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Bye 2015, Hello 2016

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HAPPY 2016

Yay for another end of the year blog post in your blog feed! If only it was easy to detect sarcasm but ah wells. Anyways, I was meant to post this earlier but I’ve been dwelling on writing this throughout the afternoon and have scheduled to post this 5 minutes before the New Year. Why not!

I’ve been taking a step back for the past few months on my blog and it had left me feeling freer and can think a lot more straight. It had also let me think about my blog and how to change it as I did get bored, uninspired and unmotivated, hence the lack of posts and most probably the least interesting posts I had created. Juggling with a full-time job as well as blog deadlines is a lot harder than you think. Oh and add in the social life and time to yourself on top of that. My blogging thoughts from last year hasn’t changed and you read the full post here. You may need a cup of tea before reading that. It’s long.

My confidence has deteriorated over the second half of the year. Outfit posts went from a few a month to zilch. It’s just everything from the looks to the body image that had got me down which had also led to fewer beauty reviews that require a selfie. I am striving to improve myself and changing this as I am wanting to go back and post more outfits. I have been shopping a lot too! Rather than the cliche new year, new me, I have started improving myself a few days ago. I just need to clean up my act, get my eating habits back on track and get back into that exercise routine. The standard stuff.

I may not say thank you enough as I’m not much of an open person but I do generally thank everyone – family, friends, strangers, my blog readers, and everyone else. It’s the small things that get me going and it may seem like I don’t appreciate it but I do.

Enough of the negativity now. I would say 2015 has been the best year. Old friendships have been reignited and those who I am close with are now even closer to me. I’ve been doing a lot more travelling with the freedom I have and nothing is holding me back. It’s been about me and I have enjoyed life a lot more. I’m definitely carrying on with this. I’m not making any New Year’s resolutions as I will break them – that’s a fact. The only things for me in 2016 are improvements and personal development. Improving ourselves is the only way up and the only way to enjoy every minute we have. Raise a glass and here’s to improving ourselves and grow further!

I hope you all have a great 2016 and positivity comes your way!

21 responses to “Bye 2015, Hello 2016”

  1. Michelle / Daisybutter says:

    Happy New Year Nicol! My year was definitely a lot about learning about myself and enriching friendships from over 9000km away (: hope this year brings lots of happiness to you!

  2. Karina Ramos says:

    Happy New Year! Cheers to positivity and to more good things 🙂 Here's for an even better 2016.

  3. Stella Olojola says:

    Happy New Year. I hope 2016 is great for us all.

  4. Jess | Just Jesss says:

    Happy New Year! Here's hoping you achieve your goals in 2016 – it's so hard when you lose confidence.

    Jess xo

  5. ana de jesus says:

    Happy New Year I hope your self-esteem improves because you look fab and are a lovely person. Good luck with this year!

  6. Elizabeth O. says:

    In each year there will always be highs and lows. You just have to focus on the good things. I hope you have a better year ahead! Don't forget to love yourself and enjoy life.

  7. Mia Foo says:

    not sure what has given your confidence a blow, but keep your head high, girl! i love your ootd shots shared on your blog! you look amazing! don't get dragged down by the negativity. 2016 will be a better year for you!

  8. beautyqueenuk says:

    Happy New Year hun and I am sad to hear you had a body confidence issue because you definitely shouldn't have. I hope you are okay x

  9. Passport and Toothbrush says:

    Just keep telling yourself you are fab. Not need to feel so insecure. From what I can see and read. 🙂

  10. Sunshine Kelly says:

    Well 2015 has been a great year for me despite of some hiccups and bumps here and there. 2016 would be even better, I wish you all the best and dont stop chasing your dreams.

  11. Bekaah Rose says:

    You've had an amazing year : bring on 2016 🙂

  12. Franc says:

    I guess there are some low points but glad to know 2015 is an amazing year for you. Cheers to a better 2016.

  13. Jessie Senpai says:

    Happy New Year, its always amazing to reignite old friendships or faded away ones!
    Jessie @ bijou-heart

  14. Bhushavali says:

    Best wishes to get back to your exercise routines & get back in track in ur food habits. I'm sure this year is gonna be fabulous.

  15. Tiffany Yong W.T. says:

    2015 has been an eventful year for me too… Many emotional ups and downs… work wise, I felt lost, ah wells, we are in 2016 already aren't we? Let's make the best out of it!

  16. Laura Haley says:

    Sounds like you're in a better head space now. I hope you manage to achieve what you want to in 2016!

  17. Hannah Latoya Bond says:

    Happy new year, the year will go by really quick x

  18. Sophia Meola; ❤ says:

    Happy New Year! Here is to a fabulous 2016 🙂

    Sophia Meola | A Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  19. veena hussain says:

    Good luck and hope 2016 will be best for you and all

  20. Maria-Isabel Gridley says:

    I hope 2016 is even better for you and that you start feeling better about yourself. I have been there often… There are highs and lows, and having good self esteem is tough. Most people think fashion and beauty bloggers are super confident, but that's not always the case.

    Its probably good you took a little break from your blog to clear your head a little and focus on yourself. I too have done that, and its nice to get that refresh! But anyways, as I said I hope that 2016 will be a much better year for you!

  21. The Made Up Maiden says:

    Happy new year, lovely! Better late than never, I say! I sympathise, the last couple of years haven't been particularly kind to me either so I understand, my blogging schedule (heck, my entire life schedule) has gone a bit AWOL of late…so here's to a better 2016 for all of us! ♥

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