admire your stamina, what a great workout routine!

  8. Camilla Hawkins says:

    Reading this makes me feel very guilty LOL!

  9. Laura Hartley says:

    Wow this is impressive! I used to live close enough to the gym to go in my lunch break but not anymore, which is really annoying 🙁

  10. Anca says:

    Your fitness routine sounds very busy. At the moment I'm doing Insanity and I enjoy it a lot, for me it's easier to have an workout that I can do at home.

  11. Emma White says:

    oh wow you are so organised I need a routine for sure

  12. LilysLittleLearners says:

    oh wow!!!! you make me seem really unfit haha

  13. Leesha Starr says:

    Wow, what a routine. You fit so much in! I don't have a routine at all but I really need to get into one

  14. You are so good and dedicated, it sounds like hard work!

  15. Nayna Kanabar says:

    I admire your dedication! Workout at lunch time but when do you eat your lunch??

    • nicolyl says:

      i'll have a banana/pre workout snack half an hour before going then i'll eat my lunch after the gym when i get back in the office 🙂

  16. beautyqueenuk says:

    Woweee this is impressive! I need someone to kick my butt x

  17. ana de jesus says:

    Lol my workout routine is pretty non-existent I really need to step up my game for sure!

  18. Kacie Morgan says:

    Feeling pretty guilty right now… can't remember the last time I even worked out! :

  19. The London Mum says:

    I need a fitness routine.. even more so after seeing you! lol x

  20. Melissa Zia says:

    Brilliant fitness routine! I think I need to write one up for myself 🙂

  21. Leandra Bramham says:

    Sounds as though you've got your fitness routine all worked out!! Good luck.

  22. Stella Olojola says:

    This is so impressive. Well done you. I wish I had a routine like this.

  23. Natasha Mairs says:

    just looking at your routine makes be feel tired! I really need to get back to the gym, I keep saying I will but I keep putting it off.

  24. Charlotte says:

    I am ashamed of my non existent exercise routine when I read yours! x

  25. Hannah Dainty says:

    You put me to shame! I really need to get my butt back in gear, I used to love my exercise routine.

  26. Laura Ferry says:

    Wow your routine is very inspiring! I have never had a proper gym routine before so this year I set about creating one. I go three times a week- tuesday, thursday and saturday and do 40 mins if im in the gym, pushing myself as hard as I can or a 1 hour class. Its not much compared to a lot but for me, I am working harder than ever before and love it! xxx

  27. Jessica Ayun says:

    I adore how you manage that. Sure you will benefit from it soon. Give me some inspiration to make some sweat as well. 🙂

  28. Nadine Johanna Stewart says:

    Wow, what a workout routine. I am working out two or three times with my Personal Trainer and then another 1-2 a home once I have my gym equipment shipped to Switzerland. I am also planning to start Yoga to improve my posture and flexibility.


  29. Working Mum Blog says:

    I am looking for a new routine as not really been as active as I would like to this year. I was running 4 days a week end of last year. Your routine looks great!

  30. Candace says:

    wow, that's real dedication

  31. The Made Up Maiden says:

    I'm super impressed! I'm struggling going 4 times a week, and you're killing it 2-3 times a day, 6 days a week, plus blogging and work! I'm going to call you superathlete!

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