Brand Focus: Three Floor

Three Floor dresses
Three Floor dresses
Three Floor dresses
Three Floor dresses


I remember when Three Floor dresses got out there in the world with those lace appliqué designs. I wanted them all but couldn’t afford them on a student budget. Of course, by the time I was able to afford some, it was discontinued and became the previous season’s collection.

I can’t remember how this became an obsession. The unique detailing, appliqué and the style is what had brought me to Three Floor. I love the texture combination, it all comes together and works. It is more on the pricey side but I end up purchasing them on a special occasion. There definitely is a dress suited for all occasions. I love their tops, skirts etc equally as much.

Have you shopped at Three Floor before?

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25 responses to “Brand Focus: Three Floor”

  1. Kay Cake says:

    I love the red dress ♥ but as I get older, I am not so much into revealing clothes anymore, love the 3rd dress more ^-^ it looks so unique ^-^


  2. Laura Ferry says:

    I love three floor dresses, the designs are sooo beautiful! xxx

  3. Chaicy Style A Pastiche says:

    I love all the three dresses, but the red cut out one is my favourite from this brand.

    – GIG Love -Chaithra – Style.. A Pastiche

  4. Jenny Kearney says:

    I have never heard of this brand before but I love the designs above!

  5. Sophie and Lily says:

    I'd love to try them all on, but I think I like the red dress best with the cut outs.

  6. Heena Shah-Dhedhi says:

    These dress are beautiful, though with a little bit of mummy fat on me at the moment I need to hit the gym before I get into those.
    – Heena. http://www.iCynosure.in

  7. Vivian Yuen says:

    Loving the cut out red dress!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  8. Madeeha Saeed says:

    Loved all the dresses specially the second lacy number. Good choices


  9. Hannah Renton says:

    I've never heard of the brand but the dresses are cute especially the bottom one!

  10. Beautykinguk says:

    I have never quite seen dresses in a design like this, I think the last one is my favourite!

  11. Cindy Tong says:

    omg i love all the dress design…so stylish…

  12. Autumn (Mrs Gaeul 가을) says:

    Very cute, although I prefer more modest designs myself. I haven't heard of that shop before!

  13. Nitisha LMEE says:

    Love the red one. It is always a good feeling to buy something that you always wanted even though they are not trendy anymore.

  14. Maria Clara Novita Kusumahati says:

    i love that one red dress.
    look simple but still elegant!

  15. Mia Foo says:

    i've never heard of this label before! but that red dress is so pretty!

  16. ♥Sarah♥ says:

    Love the black lace dress for sure! The red one looks cool and chic too! =)

  17. Tamanna Islam says:

    hearing about this label for the first time but i love that black mesh dress! its to trendy! will check them out soon.

  18. Fatemah Sajwani says:

    love the second dress. It is super cute and trendy.

  19. Laagan Kaayo says:

    I love the last dress!! I think I can wear it in the office and just pair it with a blazer and killer heels! But I have never heard or see that brand in our local store here.. so far :'(

  20. Revenian Serenalexia says:

    I love the 3rd dress. I wish I could wear it. But all those dress are besutiful, though..


  21. Irene Thayer says:

    Great post dear! Have a wonderful day:)


  22. Agata Pokutycka says:

    No, I haven't but the third dress is stunning! As a none dress type of girl I truly love it.

  23. Khushboo Motihar says:

    I haven't shopped from them before but looking at your great post has definitely made me want to do so! 😀

  24. Sana Sadiq says:

    I love the first and second one ^_^ Such stunners they were and you've a great sense of fashion x

  25. Cheryl F says:

    I haven't heard about them before. But it lools like they have great pieces.

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