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Discontinued Things I Like #2


Adidas Superstar 80s Leather Rose Gold Metal Toe;

Thing I should say rather than things in this case. I’ve only just discovered these. Half a year or more later… I never would have thought white and rose gold would compliment each other well but dang, I would definitely have purchased these if I knew about it when they were released back then, retailing at £89.99. That rose gold shell detailing is just lovely. Just looking at them, nothing really screamed out to me but it’s a different story when I’ve seen photos of them being worn. I think I’ll just go and cry in a corner somewhere.

I’m pretty sure these are from the Rita Ora x Adidas collaboration back from around the summer last year. There was a black suede pair with a silver toe cap but I prefer the white pair.

Is there anything current on the top of your wish list?

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19 responses to “Discontinued Things I Like #2”

  1. Sinny Sully says:

    Oh WOW! I NEEDS these, how beautiful are they? I'm a sucker for anything rose gold anyway haha!

  2. SONAL AGRAWAL says:

    Oh yeah!! Would love to have them. They are just awesome.

  3. WhatLauraLoves says:

    Oh wow they're incredible. I'm going to stalk ebay for some!!


  4. Asti Astii says:

    Woww! Adidas with rose gold shell is my wishlist.. So elegant and trendy, but why it discontinued.. This design is good

  5. Angeline Lee says:

    Oh I thought they just came out, what a bummer!

  6. Prasad Np says:

    They are so elegant, I wonder why were they discontinued ?

  7. Alissa says:

    They really look so good! It looks casual but the design is elegant. You should get it!

  8. India Benjamin says:

    I kind of love these but also hate them at the same time! I think if it was any other colour but rose gold they're be horrible but the white and rose gold contrast is stunning! I swear they always discontinue the best things.

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  9. Michelle K says:

    Wow those trainers are pretty awesome – and I totally agree with India's comment! xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet

  10. Vivian Yuen says:

    That rose gold cap! <3



  11. beautyqueenuk says:

    Wow they are stunning, what a shame they are discontinued x

  12. Julie Bardoe says:

    I'm not a huge trainer lover but these are bloody gorgeous!!! I couldn't name one thing as top of my wishlist as there are always so many things I want, but I guess I really want some nice over the knee boots x

  13. Esha says:

    Why are they discontinued! 🙁

  14. Esha says:

    Why are they discontinued! 🙁

  15. Sophia Meola; ❤ says:

    Oh my goodness, these are amazing! I am a huge fan of anything Rose Gold

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  16. Sophie Pocock says:

    Oh wow they are stunning! shame you can't get hold of them.
    I love anything rose gold!


  17. Naffy says:

    These look pretty! shame they are discontinued! xxx

  18. Jacqueline M. says:

    OMGOSH!!! I need those in my life!!!!!!! ??????

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