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Duty Free Shopping Haul

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We all know how duty free shopping at airports can be a killer. Those who follows my Twitter and Instagram would know that I went to Amsterdam last weekend just for a weekend getaway. Since I was carrying my luggage with me on board, I didn’t want to purchase any liquid based items until my flight back. I wouldn’t say I had purchased lots since I’m attempting to save money for my trip across the pond next Easter. Waiting for my flight back to the UK, I stand in the stores looking at prices and using my phone converting currency, Euros to the Pound Sterling as well as googling how much it is in the UK. As I didn’t have enough Euros in cash to spend, I had to use my card meaning that I do get charged for overseas purchases so that had to be taken into consideration as well.

Flying from Birmingham, I had purchased the midi rings from Accessorize as well as the card purse. I saw this cute, small duffle bag there but I didn’t have enough room in my bag to store it since the budget airlines had a one bag only policy for cabin baggage. Totally regret not purchasing it now. Need to get it when I next get paid.

At Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, I had purchased the Origins GinZing Refreshing eye cream and the head chain from Accessorize. I was going to purchase the head chain at Birmingham but I’m not sure what had stopped me. And of course, I can’t leave without purchasing a tourist souvenir. I loved climbing up on the I Am Amsterdam monument so I wanted a mini version of it myself! This wasn’t purchased at the Airport. Thought I’d put it out there. I wanted to purchase more at the Schiphol Airport but there was the dreaded save money excuse. I was definitely close to splashing out especially at the MAC counter.

The headchain is actually too big for me! I’ll have to adjust it at some point.

Do you love duty free shopping?

Here is a bonus picture I had taken whilst I was there:

I love European architecture!

4 responses to “Duty Free Shopping Haul”

  1. I love that necklace. My problem with duty free shopping is that once I buy one thing (usually something I need like a new moisturiser) I end up buying a whole load of little treats too!

  2. ManjiriK says:

    Love the idea of the headpiece ! do u have a picture wearing it? Duty Free shopping for me is mostly make up !

  3. JK Taylor-Moran says:

    I so need that moisturiser, its been on my wish list forever!
    xo kirsty

  4. Vivian Yuen says:

    Beautiful head chain! I'm on the hunt for one~

    LIVE . IN . LOVE


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