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Tanworx Self Tan Foam by Monu Skincare


Tanworx Self Tan Foam by Monu Skincare review and swatch
Tanworx Self Tan Foam by Monu Skincare review and swatch
Tanworx Self Tan Foam by Monu Skincare review and swatch

Tanworx Self Tan Foam by Monu Skin: £20.00*


I don’t usually fake tan due to previous dreaded orange experiences thus being the first fake tan product I’ve tried in over 8 years. As you can see from the before and after image of my legs above (please excuse the bruises), I am naturally pale and using this tan gave me a healthy colour and glow which I actually like. This is a rare occurrence for me due to not suiting a tan. Weird?

The product has a slight red undertone which will give the skin a great bronzed look especially if you’re wanting that hot, sun kissed, European tan. There is a hint of colour when it was first applied then he colour will intensity over 3 hours and develop for a maximum of 8 hours. The above is the result of this after applying a thin layer. The colour can be buildable but I do prefer it like this, leaving me an even and streak free result. I find that it lasts a good 5 days with good care and doesn’t become uneven when fading.

This is a foam texture making applying the product quick and easy as compared to cream based products as well as quick drying without leaving a residue. I was able to wear clothes once I’m done without staining my clothes or bedding. Like any other fake tan products, it will cling onto the dry patches therefore leaving a patchy result as well as emphasising the dryness. My legs get dry easily so I do need to ensure that they are well exfoliated and moisturised a day before applying.

This product is paraben free meaning that there isn’t any preservatives. The pump mechanism makes it easy to control the product amount. There is a biscuit like smell. Not nice yet not disgusting. It isn’t strong so if you’re sensitive to smell, this won’t bother you. I like this product and would start tanning a bit just to add some colour. Don’t worry, I haven’t left my legs like this.

Have you tried any fake tan products?

PR sample. All views are my own.
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27 responses to “Tanworx Self Tan Foam by Monu Skincare”

  1. Louise Smith says:

    I'm always too scared to try any tanning products. It would be just like me to do something wrong and end up looking like a can of orange tango 😉

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper | An Undomestic Goddess

  2. Vicky Wombwell Kuhn says:

    I love a little colour all year round but especially when the sun is out. I'm not good in direct sun so me and fake tan are best buddies.
    Love Vicky

  3. whattinaloves.com says:

    It looked scary at first but after seeing it on your legs, it's actually very subtle!!! Would love to try it but it's summer now and I'm off to the beach soon! Tan is love!

  4. Kassidy K. says:

    I'm using a neutrogena tan mist that works really well for me! Although I'm interested in a foam tanner.

  5. Erika says:

    I am not a tan fan, I like my pale skin. This looks like a great product though and I am glad that it worked for you. The foam aspect sounds really interesting.

  6. Vivian Yuen says:

    I've never tried fake tan before, (fear of streaking) but the foam sounds a lot easier to use!

    LIVE . IN . LOVE ✞


  7. Arian Yupangco says:

    I prefer being my pale self because it's a lot easier to 'maintain', personally. I'd be too lazy to upkeep my tan anyway if I started self-tanning, haha.

  8. ♥Sarah♥ says:

    I love my white skin, even though the weather here in Asia is burning me to become more tan. =( gig

  9. aby ♥ says:

    i dont need to be tan because i dont have pale white skin.. hehehe i have olive skin..

  10. sherly stephanie says:

    I thought it will turn you into instant bronze (a lot darker) but it doesn't! It does make your leg look healthier 🙂 I never tan because I'm not dark nor pale. But I do wish to be a little brighter :p
    But it's the first time seeing a pump foam tan. I have only seen either liquid or cream ones.


  11. MollyMia says:

    never tried any fake tan product, and probably never will. in our culture, it's more common to see girls slathering thick SPF50 PA+++ sunscreen instead of using some fake tan products.

  12. XCB says:

    have never tried tanning because asians prefer whitening more haha

  13. Lorna mai ltd says:

    I used to wear fake tan all the time. Its so much better than risking your health in the sun. I don;t know this brand though. GiG

  14. haha, being naturally dark skinned already, it definitely defeats the purpose of self tanning. if you find something that can whiten me up, will be glad to buy that item asap!

  15. Patricia Evangeline says:

    My skin is yellowish I don't know if fake tan suits me but ot suits you well ,even though you have pale white skin ,I want your skin ,I prefer skin whitening than fake tan ^^
    Gig love

  16. Miss Ika says:

    A good product for you. In Malaysia, I always have a tan skin due to the weather huhuhu
    GIG love unlimitedbeautysecret.com

  17. Caroline Paris says:

    not a tan fan but looks like a good product, like the application method

  18. Smallnhot Sarah says:

    It doesnt look so tan on you.. Anyway, great review, tanning is not so popular in malaysia..
    giglove, http://www.smallnhot.com

  19. marilovegr33n says:

    I've never tried a fake product; I'm not a fan of tan, but here there is plenty of sun and you can take a lot of it.

  20. Monica Calangian says:

    Oh, I feel weird reading tanning foam or anything to change skin color. I have a natural tan and in my country, everyone is going gaga on getting white skin while white people want tan. It all looks strange to me.

  21. Yuh Jiun says:

    Wow first time I see a tan products but I would prefer to be fair :p

  22. Cindy Tong says:

    urrgghh i dont quite see the difference on your leg though…i never use fake tan before but not planing too as i love fair skin more!

  23. Anna Pernice says:

    I've never use a tan spray because my skin color is always tanned 🙂
    gig love
    Travel and Fashion Tips

  24. Leeshastarr says:

    The fan on your hand looks so weird, very dark. I'm mixed race and still like to tan now and then. I like fake bake. I've never heard of Tanworx before, I'll have to check them out.
    GIG LOVE | The Life of Leeshastarr

  25. Belleza Kisses says:

    oh wow! I've never used these type of products before. I looks great to arrive.

  26. Shumaila Jaffer says:

    i have never tried any tanning product may be because i am an asian 🙂

  27. I've never tried one of these before but it looks like it worked really well on your skintone. Thanks for sharing! <3 GIGLove

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