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I did a “My Beauty Mistakes” post months ago and thought I’ll do a fashion one. I thought long and hard into my past and trying to dig out any old photos on my macbook (not showing them) displaying any horror stories in my dress sense. I never really cared about how I had dressed until I was around 16 when I was starting college. And now, I still wouldn’t call myself stylish or fashionable. Just a highly improved version of myself with a shopping addiction.

Tracksuits & Sports Clothes
From the age of 11 till around 15, I had only wore tracksuit bottoms and other sports clothes. Hey, they were comfortable and that’s all that mattered right? I loved to shop at Sports Direct for those Lonsdale and Reebok bargains and didn’t care as to what I had looked like. I did shop at Tammy in BHS for a few nice clothes for special occasions. Tracksuits were a big trend back then however I, thankfully, didn’t look like a chav.

I still have them now and only wear them around the house if I was visiting home and staying in. I wouldn’t wear them out in public ever again. I had also practically lived in my England football shirts. Had both the home and away shirts. You could say that I was a tomboy then. You will see me wear sweatpants to and from work every now and again these days.

A Tad Too Small
I think we’ve all been through this. I had always bought clothes in my usual size in every store but of course each store measures differently. I had these skinny jeans that just fitted but were definitely a tad small on me but I was in denial throughout the two years wearing them at college. I was able to zip and button up with force, then there was the muffin top issue. However, I did cleverly wear loose tops and jackets to hide this. Thinking about it now, they did restrict my movement slightly.

Or a Tad Too Big
I had purchased these gorgeous, gold, glitter, strappy heels online from New Look at the last minute for a Christmas ball at university years back (wow I feel old saying that). I didn’t like any other shoes when I went shopping. These had fit my feet perfectly but they were loose at the same time because I have skinny ankles meaning they would fall off easily. I could definitely feel my feet and heels majorly separating whilst I was walking. Surprisingly I didn’t fall over. I should have purchased heels in store and return these instead but I was delusional and a big fuss pot!

Hair Clips in Fringe (Bangs)
I saw my cousin having these cute strawberry hair clips on her fringe at my uncles wedding when I was around 16 and I must admit, they did look cute on her even if she is 5 years older than me. I was going through the wanting to look cute, “ullzzang” phase and basically copied her. It was hard for me to find any cute hair clips around where I live and wasn’t allowed to order online. I ended up buying clips with cheap rhinestones glued on. Since I have thin and fine hair, I had gaps in my fringe with the clips in meaning I looked like a sweaty mess. I didn’t look cute whatsoever, I looked ridiculous. This lasted about a year. I’ll just leave it to the young children.

That’s all I could think of. But who knows, I could be making plenty more at this very present day without realising.

What were your fashion mistakes?

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22 responses to “My Fashion Mistakes”

  1. fyhmd says:

    Haha! Looking back on my childhood and teen pics is not exactly a favorite activity for me because of my horrible fashion sense back then. My kids laugh at their old man's awkward clothes as I cringe. πŸ™‚

  2. Georgina Grogan says:

    hahah I love posts like these! I had some major fashion mistakes that I wouldn't even talk about :')
    She Might Be Loved x

  3. Kay Cake says:

    a tad too small… we've all been there :p

    • kristine says:

      same here! Guilt as charged πŸ™ I thought I can always be size 2 but some american sizes are just too big for me.. -kaycee

  4. Sin Yee says:

    I guess everyone will have fashion mistake before. Trial and error? XD

  5. Mia Foo says:

    I'm thankful the hair clip in fringe trend is over. At that point of time when it's trending, it looks cute. Looking back, it looks pretty ugh…

  6. Michelle says:

    everyone do fashion mistake..even I made such mistakes several time.

  7. Vivian Yuen says:

    Definitely the tad too small one haha, I never owned anything related to tracksuits!

    LIVE . IN . LOVE ✞


  8. Hanniz Envato says:

    A tad too big! During my schooling years, the trend was to wear extra big t-shirts with tights! AWFUL!

  9. Tiffany Yong W.T. says:

    A mistake I often commit is the tendency to wear too many matchy colours! Like pink shirt with pink bag and pink makeup etc… Fashion disaster!

  10. Jason P. says:

    I can't tell you how much I can relate to everything except for the hair thing because I'm a guy. Haha! Anyways, it's such a funny experience when I look back on my fashion fails and cringe! πŸ˜€

  11. Julie Bardoe says:

    I love this post! I made too many fashion mistakes when I was younger! x

  12. Asti Astii says:

    Hair clip makes your hair looks so cute~ cute means so childish and adorable. Some of us are look good with hair clips, while some others don't. I like wearing hair clips, I don't care what it looks πŸ˜›

  13. Fernando Lachica says:

    Everybody has been there at that age…awkward age, and I think, you have to thank the Lord that you have those pictures.

  14. Karen @ MrsLookingGood says:

    Everyone goes through this Nicole! And I will continually make them in the future as I try to be more creative or experiment with styles.

    One of my fashion mistakes was when I was still working, there were stuff that I would buy not caring about the price. Nowadays I will rarely buy clothes in full retail price unless they're intimates, etc.

  15. Chel says:

    I can relate! Especially, wearing smaller clothes than my size. I guess I was too early for the crop top mania lol

  16. Nadia says:

    Ha great post. I wore some awful things when I was younger – denim cowboy hat anyone?

    The Girl Who Looks Like a Cake

  17. Vanessa says:

    I like all the reasons you gave to persuade us that we should avoid these fashion mistakes, especially the bangs, I also left them to small kids a long time ago. Great post!

  18. Manu Kalia says:

    Awesome! This is a great help. Now I know why sometimes there's a negative thought that comes in my mind when using fashion clothes

  19. Karen says:

    Well, we all make mistakes obvious or not. I'm guilty with the skinny jeans too hehehe.

  20. Phylicia Marie Pineda says:

    I did that hair clips on bangs thing too, and the tad too big one. Oh gosh, I wouldn't want to photos of that. At least you admitted to these fashion mistakes. πŸ™‚

  21. Kylie wenn says:

    Haha! It's really great to review our fashion mistake time-by-time!~

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