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Manchester, UK

1 Denim, 2 Denim, 3


Top: Ark; Shirt: Forever 21; Jacket: New Look;
Jeans: Miss Pap; Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell; Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim;
Necklace: LUCLUC*; Sunglasses: Ray Ban;

This outfit was taken in Manchester before I flew out of the UK. First time wearing white skinny jeans, definitely out of my comfort zone but have been loving the denim top and bottom combination but wanted to make it look more casual. Then thought, why not wear a crop top underneath and don’t fully button up the shirt, showing a teeny bit of skin. I can’t wait to wear the white skinny jeans more. Have some outfits in planned in my mind involving them. Let’s hope they go as well together in person. I am loving these Jeffrey Campbell booties. I love boots that has interesting heels and this fits the whole package. I’ve been wanting to silver or gold heeled ones but have fallen for these when they arrived on my doorstep.

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23 responses to “1 Denim, 2 Denim, 3”

  1. Hannah Latoya Bond says:

    Skinny jeans look great, I love your shoes here x

  2. Louise Smith says:

    I love this look so much 🙂 I don't know why but I can never get a denim jacket to look nice on me!

    Louise x

    With love from Lou

  3. Kirsty Jennings says:

    I wish I could pull off this look! Also I think your hair is amazing! 🙂 x

  4. Babi Alves says:

    Your hair is wonderful. I love this look *o*

  5. Dollie Solanki says:

    Love the look. Your shoes and bag are lovely.

  6. Chaicy Style A Pastiche says:

    Totally love your Denim on Denim look, those Jeffrey Campbell shoes are awesome too.

    xoxo Chaicy – New Post up – Style.. A Pastiche!
    SAP on Facebook

  7. Claire D. T says:

    Great look.. I love demin shirts 😀

  8. Vivian Yuen says:

    Loving this edgy look~

    LIVE . IN .LOVE ✞


  9. Karis Brelsford says:

    Love the denim on denim, I haven't owned a denim jacket in years takes me back x

  10. Kayla clark says:

    I love the white skinnies! So popular these days!

    Kayla || The Little Lady

  11. shiza bblogger says:

    Looking cool check out my new post at http://shizasblog.blogspot.com/

  12. Julie Bardoe says:

    You have such a great style! I've noticed so much denim in shops lately so it's definitely making a come back! Must pick up a denim jacket for spring! x

  13. Michelle K says:

    I always love your looks, and OMG that bag! Totally jel!! xxx

  14. Zubaida Rasool says:

    You look really great in this denim pieces, your shoes are really cute.

  15. Yuh Jiun says:

    Looking gorgeous there and I love your outfit omg! <3

  16. Maria Clara Novita Kusumahati says:

    what a cool concept ankle boots.
    something different design for the heels.
    love it

  17. ♥Sarah♥ says:

    Love that denim outwear and those heels! Unique but simple at the same time =D I wish I could wear like you!

  18. Leesha Starr says:

    You look great, I've never understood the 'don't wear double denim' thing, if you can pull it off go for it.

  19. Isabella Tang says:

    You are rocking this look nicol! Those boots are incredible! x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

  20. Tamanna says:

    I'm a mad fan of denim! Absolutely loved how you put together everything.

  21. Heena Shah-Dhedhi says:

    I love the denim-on-denim trend that you have incorporated in the look, you've nailed it.
    – Heena, http://www.icynosure.in/

  22. Tasha F says:

    Really loving this outfit! I love denim and am especially loving that shirt!!

  23. Agata Pokutycka says:

    Love the heels on your boots; they are so unusual!

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