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Statement LBD


Dress: Choies*; Shoes: Zara;

Such a long time since my last outfit post. I’ve actually worn this dress during the day a few days ago for a shopping trip. Blazer on top, add a belt and wear boots. Casual and chic. The underlayer in this is dress is so short I had to wear a black bodycon underneath. It’s flowy with no definition. The mesh like style is my favourite part of the dress, adding statement to a simple little black dress. I have broad shoulders and did find it being a tad tight but not uncomfortable.

If you guys follow my instagram, you could see that I had purchased some Victoria’s Secrets body care toiletries. They smell so lush! Was in store sniffing each scent they had and deciding which one(s) to purchase. Only purchased the vanilla lace as I wasn’t too keen on the rest. Can’t wait to use them.

In collaboration with Choies.
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38 responses to “Statement LBD”

  1. Jade | JadeFungBlog says:

    The cage detail is beautiful! I could have done with something like this when I was dress shopping the other day. I also made a visit to VS and I was amazed at how big the store is. SO bloody expensive though!! I've got my eye on a tacky angel wings hoodie though (£58!) – it was love at first sight!

    Jade | JadeFungBlog

  2. Sara says:

    Im in love:) This dress is gorgeous and looks lovely on you xx

  3. Casey says:

    What a unique cage top on this dress! It looks absolutely stunning and looks so cute on your petite frame. Your outfit posts are always so adorable!

  4. Melu - My Garbage Style says:

    Oh gosh I've seen this dress on Nastygal a long time ago and I absolutely adore it. It's so so beautiful♥


  5. Rebekah Louise says:

    this is so pretty!x

    Silver Electrons

  6. Sophie Pocock says:

    You look great!,love the dress.


  7. ♥ Natalie says:

    This is so unique, I love it! o: But I would also wear it with a black bodycon underneath, haha
    Great choice (:

  8. Poptartsandsex says:

    Stunning dress! I've really never seen anything like it! It's so quirky!! xx

    Check out my MAC giveaway: http://tinyurl.com/nwstlnc

  9. Lovely dress – Just adore the intricate top. Tres chic! <3

  10. Krystel says:

    Amazing dress I was going to get this it suites you very well <3


  11. Franc Ramon says:

    You're so pretty in black. Black is such an elegant color.

  12. Le-an Lai Lacaba says:

    I love the dress! It looks really good on you 🙂

  13. Ileana says:

    That dress is so beautiful! Love how it looks on you 🙂


  14. Oh So Gawjess says:

    Nice – but you have to be very slim to get away with it.


    Follow me too? Oh So Gawjess

  15. beauty about town ♡ says:

    just found your blog and i love it! just followed! this dress looks great on you!

    beauty about town ♡

  16. Natalie says:

    So beautiful 🙂

  17. Daf Benosa says:

    That is a really cute dress! 🙂

    xx Daphne of http://daphnebenosa.com

  18. Ana Meyer says:

    I've seen soooo many bloggers wearing this dress in so many different ways. It's gorgeous!


  19. Neni Diyanti says:

    OMG I love the dress! You look gorgeus!

    drop me a helloヾ(^∇^)

  20. Hannah Layford says:

    ahh i love this dress! The neckline is fab!

    Hannah xx

  21. Bethan Wain says:

    That outfit looks gorgeous on you!

    LittleMissFashion ♡

  22. Audrey says:

    You look so cute! I like how you're able to make it more casual with a belt and boots or dress it up.

  23. June L. says:

    This is such a cute dress, but I don't think I can personally pull it off as well as you do, haha. *u* Love it! <3

    Junniku blog [Click!]
    – A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

  24. Tasnim says:

    the dress is so pretty! <3


  25. Anonymous Melon says:


  26. irish on bizz says:

    you look like a doll 🙂 kudos! a model in the making 🙂

  27. Phya says:

    I'm in love with the cage details on this one! You are totally rocking it, it doesn't show that it runs tight on your shoulders too. 🙂


  28. Debarpan Mukherjee says:

    You look pretty.These is a real cool outfit I must say and stylish too :

  29. Agata Pokutycka says:

    Love the dress!
    It suits you perfectly!
    Great choice…

  30. Brigitte Honeybee says:

    its so pretty! love the detail.

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'

  31. Somdatta says:

    You look gorgeously cute 😀 Lovely dress 🙂

  32. Arra A. says:

    Love the details on the top!

    Style Reader

  33. Charchar D. says:

    Yup! I saw this dress on Choies! I'm loving it!

  34. Emma Hoop says:

    I LOVE that mesh detail straps on the top of the dress! Super cute!

  35. Somdyuti D. Ray says:

    OMG. This is super gorgeous and super sexy. Love it million times! *________*

  36. Kath says:

    Love the dress, gorgeous!

  37. kjandersen says:

    Wow, the dress is so gorgeous and edgy, the chest part reminds me of spider webs <3


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