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22.12.2013  Beauty·美容

YOU Beauty Advent Calendar Week 2 & 3 Goodies

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I have forgotten to upload week 2’s products so I have decided to join week 2 and 3 together. There are a mixture of products in these last 2 weeks which I like to see. I was ecstatic when I saw the Dr Lipp product and have used it straight away. There are a few products that doesn’t suit me so I gave them to my mother to test out. Now there are a few more doors to open then it’s Christmas! Did some last minute Christmas shopping today and I’m guessing I’m not the only one here who’s done this?!

Aromatherapy Associates Inner Strength Bath & Shower Oil
The oil combines a powerful combination of uplifting clary sage, frankincense to help focus the mind and calm the thoughts, cardamom and rosemary to help fortify physical strength, rose and vetivert to calm and heal and geranium to balance emotionally and stimulate circulation.

Trilogy Rosapene Night Cream
A carefully selected blend of potent botanical actives including Trilogy’s trademarked ingredient Rosapene™ made from lycopene and acai berry to help revive, restore and rehydrate the complexion overnight. Designed to work with the skin’s own natural process of regeneration, Trilogy Rosapene™ Night Cream delivers intensive nourishment to leave skin radiant, smooth and healthy.

INIKA Mineral Eye Shadow in Gun Metal
1.2g (Full size)
A molten silver which looks like mercury when applied wet or over black eyeliner. Has the tiniest hint of purple and is a gorgeous metallic silver. INIKA eyeshadows are rich in pigment providing vibrant and opulent colours that last all day.

STEAMCREAM Moisturiser
75ml (Full size)
Freshly handmade using high-quality, natural ingredients that are fused together by a shot of steam. This unique method makes the cream very lightweight, providing long-lasting hydration for the face. The texture also makes it a perfect nourishing treat for your body and hands too.

Stila Lip Glaze in Kaleidoscope
1.5ml (Full size)
Turn on the shine and you’ll be turning heads with Stila’s most popular lip gloss. The formula in Stila lip glazes has been created to provide strong lasting power, without drying out your lips. The easy to use click and brush applicator means you get an even deposit of colour with minimum fuss – perfect for applying on the go!

Dermalogica UltraCalming Range set
Experience serious skin relief this winter with the exclusive Dermalogica UltraCalming set:
UltraCalming Cleanser gently cleanses without stripping
UltraCalming Relief Masque provides lasting relief from sensitisation
UltraCalming Mist soothes, hydrates and calms skin
UltraCalming Serum Concentrate calms and restores
New UltraSmoothing Eye Serum powerfully targets anti-ageing as well as sensitivity

Green People Anti-Age Eyeliner in Grey
1.4g (Full size)
Achieve perfect eye definition and intense long-lasting results naturally with our anti-ageing eyeliner pencils. The smooth, conditioning organic formula glides on easily without dragging or pulling the skin. They may also be used to define eyebrows. These natural eyeliners contain vitamins C and E for anti-ageing and protection of delicate skin, whilst Shea butter and Jojoba oil offer nourishing and moisturising benefits.

BIOEFFECT EGF serum is a next-generation anti-ageing skin care product based on the latest developments in molecular biology including EGF (epidermal growth factor). Just a tiny amount of the serum is enough to see an improvement in complexion and reduce wrinkles, pores and pigmentation by stimulating and accelerating natural skin renewal. The advanced formula contains just nine ingredients and no fragrance, coulouring or preservatives.

Dr Organic Dead Sea Mineral Eye Rollerball
15ml (Full size)
A more practical solution to the cucumber on the eyes trick, the Dr Organic Organic Dead Sea Mineral Eye Rescue Rollerball cools the eye area and effectively reduces puffiness, tired eye and dark circles in a handy roller ball applicator. This highly targeted formulation energises skin cells to increase oxygen consumption, resulting in the breakdown of fat deposits.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil
Water-soluble Deep Cleansing Oil contains a rich blend of skin-loving vitamin E and hydrating olive oil. It helps unclog pores by clearing impurities and make-up, leaving your face a grim-free zone. Rinses away to help leave skinfresh and clean. Olive oil and vitamin E fight free radicals.

Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips
15ml (Full size)
Dr. Lipp’s ‘original nipple balm for lips’ is a cult beauty staple for leaving lips smooth and soft with a glossy sheen. An extremely versatile healing and nourishing multipurpose SOS balm, originally developed as a nipple balm for breast feeding women. Ultra hydrating & hypoallergenic. Helps heal burns, abrasions, minor incisions, cuticles, eczema and any extreme dry skin patches.

ModelCo Black Mascara
8ml (Full size)
Lengthen and thicken your lashes with ModelCo LENGTHENING BLACK MASCARA – a rich, water resistant formulation that delivers brilliant extension and high definition impact. This long-lasting, light weight mascara separates as it extends leaving your lashes looking thick and shiny.

Q The Fine Fragrance Body Spray
100ml (Full size)
Bringing a completely new concept to the Female Health & Beauty category, Q introduces its line of high-end, sophisticated body sprays, perfumed with fine fragrances.

Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Dry Oil Mist
This lightweight, instantly absorbing dry oil mist eliminates frizz, shields hair from heat styling tools and enhances shine. A potent, frizz-fighting, smoothing oil that can be used as a treatment to strengthen, soften and repair the hair, or as a style primer to achieve perfectly silky, sleek texture.

Any of these products tickle your fancy?

26 responses to “YOU Beauty Advent Calendar Week 2 & 3 Goodies”

  1. Let's talk about everything says:

    I have never heard of anti age eye liner… good to know!!!
    My Christmas giveaway
    Let's talk about everything

  2. Sara Thomas says:

    I'm really hoping these go into a sale after Christmas, so many amazing products!

  3. Hannah Staveley says:

    Like the look of deep cleansing oil as i have a lot of problems with my skin .x

  4. Hayley Warren says:

    You've got some amazing goodies in here! I love the DHC oil, I use that a lot 🙂

  5. Vivian Yuen says:

    Amazing photos as always! The Steamcream moisturiser looks cute~



  6. Louise Smith says:

    I'm with Sara! I didn't buy this as I thought it might be a bit rubbish. But now I wish I had!

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  7. Somdatta says:

    such amazing products! I always like cleansing oils! they work so much better and deeper!

  8. meimeisays says:

    Looks like you got some amazing goodies! 🙂 i kinda wish i got a beauty advent calendar this year!

    meimei xx

  9. Jessica Dearnley says:

    I wish I got this years You Beauty calendar, it looks amazing!


  10. Kumiko Mae says:

    Your steamcream is super cute!!!! i want it. i have tried it once and enjoyed the effects 😀

  11. Erika says:

    I would love to try Steam Cream! I had not thought, like Sara said, they might go on sale! Shall have to keep my eyes open!

  12. marilovegr33n says:

    great list of products here I honestly don't know where to start first. I wish I could try everything.

  13. Chaicy Style A Pastiche says:

    Anti Aging Liner ?? wow now that's something I'd want to try !! 🙂 I doubt if we get it here though!!

  14. Carizza Chua says:

    sooo many great products to try! esp that Green People Anti Age eyeliner!

  15. Yuh Jiun says:

    Wow anti aging eyeliner? Never heard of it I guess it's good? :p

  16. Agata Pokutycka says:

    I love the idea of these beauty calendars, but looking at goodies inside I wouldn't use half of them…
    Do you use everything what is included in them?

  17. Sharlotte. says:

    Looks like you got some nice stuff this year. I always stay away from beauty advent calendars because i'm scared they'll be a bit rubbish! Haha!


  18. choulyin.tan says:

    review on the lip glace please! 😀 I'm a fan of anything lippy so would love to hear what you thought of it! 🙂

  19. What an amazing round up of goodies – I'd love to try out a couple of those. Can't wait to read the reviews!

  20. Emma Hoop says:

    An advent beauty calendar sounds amazing! I love the adorable packaging on the Steamcream Moisturizer

  21. Nina Gonzalez says:

    a beauty advent calendar, how cool!!! 😀 i think my sister would love this for next yr!! giglove

  22. Tasha F says:

    Oh wow! This has to be one of the best Advent Calenders I've seen so far. I'm def going to get one next year. gig

  23. ღღČяїstinEεїз says:

    great products,thanks for the share dear..this is awesome!!!

    love lots,



  24. Nia Everal says:

    This looks like a great advent calender for us beauty junkies… wish i had one myself

  25. such an amazing array of products! I love Advent calenders, they're always a surprise, and they always contain the good stuff! The DHC Cleansing oil looks the best to me!

  26. maia rose says:

    wow!seeing new products!! would love to try the STEAMCREAM Moisturiser!

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