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Last Minute Dresses for £20 and Under


1: £11.00; 2: £13.50; 3: £15.00; 4: £18.00;
5: £12.00; 6: £13.00; 7: £19.00; 8: £20.00;


Now that Christmas is over and people may be spent up already or even attempting to save that Christmas money, we may not want to spend a fortune on a new outfit for NYE or any other occasion in between. Whenever I look for a new outfit, ASOS is always the first place I go to. They always have a great selection of dresses whether they’re on sale or not.

I have chosen dresses that won’t blow the budget and are quite glam. I would wear any of the dresses above as I love to go into the New Year with a bang, and with style. Dresses don’t have to have a funky pattern or anything glitzy for it to be glam. The cuts on the dress are enough to wow. Lace is always a classic choice.

P.S. I’ve also come to realise these dresses isn’t suitable to hide a food baby after a big feast over the festive period and the current constant eating. Hey ho, diet starts in the New Year right?

Any plans for New Year’s Eve?

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7 responses to “Last Minute Dresses for £20 and Under”

  1. Kristina Maggiora says:

    Top row, third dress. My goodness. I think it's what dreams are made of.

  2. Hannah Latoya Bond says:

    These dresses look awesome x

  3. Laura's Fashion Essentials says:

    I have a long and loving relation with ASOS, I've got my New Year"s Eve dress from there 🙂

  4. Hayley says:

    I don't have any big plans but that grey dress is gorgeous!

  5. beautyqueenuk says:

    They are all stunning dresses, oh to have the figure to wear the one in the top row, third along x

  6. shiza bblogger says:

    beautiful dresses 🙂


  7. Laura - Alagoz says:

    The last dress is breath taking x

    Pink Frenzy

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