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Staying Healthy in the Office

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Staying Healthy in the Office


I’ve been on a fitness hype recently and staying healthy in the office is probably one of the hardest things to do. Cake and treats everywhere! Here are a few things I do:

Try carb-free lunches
Working in the office means sitting on your bum all day and not really being active. I always stick to carb-free lunches so the carbs doesn’t sit in the stomach. Carbs are the reason I get bloated so easily and feeling bloated whilst sitting down all day isn’t the greatest feelings and always makes me feel glum. Sticking to a lean protein and fresh/cooked vegetables always beat the glum feeling for me. It might sound boring but it’s not just about salads. There are many carb-free lunches you can have. If you do need carbs, whole grain is what you need but limit the intake amount.

I’ll either pack lunch or cook when I’m home for lunch. Packing lunch will help control what I eat as I don’t like wasting food. If I do go out to eat during lunch, I try to pick the healthiest option and make modifications. Try and limit eating out during lunch as it’s easy to go with the crowd and eat all the junk food.

Drink up
Water water water! Need I say more? If it’s too boring, add lemon to give it that extra zing or other fruits. I always find it easier to drink a lot of water in the office. I avoid English breakfast tea as I know I’d want biscuits with it and it goes downhill from there. It’s the same for fruity teas. An alternative would be drinking green or peppermint tea. Oolong tea is another good tea to drink if you can get your hands on it.

Exercise when you can
This might sound silly but it is actually possible. Just need to think outside the box. Walk up the stairs rather than getting the lift, add some stair push-ups, plank knee tucks, there are many exercises you can do with the stairs. Do some squats on your toilet break in the bathroom, wall sits outside the bathroom, calf lifts whilst waiting for the photocopier or the tea to boil when it’s your tea round. Add a quick 7 minute HIIT workout at lunch. There are many exercises you can do whilst you’re sat at your desk too. These are a few ideas you can do. Every little helps! Even stretching.

Office treats are a no no
Say no! Don’t cave in. This is probably the hardest for me especially when it’s a colleagues birthday or they bring in treats. We also have a mini tuck shop and it does have my favourite things in there. My willpower was weak but I’m getting better at resisting. The alternative would be bringing your own snacks in, especially homemade snacks. Sweet potato crisps, protein bites, greek yoghurt/cottage cheese, fruit, vegetable sticks, hard boil eggs, protein smoothie etc.

Hopefully the above helps you and gives you ideas.

P.S. I wish my office would be by the beach.

How do you stay healthy at work?


22 responses to “Staying Healthy in the Office”

  1. Hannah Renton says:

    I'm a nurse so I'm lucky that I get a lot of exercise at work – the downside is the treats! We are forever loaded with chocolates!!!

  2. Face Up Beauty says:

    You've listed some great fitness-on-the-go ideas here. I'm a bit of a gym training freak and plan my workouts. I find then that I don't miss a session. I also find that I can't train outside of the gym. I need that environment (complete with iPod plugged in) to get me motivated. You are so right about diet though. It's a crucial part of staying fit and lean. As I'm sure you know protein is the king of nutrition when it comes to training – I just interviewed by PT/nutrition expert on the subject for a post I put up on my blog today. Tx

  3. Laura Ferry says:

    Totally agree with you on the office treats, some people will sabotage any effort you're making to be healthy by bringing sweet treats in lol xxx

  4. Angeline Lee says:

    I exercise whenever I can, these days I've been so busy I just workout in my room! x

  5. Jamie Lewis says:

    I try to exercise when I can, but I have been soon busy lately and work has been kicking my butt. I need to get back into it. Totally going to try the carb free lunch route for sure. Great tips!

  6. Elizabeth O. says:

    Haha. I feel you. It's defintely more challenging to maintain a diet in the office. Especially if your officemates love to eat. I admire you for sticking to your diet. Keep it up and thanks for the tips.

  7. Cheryl F. says:

    We're totally the same, I wish office is the beach too. I can always say no to food as long as I'm at the beach. Office treats is really a big no no! Most treats are unhealthy.

  8. Erica Villas says:

    I cannot stress enough how important hydration is! Water does amazing wonder for the body.

  9. Vivian Yuen says:

    It's so hard to resist office treats!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  10. beautyqueenuk says:

    Office treats are good though ha… my weakness is the biscuit tin x

  11. Anne V says:

    Great tips, definitely agree with the exercise part, standing and walking around for a couple of minutes. Sitting too long is bad for your body. 🙂

  12. Fred Hawson says:

    Water and exercise are essentials. You cannot be healthy without them. As far as carbs, I can't survive the day without these at lunchtime.

  13. Franc says:

    I work in the office. I make it a habit to do some walks around the office at least once every hour. I opt to walk to the restaurant to buy my food instead of having someone buy food for me.

  14. Mums Babies says:

    I used to follow this routine in office but never use to skip those lunch. I feel eating in moderation is the key.

  15. veena hussain says:

    Water is a must!! This post is exactly what I need at this point in my life where I am struggling to control unhealthy diet.

  16. Maria-Isabel Gridley says:

    Great tips girl! I work from home – but have my home office! lol So I am basically doing the whole sit and type/edit stuff all day! I like to add sugar free flavor packets to my water every once in a while to help keep it refreshing! And I am going to get a workout ball to use instead of my desk chair for a little extra "workout" while I sit!

  17. Tiffany Yong W.T. says:

    You are so right about office treats! I'm now doing part time copy writing in an office and there are so many office treats! I feel so bad rejecting them all the time!

  18. yvonnembertoldo says:

    I should really take note of this. I am a nurse but I don't really take care of myself that much. Even the simplest way to take care of your body which is to drink enough amount of water is hard for me. 🙁

  19. Fatemah Sajwani says:

    office and I think even college life is very difficult in terms of staying healthy. I am so busy these days that my food routine is all up set. I am so glad that I read your post =)

  20. Kelly Chin says:

    Its true in the office most of the time we sit, eat and type in front of laptop most of the time. Usually I prefer to take the stairs and walk out for lunch instead of driving.

  21. Laura - Alagoz says:

    Great trips! I started drinking smoothies in the morning and try to stay away from anything unhealthy

    Pink Frenzy

  22. Phylicia Marie Pineda says:

    OMG! I can relate. especially to the treats! It's really difficult to say no to a lot of good food, but I'm trying.

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