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17.06.2015  Beauty·美容

Works With Water Help: Clear Skin

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Works With Water Help: Clear Skin review and swatch
Works With Water Help: Clear Skin review and swatch
Works With Water Help: Clear Skin review and swatch

Help: Clear Skin: £22.94 – £39.95*


We all want clear skin. Some are lucky to have it whilst others aren’t. Finding the perfect skincare routine is a trial and error process and sometimes, products we intake can be a benefit too. An example would be this Help: Clear Skin. I’ve been trialling it for around two weeks now and here is what I have found out. But first, a brief overview.

Help: Clear Skin is a supplement containing lactoferrin which is from a milk protein, clinically proven to help reduce blemishes. This supplement also contains high extract aloe vera, zinc gluconate and oligofructose which benefits the skin each to their own. Each sachet contains the full daily recommended intakes for lactoferrin. This product is suitable for vegetarians, diabetics, lactose intolerant and is gluten-free.

To use this, you mix it in with your drink or soft food once a day, hot or cold. I always mix it into my drink but I did find it needs to be stirred in well in order for the product to dissolve otherwise it will gather at the bottom and will be lumpy. I wouldn’t recommend this in hot teas. It didn’t make it look appetising to drink but there is no flavouring to this so it didn’t adjust the taste. I tend to add it to my morning smoothie as it’s blended in well whilst in the blender.

After the two week trial, I did find it helped control breakouts on my chin as mother nature did pop by to say hello. It had also helped the stubborn spots that are always on my chin to heal a bit faster. I did also find that it did help control new breakouts on the forehead when I was gorging on junk food for around a week. I would have been a big spotty mess otherwise. I haven’t seen a big noticeable difference in general as 2 weeks is still early days hence no before and after photos. It’s not an instant miracle worker. It definitely is on the expensive side but do be committed to testing this for a longer time period, maybe 2 months to see the full benefits. Some may see it within two weeks but it all depends on our body.

Have you tried any supplements like this before?

PR sample. All views are my own.

25 responses to “Works With Water Help: Clear Skin”

  1. CollectiveBeauty says:

    Interesting! I've never heard of supplements like this for clear skin, sounds like you had good results so far!

  2. OY HZ says:

    Have read that spots on the chin are due to hormonal changes.. Probably why a 'skincare' supplement may not work so effectively for that. Still, it's interesting to know of this product. I normally take birdnest before an important event when I need good skin 🙂

  3. Angeline Lee says:

    That sounds wonderful, I think I might need to check it out 🙂

  4. beautyqueenuk says:

    These sound like they have worked so well for you. Im not one for taking supplements, but I am glad to hear they have worked for you x

  5. Julie Bardoe says:

    I haven't tried a suppliment like this before, it's quite interesting but I agree, a longer trial would no doubt be needed, pretty much as you should try out skin care products for a while too

  6. Charli Bruce says:

    These sound like they have worked well so far for you but obviously like you say a longer trial would tell the best xx

    Charli | Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger at CHARLI B

  7. What a great product, sounds like it worked well for you and good advice on not mixing it with hot tea! Never heard of the product before but shall keep my eyes open!

  8. Fred Hawson says:

    Never heard of such formulation here in my city. Very interesting to try if available. Even men want their facial skin clear.

  9. MELISASource says:

    I've never heard of this product before. As I'm getting older and my skin is changing, I may have to check this out!

  10. Mia Foo says:

    never heard of this product before but i'm instantly attracted to the packaging. anyway, according to chinese medicine, breakouts of the chin are hormonal so if you always have pesky breakouts on your chin, you might wanna look into that?

  11. my cup of beauty says:

    that is definitely interesting



  12. I've never tried a supplement for my skin, but it's interesting to learn about it!

  13. Hannah Green says:

    Wow, well this is a different approach to getting clear skin. I'm not sure they would be my thing but it is great to hear the positive results.

  14. Kelly Chin says:

    Yes I have tried oral skincare supplements but not for acne control, mine is the collagen drinks.

  15. Louise Banta says:

    The packaging is very cute and I thought it was some facial mask mud on a sachet. Hehe. Anyway, I'm very skeptical to try beauty supplements without the advise of my doctor. I'm usually afraid of anything that involves drinking or eating compared to just using products on skin.

  16. Fernando Lachica says:

    Skin care is a process of finding beauty products that suits your personality. Lots of skin care products in the market to choose from. Better find the right one for you.

  17. Elizabeth O. says:

    Great review. My son is breaking out and this might help. I will check more into this.

  18. Vivian Yuen says:

    This does sound promising from your experience, I've never tried any supplements like this before, will definitely look into it though!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  19. Tiffany Yong W.T. says:

    Finally I see some one writing about this product. I've also received this product but have yet to try it as they are pills for clearing the skin. Not exactly sure what the content and what the side effects will be!

  20. Laura - Alagoz says:

    I have never tried anything like this. These sound like handy when you have problematic skin x

    Pink Frenzy

  21. Franc says:

    Some people are lucky to be blessed with clear skin. It's nice those that the rest have supplements to give clearer skin.

  22. Fatemah Sajwani says:

    I have never tried these. They sound quite amazing though my skin doesn't bother me anymore.

  23. Karen says:

    I don't belong to the lucky ones and even though I like to try some products for skin improvement, I am afraid because I have sensitive skin.

  24. Kristina Maggiora says:

    Very interesting, I have breakouts on my chin too (hello twin haha) so this is something I'd love to test out! Thanks for the recommendation x

    Creepers & Cupcakes

  25. Michelle K says:

    This is really interesting! I'd definitely consider trying something like this myself xx

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