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24.06.2015  Beauty·美容

Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Mist Mini Haul

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VS Fragrance Mist in Coconut Passion, Passion Struck, Total Attraction: 3 for £25


Every time I step into a Victoria’s Secret store, I immediately head to the beauty section and start sniffing the body mists. Thinking about it, I haven’t actually browsed the rest of the store, ever. I tend to go around in circles, sniffing each scent at least 3 times, deciding which ones I would purchase. I have tried the body care but I prefer the body mists a lot more as the scent lasts longer.

After some deliberation what seems like I’ve spent an hour in there, I had decided to add these to my collection:
Coconut Passion – vanilla and coconut
Passion Struck – Fiji apple and vanilla orchid
Total Attraction – cherry orchid and lily blossom

I did think about purchasing the body mists from the PINK collection but there are so many choices. Next time I definitely will. I love how all three are definitely summer fragrances and feel light on the skin. I love to spray these on my hair too. The best thing about these body mists is that I can layer one scent on top of another. At the moment, I love the combination of Coconut Passion and Passion Struck – the warm coconut and vanilla with florals cutting through, making the warm scent lighter. I’d definitely layer a lot more when my collection expands.

Do you have any Victoria’s Secret body mists?

29 responses to “Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Mist Mini Haul”

  1. Celia Chalice says:

    I love the VS spray, they have so many nice colors xx

    Celia from http://brandobeauty.uk

  2. sachie says:

    The coconut mist is my favourite! Reminds me of summer vacation haha~

    sachie // lovelycomplex.net

  3. Oui Stephanie says:

    These sound amazing, I can only imagine what they smell like! I might need to stop in the next time I'm in the Trafford Centre. I don't have any Victoria's Secret sprays but I do have a Hollister body spray which is amazing! I love their scents! x

    Stephanie | http://www.ouistephanie.com

  4. Angeline Lee says:

    I use their real fragrance and my favourite's VS Angel Gold 🙂

  5. beautyqueenuk says:

    I would love the Coconut passion one if the Vanilla wasn't so strong x

  6. Jia Wun says:

    Passion Struck sounds like it would smell amazing! I don't have any because they're so pricey here in Malaysia! x

  7. The packaging is so pretty!!!!! The fragrances sound divine too, would love to try these! Sim x

  8. Esha says:

    I love VS Mists! Gotta try the coconut one. 🙂

  9. Elizabeth O. says:

    These look like great products. I am curious about the coconut mist.

  10. Maya Indrawaty says:

    I just bought the passion struck yesterday.lol
    love the scent. One of my fav. Btw nice tips for layering the scent.

  11. Louise Banta says:

    I once owned a Victoria Secret mist called Love Spell? It was given as a gift for my birthday and I loved the smell! I wanted to repurchase but because VS is quite pricey in our country, I couldn't buy it. 🙁

  12. Jasmine Watts says:

    They always have a good collection of fragrances don't they? passion Struck is what's up!

  13. Sin Yee says:

    Never try anything from Victoria Secret. Thanks for sharing. I guess my friend who love perfume would like to know more on this product.

  14. Zaffira says:

    I am inlove with VS and I am still loyal with their Pure seduction for many years now. But this new collection is a must have. I need to visit the nearest VS store to check it out.

  15. Ling Tan says:

    admittedly, when it comes to Victoria's secret, I am still more into their lingerie and clothing line! interesting that you are into their scents 🙂

  16. Raine Pal says:

    I admit, I am a Victoria Secret Perfume addict. I love the smell of the original scents they have, the Love Spell and Sweet Temptation, so love the scents!

  17. Laura - Alagoz says:

    I love their mists, they all smell so good <3

    Pink Frenzy

  18. Fred Hawson says:

    I am not familiar with Victoria Secret scents, but it is a known brand so these should be good. I will recommend to my wife.

  19. Jess | Just Jesss says:

    I've never tried anything from VS! I love the sound of the Coconut Passion scent <3

    Jess xo

  20. Franc says:

    These looks like nice scent. I'm sure it's gonna have the seductive smell like other Victoria's Secret products.

  21. Amanda Love says:

    You sound just like me. Every time I step into a VS store I have to go to their beauty department and stock up and there's almost always a sale going on. 🙂

  22. Fernando Lachica says:

    We have the same ways before buying a fragrance. I have to smell all that I like especially the fruity scents, but sometimes, I wonder why I was doing this and at the end, I purchase nothing at all because I couldn't choose one that I like most.

  23. Tiffany Yong W.T. says:

    Not exactly a fan of Victoria's Secret fragrance. Not sure why, but they are definitely too fruity and sweet smelling for my liking!

  24. Kelly Chin says:

    Same, every time i passed by VC boutique I will walk slower and lured into the boutique by the scent or the display. Always tempted to buy something there.

  25. Hannah Green says:

    I still have yet to try these i have been eyeing them up for so long. great review if they are cute as the moisturiser they will be great.

  26. Fatemah Sajwani says:

    VS Mists are to die for. They smell so amazing. My favorite is the passion struck from your haul.

  27. Elli says:

    Interesting! I want to try <3

  28. Michelle K says:

    I've never even been in a Victorias Secret let alone tried anything, these sound lovely though xx

  29. Ohh Darling you step into the Victora's Secret fragrances and you are in a different world. Im glad we have same taste's. 🙂

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